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  1. We eventually just played through the original fan translation...
  2. Hey so I know for Radiant Dawn, Easy mode is actually Normal mode and Normal mode is hard mode. Because they just labeled them like that for funsies, instead of creative an actual easy mode like PoR did. SO with all that said, is PoR's hard mode similar to RD's easy mode? Because Radiant Dawn I believe is considered to be a hard game by most people. So I was wondering if PoR hard mode is more difficult or about the same as RD's Easy mode. As for me personally, despite LOVING those games I've actually only played them both once. I did normal on PoR and thought it was quite challenging. But I was also fairly new to Fire Emblem when I played it so I don't know if I just sucked back then.
  3. Sorry to hear that things have been difficult lately. I hope everything goes swimmingly for you all from here on out (regarding personal lives and the translation). I know there's people looking forward to this project so you have a lot of support from here! If you guys needed any extra hands I'm sure there are a ton of talented people on this site who could do a numerous amount of things. Like if you directly translated some sentences and you needed some of them to be polished up, I could totally help take some of the load off. I'd even do any necessary homework if needed be. But yeah, I'm sure there are a bunch of other people who could help contribute in others ways too. It's for a good cause. Regardless, wishing y'all the best!
  4. Unpopular opinion, but in FE12 he gives me creepy vibes. Like the way he talks about his sister in that game always creeped me out. Like he wants to be more than her brother. I was just like, "Dude you are weird. Get some help." He made me uncomfortable. But I know I'm probably the only one seeing that subtext.
  5. That's so awesome! I just saw Kotaku made an article about it as well! I would post a link but I'm super rusty regarding forums and I'd make everything a horrendous mess.
  6. I'm thinking of it as Fates starting everything. Yes it's only 1 to 1 which is problematic in itself but coming from Awakening's 0 it's a big deal. It had equal representation to which I think was fantastic. No favourites and no gay dudes are gross to be found in that game. Now since Three Houses is after Fates it really should be improving upon Fates' ground work. But it's really not doing that. It makes me think that next game is gonna have like 10 female options and 0 for dudes. I'm just really tired of the whole, "it's okay to be gay as long as you like chicks" thing I've been hearing from "allies" Oh also only 3F in three houses? Did I miss some new info? What the hell happened? For me, I feel like I've been doing an alright job making it clear that I'm not hating on the female pairings. I'm very clearly jealous of course but that doesn't mean I want less of those. That would be terrible. And also super counter productive like seriously could you imagine how stupid it would be if someone complained about the lack of male pairings and demanded less female ones. Like that's rude dude. For me at least I would just like to have the same treatment. Also I'd like to feel like the world doesn't hate me when I play a video game. Video games are happy time and I'm too busy with student loans to get horribly depressed by something that should be causing me joy.
  7. I may tipped off Kotaku about this and pitched an idea to Polygon... I'd love to contact Nintendo and Intelligent Systems but the former only wants to talk to you if you have technical difficulties and not about problem with game contents. The later only has contact info in Japanese and I don't want to send my thoughts about this to the wrong places. I felt like Fates was a great step. So I was happy with that. It had *SHOCK* equal representation. 1 for guys and 1 for girls. It could have been better but it wasn't bad. I wasn't okay with, "Zero" because I don't want to date 40 year olds. But NoA aged him the hell down as Niles, all because of writing and casting a voice actor that sounds 20-something. Plus I think I heard that their original S-Support was basically saying something like, "Why am I cursed to like a man" or something along the lines of that. I don't know I read it briefly before feeling super uncomfortable. But basically NoA changed their S-Support to make it feel like a normal. And I'm really surprised NoA didn't see this and think about how us westerners would take the news. Dude as someone who bought the Echoes DLC as soon as I had the game, I'm not buying the Three Houses one even once I get out of my depressed state and focus on the minimal attention Three Houses places on marriage. Also seriously a lot of chicks love gay dudes (and I love them might I add), and all they want is guys loving each other yet they too are constantly denied that. Before they announced this sorry state of affairs I looked at everyone and thought it'd be great if Dimitri was the bi option because everyone everywhere has a hard time thinking about guys like being gay. But I thought they'd make it Claude and everyone wanted it to be Claude so I was like, he's not for me but I'm happy just knowing that he's popular and will probably be bi. Holy hell nope. Even if they made Claude bi now I still wouldn't get with him but I'd be so happy that so many could have their dreams come too. I think if you like guys you're mostly just shoved in a corner and forgotten about. So just having a popular character out there representing people who like dudes would more than enough make up for my own personal lack of options. But I guess I can't even expect the bare minimum now adays. I think you should always be nice and never do any name calling at all (or death threats). Like I wouldn't be like, "Hey Nintendo and IS you're all *insert vulgar words here*" But I think making your voices heard is an important thing. I feel like gay guys don't want to start a fuss about anything and that's why they're not represented ever. From my life experiences lesbians are the ones who make their voices heard and that's why their representation isn't limited to one second cameos or gay best friends. That's why lesbians get main characters with names and deep relationships. Meanwhile gay dudes look at all the amazing lesbian representation and are just content that gay people are being represented. Yet I think it's lesbians being vocal playing, not all but, a huge factor in why they don't get ignored. I'm sorry everyone for making a large ass post or if I'm being negative at all. I am still clearly upset and while talking about this is overall good, it's something that is very much still upsetting me. I hope everyone forgives me if I'm coming across as douchey.
  8. That's a good idea. I need to just drown myself in a bunch of dude/dude stories until I'm all like, "There are other people in the world that like guys!?" I just need to find those stories. It really sucks though because I bought the game and I really wanted to play it but now every time I look at it I get really depressed. I need a little purge for the time being. Just good happy things for a tiny bit. I know Fire Emblem is doing better than ever, and for a previously neglected franchise I'm so happy for it. But do enough people even care that it's guys that aren't given the gay option? That's what I'm worried about. I'll do what I can to bring the word out there but I can't help feeling that people will hear what I say before shrugging and getting on with their lives. God I seriously hope while they're changing Male Byleth's voice in Three Houses NoA rethink things over and just think, "Maybe it was a bad idea to let there only be 1 gay male option for Byleth. And we should do some localization magic and add some more in to make it equal." But I don't want to get my hopes up and be upset for a 2nd time when that doesn't happen. (Also I'm a little peeved because I've hooked two people on Fire Emblem and now they're for lifers and the least Intelligent Systems could do is throw me a bone) But enough of that sad crap, I need to feel better. Positivity. Positivity.
  9. This news honestly breaks my heart and is giving me really self conscious feelings that I haven't felt in a really long time. Why can't people take relationships between guys seriously? It's stuff like this that really makes me feel less than human. I don't even know what to do.
  10. Not gonna lie, I sorta blew my money on Path of Radiance. I needed it in the case with the booklet and any extra slips of paper that came with it. It was a good decision. But I did that a few years ago so I spent maybe like $125 dollars on it, maybe a bit more with shipping. I feel like I remember the price for that game being insane now, something like past the 200 mark. Also Radiant Dawn I found for a pretty good price, for one containing the booklet and the inserts as well. I think that one had free shipping and was just $85. Which is the price of a Switch game with tax nowadays any way so not too big of a deal. It's so worth it for me because I need them physical. I play FE12 in English but I still bought a Japanese physical copy for my shelf. I know I'm crazy. It's why I'm poor right now. Also I'm Canadian so all those prices I had are for the Canadian dollar. Just for more info.
  11. Thank you! And yes, do whatever you need at any pace you're comfortable with. I'm wishing you the best of luck guys!
  12. Hell yeah! This is such amazing news! I'm so looking forward to this! But yes, I did have one little question about one of Male Kris' lines in his support with Luke. I talked about this on page 15, but basically I was wondering if one specific line of Male Kris' was going to be changed. Anyway, I'm happy this is being worked on again. I'm lovin' all of the updates you've provided so far, to the point where I really believe this would be the best way for my friend to experience FE12 for the first time. Here's me wishing you guys the best!
  13. Thank you for saying you like their friendship. I feel like everyone is so focused on them being a couple that their wonderful friendship is often overlooked. I see this happen more with dude pairings than female ones. I feel like it's because it's so rare to see guys together in media so people do shit like that to fill the void. I don't really like turning male friends into ships because I feel like if it happens too often it pisses people off, so when there is actual evidence to support a dude pairing people jump the gun to "they're just friends" even when there's good evidence to show that they very well may not be just friends. Like for me Eliwood and Hector are clearly just good friends, and any ships between them I'd find weird. Ike and Soren on the other hand, I don't think someone should immediately shut that down because there is good evidence for it. So yeah, just my thoughts on that.
  14. How the story starts so small in PoR and then by the end of RD it's massive. The wonderful characters. The music. The Ike x Soren. The fact that I played this game when I going through a hard time in my life. All of those are good.
  15. Okay so I haven't gotten any of the kids in Fates because I'm not interesting in recruiting the kids in that game, but everything I've seen of Soleil I'm not a big fan of. Like, she just seems like a character who sexually harasses women but it's okay because she's a woman herself. Like, no it's not okay. I liked Florina and Hector because I felt like she needed a man. Also I'm all for Eliwood x Lynn and I needed Hector to marry someone. I also really felt like Florina needed some closure to her being all weird around men, because guys are so sweet and lovely. Now... Hector probably wouldn't be my first choice for Florina but uh... hell that's the one she picked apparently, because she can't marry anyone else. Now for me, I always hate the whole, "You have a choice, but we picked this one for you." So I really hate Eliwood x Ninian, I also feel like this does nothing for Ninian's personal growth. I also really hate Chrom and Sumia. Others would be Hector x Lynn because I feel like they'd get divorced so fast. Sorry guys but Ike x Elincia is something I'll pass on too (she also marries Geoffrey just sayin', which I feel like everyone forgets), and I'm totally not a fan of Lucina and Robin either, even if I did play as male Robin just... no thanks. I'd actually probably marry him to Anna if I did play as him. I actually like that a lot, despite not looking at their supports or anything relating to them.
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