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  1. Upps, I had a Typo. I meant to say "No one does the right thing by accident, while thinking they aren't doing the right thing."
  2. So I wanted to answer "Neutral Thing", since it usually depends on what they thought, was the good thing and not on whether they did, what they considered good. Since I can't do that, I answered "Good Thing", since the Alternative is people doing, what they think is wrong, maybe cause they're selfish or too troll people. And when people deliberately do, what they see as wrong, the chance, that it's actually wrong is higher. No one does the right thing by accident, while thinking they are doing the right thing.
  3. For if you're in the Tower and have more than one Axe/Sword/Etc.-User.
  4. I think, this has never been answered in-game, but who rules over Grado after it's royal family died. Has it been too hurt by the earthquake and the war to even be it's own kingdom and got annexed to Renais? Has Ephraim or Eirika become King/Queen of Grado? Has Duessel taken over as Ruler and made Amelia his Heir? What do you think, is the most likely?
  5. Thank you for your help! Hey, nothing against Leila! And she isn't as weird as the ones from Echoes. Someone must have had the idea, to get every single minor Boss in there. Who the heck remembers Lawson, Blake, Dolth or Jerome? And Minor Characters like Irma, Massena and Halcyon are also there.
  6. Oh, also the Red Ones are Units, that aren't in FEH and the Yellow Ones are Beast Units.
  7. So, for a long while, I worked on both CYL-Lists and combined the Number of Votes for Characters, that were in there several Times. Tharja, Cordelia, Gaius, Caeldori, Rhajat, Asugi, Naga and Nagi were counted seperately, but I'm not completely sure about that Decision. Devdan and Danved were counted as one Person and nothing will change my Mind about that. It is sorted by the highest number of Votes from both Polls. So Column D. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bqPdytDqKxdd1A4gQIOLd5406VcKVbEC4Hnsqi4bPI8/edit?usp=sharing I just wanted to share my Data, to see, if anyone finds this useful.
  8. There are a lot of Rulers, People who become Rulers and People, who could be Rulers if the right People die in the Game. Who's your Ruler of Choice?
  9. You're absolutely right. That's why I made a Survey for the others with 3 Options and put the Link now in the Opening Post.
  10. I thought, I could still make a second Poll. This is propably the Limit, since I'd need to include Characters with only 2 different Artworks in the next one. Edit: Survey for other Characters: http://www.poll-maker.com/QJAXTC7
  11. Well Naesala seems to be a somewhat popular Partner for her: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Sanaki Kirsch Altina*s*Naesala/works
  12. Since there are some Heroes with a lot of Artworks now, I thought, this could be a fun little Question. You can also talk about your favorite Artwork for Characters, that can't be in the Poll because I can only ask five Questions here.
  13. For myself, it is propably Axe, Light Magic or Dark Magic. I just need to decide, which of these I don't want.
  14. I think, Takumi could've been interesting. After playing Birthright and knowing, that he'd be the final Villain in CQ I was interested in seeing an Antagonist, who has legitimate Reasons for hating me, but has also some issues fueling that Anger. But, like the others said, in Fatesverse there are no legitimate Reasons for being mad at Corrin. Well, back to Sakura. After some Fanfics, I have to say one Thing: Angry Post-Conquest-Sakura is best Sakura! I like the idea especially, because the loss, that she feals for both of her older brothers is very sad for very different reasons. With Ryoma, it is horrible, because he was always a giant tree for Sakura to lean onto and look up to and now it must feel horrible, that this incredible inspiring person for Sakura is gone. With Takumi, it is a tragedy for completely different reasons. He was very far from being perfect and Sakura was one of the few people, who he could talk to him. Sakura was able to see all of his potential and all the ways, he could possibly be a much better person, but now that chance is just gone and Takumi will never be the great guy, that Sakura could see him become and die instead as an angry loser. Kay, a lot of that is Headcanon.
  15. There seems to be still some Confusion. The Question was generally meant as "Which Weapon would you pick, if you can pick the starting Weapon and the secondary Weapon in the Game", but most seem to understand the Question as "Which Weapon should an uncostomizable Avatar Class have".
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