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  1. Thank you all for your posts. They helped me so much. I decided to upgrade my Nino. I keep my Hinoka to kill Takumis (She one-shots him if she hits first, which is CRITICAL), my Eldigan for Hectors (After a few heals with Sakura and a few exchanges, Eldigan wins with a little below half HP), Nino for Effie (High MAG, Weapon advantage, hide behind holes and obstacles. Nino destroys her.), and Sakura heals. I didn't know if there might be a super fantactic way to improve my team, but I appreciate all your inputs. And also, BANRYU, thanks for telling me that. Definately not a veteran to this site. Thanks a lot!
  2. Who should I unlock potential on? All of these characters that are eligible would be good units. What would compliment my team the most? Right now, my team is Eldigan, Nino, Sakura, and Hinoka. Any ideas?
  3. I'll try my hardest. All I know is the way I fixed it is that I just recreated the team with the exact same items.
  4. I fixed the problem, but that wasn't it. Right when it said their name and went to the map selection, it immediately disconnected and said "Communications were cut off"
  5. I'm trying to use a team I made, which theme is "Corrin's Family" I have Corrin, Saizo (Husband), Asugi (Son), Kana (Son), and Azura (Cousin), and for some reason whenever I find an opponent, ONLY FOR THIS TEAM, it'll automatically back out and say "Communications have been interrupted from the opponent. Add him/her to your blacklist? This wasn't any sort of coincidence or anything. I kept trying over and over again with this team around 15-20 times, each time getting different people, and got the same result. I tried another team, and it let me fight the opponent. All of the classes, skills, weapons, and everything else aren't impossible to achieve or anything (Like a +7 Skadi, Aurgelmir, Omega Yato, Awakening on a male etc.) So what's wrong with this team? I'd like help if you'd be so kind!
  6. Thanks. Helps a lot. Also Yarneballs is genius.
  7. Yeah, I actually read those pairup threads. I couldn't do any of those, because at least one of two of my pair-ups were different. Yeahh..
  8. I would like help from you experiences players in this predicament I'm in. I don't know who to marry who to. I already DID do some pair ups, which are listed below. What other pair-ups should I do for the best stats and abilities possible? Any and all help is very much appreciated! ChromxSumia FeMUxPriam LissaxLibra VaikexNowi Those are my total supports. Who should the others go to?
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