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  1. Great! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Thanks for the feedback!
  2. DuwaShuwana made them! Huge thanks to him.
  3. Yo! Version 1.2 is out now. I haven't spent a lot of time on the hack lately so there's not a whole lot of changes. First, Claudio and Silvaro both have new, much better portraits! Huge thanks to DuwaShuwana for making them! And then some characters got some tweaks: Claudio +1 move +6 base skill +2 base defense +2 base luck Silvaro +2 base skill Timoteo +4 base res +20% res growth Gertrude Weapon ranks changed from B Lances, D Axes to A Axes, D Lances.
  4. Thanks for the insight on the enemy placement! Especially on having weaker groups of enemies while having strong enemies once in a while. Maybe I can increase enemy density by adding weak enemies around the existing enemies. Hopefully that could help reduce the sluggish feeling people are having while still retaining the current balance. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!
  5. Thanks for the support, you two! :) Thanks for answering those questions! Your posts have been very useful. I'm glad to have the constructive criticism!
  6. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate them. :) How would you feel about the idea of increasing the number of enemies, but decreasing the enemy quality? Do you think it would help remedy the sluggish feeling if it didn't take so much chipping to take down one dude? Which chapters do you feel are affected by this unpleasant feeling the most?
  7. Bummer. Sorry you didn't like it very much! Unit balance was certainly something I struggled with. I figured Claudio was balanced through his ability to heavily damage paladins and generals, though I guess that wasn't the case. Is Laura having no problems with strength/defense? Any other units you'd like to mention? For the story, I was mostly trying to keep it brief and simple so it didn't get in the way of the gameplay. I can see that being very problematic if you don't like the gameplay. You can go ahead and work on sprites if you'd like, but I won't guarantee that I'll use each and every one. Thanks for the offer, though! That's very nice of you! And I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it!
  8. Updated to V1.1! I fixed a text bug and gave the cast some general luck buffs to avoid enemy crits.
  9. Hey Ghast, I PM'd you my submission. Let me know if it didn't get through.
  10. Hi, everyone! This is a short 8-chapter FE7 ROM hack. I call it Fire Emblem: Fallen King. It's a pretty simple hack, with no new special classes or crazy features or anything. It does have all new maps and characters, though. [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Recruitment Guide] [spoiler=Chapter 2]Carlyle - Talk with Claudio Diane - Talk with Carlyle or Dylan Dylan - Talk with Carlyle or Diane Benedict - Talk with Claudio or Luara [spoiler=Chapter 3]O'Clair - Talk with Claudio Gertrude - Talk with O'Clair Link - Visit top-left village [spoiler=Chapter 4]Ruby - Talk with Carlyle or Dylan Nacho - Open his cell door Ramon - Open his cell door [spoiler=Chapter 5]Anna - Talk with Benedict [spoiler=Chapter 7]Estar - Talk with Cheryl [spoiler=Downloads] V 1.2 Mediafire Google Drive V 1.1 Mediafire Google Drive V 1.0 Mediafire Google Drive [spoiler=Patching Guide]It's a UPS patch, so you'd need a program to apply a UPS patch to a FE7 rom. I use [NUPS](http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/606/). Get NUPS, the patch, and an unedited FE7 ROM. Open NUPS and select "Apply an UPS patch to a file". Next to "File to patch", click Browse and the select your ROM. Next to "UPS Patch", click Browse and select the patch. Then hit the "Patch" button and you should be good! [spoiler=Bugs] -Cheryl can't access the convoy or trade. Don't buy items with her, or they'll be stuck in her inventory forever. [spoiler=Credits] Thanks to all of these people for making this possible: DuwaShuwana - For making some awesome portraits! Arch, Blazer, Nintenlord - Tutorials Hextator - FEEditor Advance Arch - FE7 Nightmare Modules Nintenlord - Event Assembler, NUPS, and Tiled Map Inserter HackMew - Advanced Palette Editor and Free Space Finder The Helmeted Rodent - Sappy 2006 Toby Fox and Radixan - Endgame's music and the midi I used for it. Let me know if I missed you on accident. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any problems!
  11. Hi there! I'm working on a short 8-chapter hack right now. It should be done by the 15th. How would I go about submitting it?
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