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  1. Looks Good, you don't see many Fire Emblem games that aren't using the normal turned based unit movement style. The art is also pretty good, also how you have the equipment and skills set up is pretty cool.
  2. So Since I was thinking about this, what are you guys favorite hair colors for the kids of Fates? Mine are Selkie with azura's light blue hair color, :3 Velouria with Camilla's hair color, and Caeldori with Felica's hair color.
  3. I didn't see any bonds units, just generic captured units holding the S rank weapons and one of them holding a rainbow tonic. it could have been changed up though.
  4. Hey Guys! I'm new to serenes, I'm a huge fire emblem fan(but lets be honest alot of people on this forum are). The fire emblems have I have played so far are Shadow Dragon,(name shall not be mentioned again)Fire emblem 7,Fire emblem sacred stones,Awakening,Fates,Radiant dawn, and genealogy of the holy war(haven't finished). So anyway I look forward to interacting with you guys!
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