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  1. I went back to the map in a previous save, thinking she could, but the talk option didn't show for Lucina. I haven't tried Owain, but if Lucina can't, then my guess is neither can he. Edit: No, he can't.
  2. Whenever you can manage it, can I get the stationary, too? Code: 2637 9848 4273
  3. Oh dang it. Why did Noire have to be voiced by Michelle Ruff? And who is Excellus meant to be? Back up. Gaius is voiced by Gideon Emmery? Wow. We got Fenris in Awakening everybody.
  4. From what I've seen. He does. It's an in-battle conversation and I don't know if Ike replies in the way that Eirika does to Chrom. It was loosely translated (admittedly through Google) but it read to the effect of "Face-to-face with the long-sought ancestor." That's the katana by itself when not put through Google.
  5. Enlighten me then. Where on Ylisse Paris could forge a gold sword that has an identical blessing that came from a two halves of one Goddess on a whole other worldly plane and have a similar appearance to the sword that Ike carried centuries ago? Need you need reminding, which you obviously do, that Ragnell isn't the only weapon to have a changed in it's likeness. Speaking of 'likeness.' Let's take Falchion into account for example. According to Awakening: Give evidence to your claims and not your poorly thought out opinion. How? He states his blood lineage all but once and it's never bought up after that. (Though his conversation with Yen'fay hasn't been translated. So that might change.)
  6. I'm going to have to agree with this. D: But it's Awakening. Crushing souls just follows in it's predecessors' footsteps and all but runs with the example which it sets.
  7. In a nutshell, this. I would go on about this more, but I'd be ranting and I might make some people angry. Long rant short, I hate that people cut out the possibility of Ike having (or even wanting) a family of his own (: i.e. kids) because in their minds, it doesn't make sense according to what their personal canon is. When in actuality, they're forgetting that they don't (or rather, they shouldn't) have the final say in the matter, because the choice isn't up to them.
  8. Anacybele, I'm often okay with Ike/Elincia, too, but you have to realize that there would be little to no reason for Elincia to leave Tellius in pursuit of him, let alone her stepping outside of Crimea. Unless she needed to go to Begnion or to Gallia for whatever future political reason. And at that point, Elincia and Geoffrey would be husband and wife, as much as you'd hate it. He wasn't seen again on Tellius but he was seen on Archanea, where no one knew his name and the things he had done in the other world. As we know, the bloodline goes on into present day Ylisse. Even in Paris' sidequest, Ike isn't mentioned by name, but by title: "Hero of Blue Flames." Let's be hypothetical and say that If someone descended from the sky or emerged from an other world gate covered in blue fire, gee, wonder where the name was inspired by? Aside from, you know, Yune's blessing. Maybe Ike did something that still counts as heroic and the name followed him from one continent to another. (And someone correct me on this as I'm not entirely certain.) Isn't the OWG near where Paris' sidequest takes place? Paris would be on Tellius and not Ylisse if he was, in fact, related to Ike and Elincia. Rufure mentions there is a hidden village where Paris is located and I'm willing to bet either it's where he was born, or it's just a favorite place of his to visit as it might be the only place on the whole continent that he considers his real home.
  9. Try saying this about Ocarina of Time and just watch how many nostalgia biased addicts jump you. It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.This looks interesting, but it has me concerned a bit as they don't seem to mesh well? The time where both take place is a big reason for my worry, unless the SMT crew is bought to a place/world that's more familiar to what the Fire Emblem characters are used to as they might have their personalities then the semi-blank, non-speaking characters we see in SSBB.
  10. My reaction was a sincere, flat, "What?" I've never play SMT, but I have seen it. Those who're more versed in SMT, do you think it could mesh well with FE?
  11. Agreeing that Dark Flier is just odd in comparison to Dark Pegasus. Still going to say that Lon'qu's English voice doesn't match his appearance, and considering how well everyone else sounds (not including Gregor)...yeah.
  12. I think I'll need to hear more of them when I play the game for myself, but yeah, that caught me off guard, too. Basilio is a lot more deep than what I was expecting. Lon'qu just sounds weird as though his voice is too deep for his body/appearance.
  13. [spoiler=Marth's Voice]Yeah, I thought the same. If you don't know it's a girl, or rather if people bothered to keep it under wraps (and Nintendo showing that commercial with "him" unmasked didn't really help things) then the secret about Lucina could've stayed a surprise.
  14. Stahl isn't bought to the field, only Sully is. As for Ricken, you want from 19:52 onward. Maybe they skipped Chapter 3 to leave some stuff a surprise? It's only two weeks until the game is released. Two weeks. Gosh, that feels great to say, in comparison to one year.
  15. 9:47 for the grunt and 11:50 for her speaking line. She says, "Could be trouble!"
  16. Geez. And they come with forged silver weapons too, don't they?
  17. Maybe it's to give the illusion that the view point for Rufure is weird as he/she is a semi-avatar for the player, who is looking through the screen of the 3DS? Or it could be what others have said in that Rufure hasn't fully stood upright yet.
  18. Dang. Maybe that means they haven't finished or decided on a female voice actor? In hindsight, that's good that they're being so strict with the overall tone that's spoken for the characters. You know, instead of, "We'll go with whatever works." There is still some time left in waiting, anyway.
  19. The name is unfamiliar. Who is he and what roles has he done, to give an example?
  20. I've seen this argument a lot, but are we forgetting that Aether consists of both Sol and Luna, not just one? It may be why Paris' is training so hard in the first place, so that he can learn Aether for himself. Ike was the only one capable of using Luna in the first place and it may have been because he studied the Black Knight's skills from their battle(s)?
  21. Hey, Rey? It might be too much to ask on top of everything else that you have wanting to do for the Awakening LP...but could you please show us the voice clips for Female Rufure when the demo comes out?
  22. I agree about Grego's personality change that comes with the translation. :/ He was a fairly eloquent when he spoke in his joining chapter. Nowi's cute for a localized named and Ricken doesn't sound entirely shota. He sounds about 15/16? I like Tharja as a name, but I still am not fond of her original personality. Congrats on your waifu keeping her name, Rey.
  23. Do not start this. The voice work is fine and in actuality, it could be a lot worse. I doubt you could do better. I think Chrom is voiced by Troy Baker. That comes off as a surprise as when Chrom was talking with Emmeryn and he said "It's alright." he sounded nothing like how he usually does. In a way, that's good though as a lot of his other roles won't jump to mind.
  24. Suddenly I'm glad I couldn't get one for the holidays. Thank you, the universe!
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