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  1. I really enjoy FE 12, and after playing FE 3 I actually find myself looking on it more fondly. The fact I can have units that use axes is a godsend and the overall changes aren't that offensive to me. I don't even mind the Kris thing that much as they don't do anything bad, they just exist and I'm glad for the supports mostly being "Hi I'm X this is what I'm like" since a lot of the Archena cast are just faces with 3 lines of dialogue otherwise.
  2. I can agree to this. I'd lean towards P3P as this way you get all the quality of life changes that 4 added to the series, AOE skills granting 1 more, using a weakness skill on a foe will dizzy them, You can press square to warp around the place, people don't hate you for talking to others, actually controlling other party members. And you get wiping all out which I will say is just better than Mass Destruction. If you do think you want to play P3 FES, then if your emulating it very legally through playing it on an emulator using the disc in your pc (defiantly what you'd do. I don't know what an ISO is at all! *cough cough*) then look around because online for a 'cheat' to control the other party members, I used it when playing through the answers of FES. Overall. Play both. P3P is the one I prefer but you'll likely want the full story so you'll have to play FES anyway for the answers.
  3. Oh no I love Xane, but that's why I actually don't want I tailed off because the reference fates kids made me sad. It's just overall there are few characters I dislike, and most are in Heroes already or I hate because of Heroes. I'm worried if he is added he'll either just be a breath unit that copies stat boosts and is a bit meh, or is so grossly overpowered you don't stop seeing him everywhere.
  4. Prince Zephiel I could with as at least he actually does combat in a chapter. For me I don't really care to see someone like Asugi and Celdori, they're already in the game basically so they add very little. Other than that Xane. I'm scared how they'll do him and expect the worse.
  5. Old translations die hard. Meanwhile who else do I vote for....Conrad. I think he's well overdue for a SoV original character
  6. I play the games blind but only look up how I recruit someone. I find it the best way to play myself. Though you might want to check what the gaiden requirements for chapters are
  7. Q: Has no character Me: Wait is the only character in the series to have a name starting with Q Quan?
  8. Eh, I'd say it was worth it to actually be amazed at Ryoma winning. He didn't actually do anything after from what I remember but this was back when I going to do my first run of Revelations.
  9. ....I've had Ryoma win on Lunatic, It's pure RNG as far as I can tell. It's just 9/10 he'll do around half damage to the boss and die after that.
  10. I liked how fates did it. It was just a little thing for actually spending real money, Plus you don't lose anything for not owning them unlike in Echoes where I need to borrow my friends to do the dungeons. It'd be nice if it's all of them It'd be nice if they were a thing but It wont exactly be devastating if they aren't.
  11. Man I wish I'd checked this stuff before doing my summon, I got a spd/hp L!Azura, I just merged my def/atk one into her for the better boon Honestly Shes the one I wanted the least Duma would have been nice to add to my stock of Bold Fighters, Lyn I actually use so would have been a decent merge unit. And I need a better H!Myrrh since mines Def-. Then again I also just play the game to try and get every unit so I shouldn't complain or care.
  12. For me it's more of a FE 1-3 The pretty much replaced set. They all have re-makes so the only reason to play them is for their slight differences, but they can feel really clunky at times FE 4-5 The real SNES games. They can feel a bit off at times, their age only shows with the console more than how the games play though. FE 6-8 GBA, They can feel old at times but they have aged pretty decently. FE 6 can feel old and I'd say that's my limit. It's likely in a few games time anything before FE 9 I'll consider old FE, but for now it's still the Kaga Era FE 9-10, They're clunky to watch, and SO GOD DAMN SLOW, but they still look decent and have aged okay. FE 11-12 "First attempts at remakes" They've visually aged poorly but what ever I don't mind them. But the re-classing makes them pretty fun to play still. FE 13-14.....I mean...they're the "Just take what people liked from the past games and put them in here" games. They work, I enjoy them (Mostly Awakening over fates, fates gets boring fast) FE 15 What every remake for now on should be like, Nearly directly what the game was, some new additions that don't take from the story without forcing a change, and some fun options to do things like re-class and mess around.
  13. only want Anna to return and even then I only want the Secret shop back, It'd be nice to actually have to get the Member Card and find the shop in chapters again. Amiibo stuffs fine because it's just a "Thanks for the money, have a unit that can die without worry"
  14. The Church is Super Evil, saying it now. I'm expecting the plot to go down a very similar path to FFT WotL. Just look at them, they the people who keep peace, they gotta be evil!
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