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  1. Hello. After testing a few concepts, I finally wanted to restart with a clean rom and start adding the things I learned. Yet I've come up with some problems. First, when you edit the Promotion Branch, does it change the Palette Class Association? I've been using it for so long and that has never happened to me before. This is actually hindering me quite a lot. At least correct color wise. I have edited the .txts and .nmms just to include my new classes and that is pretty much it. And yes I am using Nightmare 2 with FE 8.
  2. I apologize, can you go through the steps and make an 81st class? I rebuilt the 81st class, changed the .nmm to 130. Changed .txt. And exact copies a current class to the 81st one, and still having problems. I am not sure what is wrong with it. The 80th is fine, the next one isn't. I don't think my array expanding went wrong if the 80th went right.
  3. I'll reply more later, though most things seem to be solved. Lunch break. I have a sniper that turns into a hero and vice versa. If the Hero is holding the sword when changing, it will glitch out and you don't get to see anything and they turn. It doesn't seem to be the problem here though. Maybe the map sprites are incompatible, though I know nothing about map sprites. It can't be because Hector (F) holds an axe and the character use a spear instead. I'm not sure. When I get home I'll tinker more, just hoping to see if anyone else has the problem. It is the third class, no animation when changing and no animation when battling, and like I said, I can change the animation of the spearmen class to the new Hector one and works fine, it is just my new custom class 0x81 just doesn't work properly. But yes, thank you. I'm going to compile everything in my first post, so others have an easier time doing this.
  4. It is okay, it has been a few years since I've done this stuff and back then I was never able to go as far as I have now. The tuts weren't as easy to understand back then. I am expanding the table array, sorry didn't realize they were two different things. Yet makes sense now. And I wasn't using Ctrl B as the item array tut suggested ctrl V. No, it was pointed to the right place, but like said, I didn't use Ctrl B, and I messed up on the reversing. I was having trouble with the Search and Replace function as it wouldn't find the reverse of 807110, so I decided to use a string reverse online program, which gave me the wrong offset. So that is why there probably is glitches.---- so I stopped here and tried to do it myself. I found 807110, I have to use the go to command in HxD. I block selected the table (Thank you for telling me it could do that.) and ctrl C. Then I went to offset 00e47900. That is the random offset I found with nothing but FFs. I Ctrl B after selecting 2A00. Then I go to Search and Replace function, type in 10718008 for search 0079e408 for replace, set to hex values and then it can't find the first offset. This is probably where I've been having the most trouble where I try different things to get it to work. I also remember one of the post on the shrine with Zedlic and Blazer talking to a person, he said he got this far and had the same problem, the HxD wouldn't find 10718008. No one ever answered him. Now I do have problems with the .nmm expanding as well. Last time I did it I pointed it to the right spot. In the module it is 128 entries, so I just expanded it to 129. Never touched 84. Was that the right thing to do? Because I was just adding one more class. And I always back up my rom before trying something new. I tried adding a class via just using .nmm and that is when I found the iron sword had broke. Back to the .nmm, I can't really say I had a problem just yet, because I expanded the table wrong last time, hence why all the glitches. And thank you so far, I've been searching far and wide for a Class Array Tut, he only ever made a item array one. I plan on opening a new topic about animations later, it'll make it easier for others to find who might be having the same problem. This will just be Class Array Expansion in FE8. Which again you are doing a great job helping. --- Okay it was something stupid simple. In HxD when about to replace, you have three options on the right for search direction, all, forward and backward. It defaults onto forward. So after selecting all, it found 4 occurrences and changed them. I went into my nightmare mods, already had one expanded for the Spearmen class. Loaded the Class Editor, copied pretty much all the info from the soldier, added it to the prologue, and forgot Seth was carrying a sword. It's map sprite has trouble, not really selecting one when moving or active, which I am sure I can fix. But it worked well after I equipped a spear, so thank you. I will add a resolve tag after your next reply. ---e-- fixed the sprite issue, added spearmen to the bottom of the map sprite .txt. So thank you now I can keep making brand new classes. Though I'm running out of index space for new animations in FEAdv. ---e--- new problem. FEAdv editor doesn't open the rom any more. It says error processing one or more file streams.---- Sorry decided to look at this instead. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48196 it fixed my problem, which was open you hex editor and delete the last four bytes. Afterwards open rom in FEAdv and save and reopen and things should work fine and dandy. Sorry I'm just to make everything clear and put it all in one place so if others want to do this, that won't have to wait years in order to get things working. ---e--- So the Spearmen Class 0x80 works perfectly. The next class Hector (F) 0x81 has problems. I promote a Trainee Soldier (3) into it and one the animation of changing doesn't play. And when I go to attack no animation plays at all. I changed the Paladin animation to the Hector (F) one to see if it is the animation, it isn't it plays fine. Yet won't work on my next custom class. I'm curious what I did wrong here, because I did basically the same thing I did with the Spearmen Class.
  5. Alright I am glad to hear that I did it correctly. So you are telling me I am able to now expand the .nmm. I'm sorry but I didn't follow that example very well. 84 is the bottom number. The top number right under the offset was 128, which means 128 entries in the mod. I was just following the expanding & relocating tut's example, not understanding what everything meant. How would I figure out how much a class occupies? I also expanded my new ROM, and this time it said it replaced one occurrence. I'm about to type out my whole process if it seems like I'm doing it wrong. "#FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi # 1 FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0x807110 128 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" So when I get things figured out, when I want to add a new class. I'll go into the .nmm and change 128 or to 129. Rework the class, character, and other .txt that needs it, and then it should work properly? I won't have to do anything else as long as the expansion went well? And thank you. I had a patcher in my old tools folder, and I believe I used it on Shining Armor, which doesn't work by the way, but wasn't sure if I needed it for anything else. I vaguely remember patching things a long time ago. I really thank you for your help. I do have more questions though. Is there a fast and easy way to change battle palettes? So far nothing seems easy yet. Also I remember trying and failing at making a custom animation. If those are questions for another time than I'm fine, thank you so far for helping. P.S. How do I make a custom animation for hand axe and such. I can insert custom animations and point spell animations to weapons, I don't know how to make a certain weapon work for a certain class. I did edit the class array, started it up, everything seemed fine. So went and tried to add a new class. Went into class editor .nmm and made it 129. Afterwards I went in and pretty much copied the soldier class to my new class except the animation. Changed the map sprites and misc sprites. Then I try to play. It isn't the map sprite I picked, it won't move forward but side to side and disappears and does nothing honestly. Though last time I edited this in without expanding the array, I noticed iron sword was replaces with a monster weapon, this time it stuck with the iron sword, so maybe my expansion worked.
  6. Alright, thank you to Deltre for walking me through these steps. Here is how you expand your Class Array in Fire Emblem 8. And any other array you wish to expand. You'll need the Fire Emblem 8 Rom, Nightmare (I use Nightmare 2), and HxD (or your preferred Hex Editor.) and FEditor Adv. -First you'll open your Class Editor.nmm using notepad as this will have the offset where the Class Array is in the Rom. Also Back Up Your Rom! Get in the habit of backing up your rom. I usually make a copy every day or before I expand a table. This will help if you somehow mess up a few days of work. "#FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi # 1 FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0x807110 <------ Offset 128 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Save this number. Next you'll want to copy down 128 and 84. Then multiple them together in the old trust calculator. Then click hex mode, this should change your answer to 2A00, the size of the array. Remember this. -Open your Rom up in HxD. Use the Go To Command to search for offset 00807110. It should bring you right to it. Now you need to highlight and drag down until you get the size 2A00. In HxD this is shown in the bottom right corner. With HxD if you right click you can use select block and input the size you want and it'll highlight the array for you. Ctrl C to copy. -Now with the Class Array copied, scroll down your rom until you find some empty space, represented by FF FF FF FF. Select another 2A00 and then use Ctrl B. As this will not only copy the code but write it as well. For mine, my new offset was 00E47900. Remember this number. -After Copy and Writing, you need to go to Search and Replace. In the search box write the reverse of the first offest. Which was 00807110. Now it will be 10 71 80 and add a 08 onto it so it looks like this 10718008. Now for replace, for mine my offset was 00E47900, the reverse and what I write in the replace box will be 0079E408. Change it to hex string and search direction to All. This last note is one that I wasn't paying attention to. Kept giving me offset wasn't found, but after clicking all, it found and replaced the original offset. It should say 4 instances were changed. -Save and exit. Now open your rom and play to see if your classes operate like regular. Which they should if you followed my steps. -To open in FEditor Adv, you'll have to open your hex editor scroll down to the bottom of your Rom and delete the last four bytes then save. This should allow it to be open in FEditor Adv. Now you'll notice you can't open up the class animation manager, just save the rom, close and open up again, this should fix everything. -Before you can start adding new classes, you'll need to open up your Class Editor.nmm and change the offset to your new offset. Mine was 00E47900. And tell Nightmare there is a new entry by changing the top number by how many classes you are adding. I've added two so 128 will be 130. FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0xE47900<------ Offset 130 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Also expand the .txt list to include your new class. There are other modules you need to expand the .txt list and maybe the .nmm. Check Map Sprites, Promotions, Chapter Units, and such. -And that is all. You should be ready to create a new class for Fire Emblem 8 and maybe even other Fire Emblems with this information. Thanks again to Deltre for walking me through the process. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48196 Sentry Down for asking the FEditor Adv question, and Arch http://feuniverse.us/t/expanding-relocating-data-arrays/29 for his tutorial on item expansion in Fire Emblem 7. I've been trying to do this for years and now after such tutelage, I am now able to enjoy my own character classes in Fire Emblem 8.
  7. Hello Everyone. I just got back into Fire Emblem and have been editing the little block of 6,7,8. I have some many questions that only out dated posts have answers to and I'm still confused, hence why I joined here. Hoping I could find some answers. First question is where do I go to ask said questions? Anyways it is good to be back playing a great game. Mr. Smile
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