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  1. ___


    1. RoMena


      i have revived from the deepest depths of my death GOD im sorry i disappeared like that 
      i hope youre doing fine!

    2. ___


      I'm OK, I think. A little better now that I hear from you again c;

      How are you?

    3. RoMena


      aww man ;-; im so sorry >.<

      Im...alive. Honestly college just got worse for me lmao it doesnt cut me any slack sigh
      so done with this semester
      how about you?

  2. I really like this so far but yeah there are some issues. Like how Seth just had this: Seth really is the paladin every other FE paladin prays to at night
  3. RoMena

    Elibean Nights

    So like I am playing Raven's tale, second part And like................................these dudes have been at Lucius for hours now. he's on a fort, alone, no weapons, nobody else but him And he is completely RNG blessed I got the achievement and everything and holy fuck he just wont die lmao THIS WAS VERY HEART WRENCHING ;_;
  4. ___

    I'm sorry for being so late with my message :c

    1. RoMena


      Its okay! ^^ We've been pretty busy

    2. ___


      lol, thanks; hang in there c:

  5. Best case: Every last case. I love them all. I admit 5-5 was the weakest for me (AA5 is my least favorite tbh) but I love Simon Blackquill so it gets cookie points. AAI1's last one gets annoying but I liked it overall. Plus, I love the AAI because Edgeworth. Honorable mentions: 1-2, 1-4, 2-2, every T&T case except 3-3, every AJ case (yes I liked AJ), AAI2 as a whole Worst: 2-3 & 5-2. But more so 5-2, ugh, that case was overall stupid for me. At least I liked more than one character in 2-3 Man I really like most cases...
  6. Thank you so much! Right? I'm so sorry but I just...I feel so bad just sending an unit to their death D: If they die on me fine (I still restart) but just throwing them out so they die? Bruh nah. Tellius saga are the best FEs to me <3
  7. Hello, fellow Nohrian Scum. Enjoy your stay :^)
  8. Oh man, you have my congrats for beating Shadow Dragon. I just really couldn't get into it ;_; but perhaps I will try it again in the future, just because I want to be able to say that I have beaten all games in the west. And yes, picture me waving flags around, because I love making friends, SPECIALLY in the fire emblem area! Also, thanks for the compliment c: I, in fact, like Brom actually! I can't say he made to my final team because, well, Gatrie... But! He was a huge life saver in part II of RD (as well as Haar but well, it's Haar) and he still could hold his ground in part III. I also loved Astrid!! She was an endgame unit in PoR, but sadly, in RD, she has been heavily nerfed ://
  9. Mmm...chickenlicious

  10. ^^^ This, so much!! I really tried to like Shadow Dragon because, despite never playing any of his games, I actually quite enjoy Marth. But I just... And it's also the fact that I am someone that cannot kill my units, even if I hate them/will never use them, so Shadow Dragon is not the game for me. Tellius games are my favorites! <3 This might come in as a bit weird/odd since I've seen not too many people are fond of it, but I actually enjoyed the story quite a bit! I know some people get lost because the story is super big, but I honestly could keep up with it and I found myself intrigued by all of it! Another thing I like is the characters. I can safely say that's my favorite cast of characters. I suffer (specially in Radiant Dawn) when I cannot use my favorite units/units I like to favor others :(( Which is why I need to play more than once to satisfy myself lol. Also, Ike is my favorite lord so there's that too! I also really like how some classes are here. In RD specially, I actually adore Knights?? Gatrie is my boy man. I love the Paladins and these are the best games for axes. All in all, I'm just happy the Tellius saga exists. Hey, thanks! I would love to discuss ovo
  11. I pick Raigh/Ray! I love his personality and he was the blessing I needed in my team by the time I got him. Plus, I gave him boots and a body ring, so he was even better. Canas is a close second.
  12. Pent is the absolute best for me. He is one of the best prepromotes I've ever touched! Also, Lugh is pretty amazing, I rather using him and not Lilina, but that's because I am not too fond of her, but she is a pretty potent mage as well. Also, I'm team Nino, but I don't always bother with her. Erk (and Pent DUH) are much easier to fiddle with.
  13. I love heroes so much ? Also, Fates has reinforced my strong love for myrmidons/swordmasters...but just because of Ryoma, haha. I am also a sucker for Pallys, and physical units in general. Ninjas are officially in my top 5 as well.
  14. Hello! I am known in other places as Zero09Ike. I had another account here but I kind of forgot the password lol so I made a new one. I have played all Fire Emblems released on the west, but I didn't beat Shadow Dragon (didn't get too far either, I don't like it) That means I have played and beaten: -Rekka no Ken -Sacred Stones -Path of Radiance -Radiant Dawn -Awakening -Fates (all versions) As a bonus, I've also played and beaten Binding Blade/FE6 Come talk to me! I love Fire Emblem <3
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