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  1. To be honest, it's been a while since I worked on this so... I don't actually recall haha sorry. And I thought I had documented some of the item changes somewhere, but apparently not because I'm an idiot.
  2. Experiencing exactly the same issues. Is the Valni no-retreat a bug or a feature?
  3. Hello, To put it simply, FE8 except all of your units are magic users. Still in beta, lots of things to test and tweak, such as: bugs, palette, difficulty, balancing, new features, etc. Attached screenshots and UPS files (to be patched to clean FE8 ROM). I unfortunately haven't made a full change log of everything, and left out the character class details because 1) it's going to change significantly, and 2) I figured it's more fun to find out for yourself. I know it's super rough and not all that technically impressive - please have mercy on me since it's my first attempt at a "hack". Would definitely appreciate any kind of feedback or advice. Thanks. MageEmblem.ups
  4. Never mind - figured it out somehow. Thanks.
  5. Really appreciate your work in the ROM hacking community btw, Tequila.
  6. Thanks so much for the reply. I think I get the gist of what you're saying, but unfortunately, I'm a total beginner at ROM hacking and am just now starting to get the hang of Nightmare. I understand that I probably need to use the hex editor and find the offset 207044, but I'm stuck there. Not sure where the 4 bytes are, and what to do in hex editor, vs. what to do in Nightmare. I've looked through some other threads/tutorials and whatnot, but this is as far as I got... Would you mind breaking it down a bit more? Sorry for my incompetence lol.
  7. Update: Exact same thing happening with Amelia. Any ideas?
  8. I am currently making a bunch of edits to FE8, one of which is changing Ross into a Pupil. I've changed his character to the class "Trainee Mage (1)". I've edited Ch.2 so that Ross comes as a "Trainee Mage (1)", holding a Fire tome and a Vulnerary. He's reached level 10, but he's not auto-promoting before the start of the next battle. What could be the problem? Apologies if this is a known issue.
  9. FE4 is cool but not fun. FE6 < FE7 < FE8. FE10 was a huge improvement in gameplay from FE9. Likewise for FE12 from FE11. FE13 was a bad game for the franchise, but still fun to play. FE14 has almost no redeeming qualities, and is by far the worst game in the franchise.
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