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  1. I'm not totally opposed to buying skills, but I'd also rather not have to rely on it. I considered marrying a different girl to add one more Oni Savage, but I also want to pass down a good skill (like Aptitude) to potentially two units instead of one. Plus, I like Midori.
  2. Guess I've got to go with Gonzales Rhajat, it does sound like fun. I like these suggestions. So I guess I'm probably gonna do Mozu!Midori!Kana, Kagero!Rhajat, Hinoka!Selkie, and Sakura!Mitama. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  3. Hi! I haven't posted here before. I'm going to attempt a Savage Women run - that is, a Birthright run where I'm gonna do M!Corrin, but the entire team is otherwise composed of female Oni Chieftains. I like this idea because Chieftains have axes and tomes, and since every unit in the game is either going to have str or mag, it should work out either way. Current plan is this: M!Corrin (Innate) Rinkah (Innate) Orochi (A+ Rinkah) Oboro (A+ Rinkah) Kagero (A+ Rinkah) Hana (S Hinata) Midori (S Corrin) F!Kana (Inherit from Corrin) Rinkah!Sophie (Inherit from Rinkah) Selkie (A+ Kana) Mitama (A+ Kana) Rhajat (Inherit from Hayato) Obviously gold grinding and support grinding will be allowed because it wouldn't be feasible otherwise. There are a few things I'm unsure about. -Mothers for Midori, Selkie, Mitama, and Rhajat that would benefit them the most as Chieftans -I'm not sure if I should have Corrin S Midori so I can easily pass on Quick Salve to Kana, since that would be a very useful skill to have in a run with no healers, or if I should S Reina to have another decent, early game unit (and then A+ Midori to Kana so I could still use her). Or is there maybe another pairing that might be better? -Also not sure if I should do this on Hard or Lunatic. I know Birthright is much easier than Conquest, but this is also an unusual run, so I dunno if I could handle Lunatic. To give a reference for my skill level, I beat Conquest on Hard on my second attempt. First attempt I had to restart. Any thoughts?
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