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  1. I am really liking the art. Though I don't really care about her character at all...
  2. I just initially thought it had something to do with Lilina and Roy studied together at the Ostia Academy thing. Lilina just feels super anti-legendary to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I don't think I'll ever be chill playing these games. I'm too stubborn and refuse to turn off permadeath.
  4. I think initially I had sunshinesan back in 2006 when I made my YouTube account. When I wanted a new start I just up ticked the san into a yon. Yes I'm super weebie.
  5. sunshineYON


    Why thank you so much.
  6. My favorite is Julia. It's so pretty. I don't like Robin's. Something is just off. S Julia, Eirika, Minerva A Delthea, Niles, Lucina, Olwen, Sanaki, Lyn B Marth, Caeda, Roy, Azura, Sophia, Eliwood, Linde C Takumi, Cordelia D Alm, Hector, Ike F Robin
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    Waiting for my presents from Santa.
  8. sunshineYON


    Hey guys. I was a member here once, back in like 2008-09. Yeaah, don't know why I'm back or for how long. What's up?
  9. I don't know why I'm here.

  10. Wow. That was actually pretty good. Some good inside jokes and not just completely superficial. There were at least some research that was put into them. I guess this means FE is finally mainstream?
  11. I was actually blown away by Awakening's implementation of the children. FE4 did it the "normal" way with the 15 years later thing, but Awakening really made a believable implementation where parents and children can fight a long side each other. Not to mention how it was a vital part of the story, i.e. Lucina, , etc. But yeah, now their just shoehorning and it's kind of disappointing.
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