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  1. More or less this, really. Was curious as to what ways would lead to fun with Wrath without sacrificing too much stat or inheritance-wise.
  2. Mostly title, but to expand, I was curious as to best make use of the Wrath skill in FE4. I know that the units that do come with it in vanilla wouldn't likely get too much time to shine with it due to lack of mounts (except promoted Arthur), but I'd still like to learn how to best use the skill in semi-efficient playthroughs (if any one using Tailtiu and Tine can be considered such), especially since I'm not keen on pairing Tailtiu with Finn to give them Miracle.
  3. From an usage standpoint, I'm hoping for Aversa, due to the potential to be the first flying healer, or the first non-seasonal magic flier. And with the recent boosts to staves and healing skills, the former actually has some potential.
  4. Most strategies I see involve hurting Slayde to the point he tries to heal, and abuse his AI priorities that way. I found solid success in just having Clair and Clive in the far right to bait Slayde out and kill Slayde's cavs. Once alone, just have Clive book it the long way while Clair w/ a shield draws his attention long enough to make her his first priority. Then it just becomes a matter of keeping Clair in a position to play cat and mouse with Slayde. The plan certainly benefited from Cleric!Faye and Silque to speed things up and get a sweeper to clear out most of the right side.
  5. Since it's still David Stanbra doing the voice, and he sounds perfectly fine in every other game Xander speaks in, I think it's a case of some poor voice direction. Really gets noticeable with some of the longer lines. As for the conversations I've seen, I particularly enjoyed Lyn x Xander and Lianna x Leo. The former is nice little reflection on their retainers, and some good laughs at Laslow and Sain being womanizers (and bad at it). As for the latter, it's a nice look into the ruling structures of the two kingdoms, and some further details into the mess that is Nohr's royal siblings and their mothers.
  6. Can't really think of any official ones atm, but this fan version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone is by far my favorite remix. Heck, I like it more than the official version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsz5ijRQvUY
  7. Really, I think the only archetype I'm not too big a fan of is the Camus. As much as I love a lot of the Camus characters, the core of the series often undermines their tragic loyalty as really foolish, especially when the Lorentz was kicked off in the same chapter, and their choices are often the better option for the kingdom you are combating.
  8. I've been feeling that often as I work through the franchise. Every time I finish a FE game, I'd like to jump onto the next one, but because of how long each game generally is, I find I need to take a break. As for individual maps in games, so far I'm only playing a chapter of FE4 a day, and even then I wait a couple more before starting the next one.
  9. If I recall right, SoV was done by a separate team to the ones that work on the main series of games, likely due to having the bulk of the employees working on FE Switch. Probably the same goes for the CGI team, as the animation quality in Fire Emblem has been fairly good ever since it started in Path of Radiance, with SoV's taking a bit of a step back by comparison.
  10. Would anyone happen to have a Scarlet with Sol?
  11. Castle Code is 14878-91580-88511-49598
  12. I've got Sol on Caeldori right now, and I can grab Axebreaker by tomorrow.
  13. I've got a Hinoka x Silas pairing in the works, so I'll try and get her Luna soon. Also, does anyone have Orochi with Rend Heaven? I want her to pass it down without waiting til later chapters.
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