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  1. Hiya! Your post about the lyrics of Spirit Dais & God Shattering Star were really cool, and I was wondering if the OST also happens to include lyrics for Chasing Daybreak since the song also contains lyrics at one point.

  2. I got the official soundtrack for 3H in the mail today, and as I leafed through the booklet that came with it (in the hopes of finding a section for lyrics) I found this: The left title reads:「魂の高座 -原詞-」 while the right title reads: 「神を屠る星 -原詞- 」(unless I've borked reading a Kanji (which I'll fully admit I might have)). 「魂の高座」is Spirit Dais and「神を屠る星」 is God-Shattering Star, but 「-原詞- 」I'm not sure, Denshi Jisho gives me something in the vein of "Primitive Speech(or Dialect)/Original lyrics" though. I'll have to give God-Shattering Star a re-listen and see if I can match up the text, but from my memory the lyrics do not sound like Japanese so it's a bit puzzling... Maybe it's a made-up language and the text itself is a translation of it? (My mum who's studied a fair bit of Russian and Opera swears she hears several words she recognises fwiw) Granted, I haven't leafed through the mini-interviews info blurbs that are also in the booklet, so maybe there's something re: God Shattering Star (or Spirit Dais) in them as well. Edit: Scanned the page. Should be more legible
  3. You mean the track playing while M!Kris and Katarina are talking before the first paralogue map? I think the track is from FE12 - it's called "Going Forward" (at least that's the English title according to the in-game Concert House in FEH). That said, I haven't played FE12, so I can't say for sure when/where it plays in FE12 though (or if there are alt variations of the track).
  4. Regent is not the same thing as Regnant though. Regnant literally means to rule one's own realm - so in the case of King Regnant, that's a king who rules his own kingdom. Queen Regnant is a more common term in rl though, and it's used to differentiate between a Queen Regent and Queen Consort, to essentially mark that a Queen Regnant is always ruling her own kingdom, not holding regency over another's. For instance, Queen Elizabeth the II of the UK is a Queen Regnant, not a Queen holding regency.
  5. If you have an original PAL GCN you can look into getting an AR Freeloader disc for PAL consoles - this should circumvent the Region Lock and let you play NTSC/JPN games. That said, I have yet to play a JPN game in my PAL console with my Freeloader, but I can attest to it working with NTSC games (Baten Kaitos: Origins, a 2 disc game, works great). It should be noted that there are also Freeloaders for the Wii, but I can't vouch for how well they work - iirc, it depends on the model of Wii you've got - with later models being much more finicky on working with certain versions of Freeloader for Wii discs (if at all). Just as a precaution though, if you play a JPN game on another region's console there's a chance the game wants to reformat the memory card - I'm not sure entirely why it happens (granted I haven't really looked into why or which JPN titles do/don't reformat memory cards) but it's usually recommended to use a separate Memory Card for JPN games.
  6. Also quick references on Balthus Hero Relic, Vajra Mushti: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra-mushti https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra_Mushti (Those links are two different articles) Hindu origin, and means Diamond/Thunder Fist in Sanskrit. A weapon used in an Indian Wrestling art with the same name. Also a name for the Lightning God Indra. Fitting for a War-Monk in other words.
  7. Rewatching the trailer I spy a few more things: The black chain/metal adornments on the Ashen Wolves look similar to the Golden Chain/Metal on Sothis outfit. The old statue (with dragon wings) on the altar has tree branches in the background, like those seen in the Goddess Tower so... At 1:35, there are two new Saint Statues to the right and left of Saint Cethleann's statue . It looks like the one on the right has got the design of the Valkyrie Class while the left one is difficult to discern. So... At 1:30 Yuri magically swaps places with...er, not sure who since they're greyed out (looks like Ashe?). A new spell/skill? Hilda is on the same team as Edelgard on 1:30. Huh that's very interesting. It's probably only for the DLC, but it's still curious, means it's a cross-house mission as the cutscenes with all three of the House Leaders suggests.
  8. If Byleth was going to be in, this is about what I expected, even if I also hoped for more presence of the House Leaders. Still, I figured it unfortunately wasn't in the cards. On the whole, I'm happy about Byleth here - I just wonder how I'll adjust to playing with Byleth now that I finally got used to Corrin. But! One singular thing does disappoint me... No God-Shattering Star. Why Sakurai did you deprive us of the epicness? But eh - that omission aside I'm pretty happy to be honest.
  9. Somewhat known stuff already but their classes appear to be: Yuri = Trickster Balthus = War Monk (Gauntlet hero relic) Constance = Dark Flier Hapi = Valkyrie (not sure of the class name - magic cavalry) Also, I'm not the only one seeing the close resemblance to the Awakening versions of these classes am I? Even the metal plate belt on the War Monk, and the Collar + boots of the Trickster is the same as in Awakening. And then the mysterious voice...his speech pattern is suspiciously similar to Rhea's speech patterns. Let me guess...(spoilering since datamine shouldn't be discussed openly): All things considered, it's shaping up to be interesting. Now I just need to impatiently wait until February 13. Hm...I should probably put my current AM run on hold until it releases. Guess I'll finally have time for Link's Awakening and Pokémon Shield. Maybe even OG Trials of Mana Claude is right there at 0:40 with Hilda and Edelgard (and again in 1:06 with Hilda, Edelgard, Dimitri and Ashe) though?
  10. Not sure if you've tried it but, have you tried using another Switch Charging cable with the dock? Because if the cable itself isn't working properly and providing enough charge, then the dock won't be sufficiently powerered enough for the Switch to dock. Just a heads up: Do not get an SD card in the hopes of transferring Switch save files. Save data for Switch games are never kept on an SD card, only on the system memory, and you can't transfer it to an SD card either. The only way* to transfer Switch saves is to either transfer them (and your profile) to another Switch system, or use Cloud Saves with Nintendo Switch Online (which certain tiles don't support - Pokémon Go can't, and I think Sword/Shield can't either). */Unless there's a homebrew way to do it, but I wouldn't know seeing as Switch homebrew isn't something I've looked into.
  11. The track does appear to have been added by patch/DLC. My guess is it's CF (Jeritza/Anna related? The new Paralogue? Or maybe music from Jeritza's Supports?). It's not Id (Purpose), since that track is not listed at the bottom among the amiibo tracks*. The track is locked in my game as well and I have all but the SoV amiibos scanned, and the SoV ones aren't shown as being listed at all (they'd only be added if I were to scan those amiibos). */Amiibo tracks are sorted by the date the amiibo released, like this: A Dark Fall for F!Corrin and Alight for M!Corrin (owing to Conquest featuring F!Corrin while Birthright features M!Corrin).
  12. Hmm...this may already have been answered earlier (I'm a bit careful of 3H spoilers so I admit, I'm a bit wary to dig the thread for an answer to this). My question concerns a certain Support conversation/level:
  13. The lack of a Year 1 Spring rerun (and the precedent of no Year 1 Seasonals reruns it would set) worries me. So, I checked the Regal Rabbits datamine (since datmines contains how many allocated spaces there are for upcoming Summoning Focuses) to see if there were any clues, and according to Gamepress: While it's not 100% certain, I'll say that I'm at least a bit less worried after reading that. Guess we'll find out for sure in the following week though.
  14. It's late where I'm at but a few quick thoughts: Still not really feeling the art direction here - the cutscenes are lackluster when compared to Awakening and Fates. As for the characters design...I guess once we promote our units they'll look more colourful and vibrant (possibly more unique as well), but the uniforms aren't really doing much for me as is. They're not bad as such just..."meh" I guess. Speaking of - I'm also neutral on F!Byleth's design. It's not great but eh, it's ok. It won't deter me from pickng her at any rate. Also...did anyone else notice it said "Choose your form." when they showed the gender options? Hmm. "Form" huh..? Interesting choice of words. War Academy setting as a central hub of sorts in terms of plot and cast. Dunno what to think on that - it's not something that immediatly excites me nor dampers my hype so...another neutral for me I guess? Class promotions, weapon/class skills. Looks interesting. Plenty of customisation to be found it seems and also incentive for replayability. A positive in my book. Three houses with an emphasis of choosing one. Hm...how much of a choice that is and where it leads is the question. Hand-to-Hand combat. Oh! Cool! Other observations: It seems some names on the map has been changed since E3 at least if my memory isn't playing tricks on me (I've only checked the English version). At least I noticed that the change of West/East Church instead of the previous West/East Seiros. I'll have a closer look later and compare with the old map. Release date is delayed. Well, I strongly prefer more develop time than risking unfinished features so I'm not complaining. Overall, while there's not much that has me go "Aboard the Hype Train! Wooo~!", and while the cutscene quality looks inferior to Awakening and Fates, I'm not downright disappointed either with what we were shown today. Overall neutral with slight optimism I'd say.
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