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  1. Oh no, Yuni replacing Holmes scares me to the point that I almost don't want to play this... Rishel and especially Alicia (Brenthunder + Flurry LOL OK BYE) were two of the most blatantly OP units in the OG Game, wonder how they and their replacements will play out in this one. Anyways, thanks for giving me a reason to get back into this game. Appreciate it! :) EDIT: Oh man, Tia, Sennet and Alfred in the starting party? Amazing. And Verna is just OP LOL
  2. Go to Advanced Editors, then Song Track. You'll find a button that says Sing Import from other Game right above the llist of tracks. The rest is straightforward.
  3. In 1.0, enemy Mogalls freeze the game when they move without attacking.
  4. Dear Nintendo, I won't spend a penny on this godforsaken game (as much as I want to) until the pricing imbalance is fixed. When will you realize that 80 DOLLARS ARE NOT 80 EUROS for fuck's sake! This was probably dicussed a lot, but in case you didn't know, the average European citizen pays 15 Dollars more for 140 Orbs than an American does, which is ridiculous, not in my opionion but for a fact. I don't know what is going through their heads, but this seriuously needs fixing. Until this does't change, I and many other Europeas will not pay for this game. It's just bullshit. I could go buy something for 65 Dollars and then burn the remaining 15 to ash. The result is the same. Is there any reasonable explanation for that pricing? If there is, please enlighten me.
  5. There's not much to be said and there's nothing with which any sort of (programming) knowledgde would help regarding FE 11 hacking unfortunately. Text Editing was documented by Blazer in his Nightmare Modules and it is fairly straightforward. Reading the doc should do the job. You can change BGs, Portraits and well... the text. Eventing, as in fully customizing cutscenes, on the other hand is not possible with what we know. You can customize the gamplay (Enemy/Player Units, Items etc.) though. You can find the basic FE11 stuff on Blazer's Website. It comes with the basic Modules and Documentation. Some Modules are missing or incomplete, so I'd suggest you look in the resource thread here on SF for more Modules. ALSO! In the Doc he tells you to use "Nintenlord's Compressor" for decompressing the files... DON'T DO IT. Thanks to General Horace we now know to use Batch LZ77. It does basically the same (that applies for the Unit Disposition Files, the other files can be compressed/decompressed with Nintenlord's Tool as well).
  6. I attempted to create some unique Skill Activation Animations for the Custom FE8 skill system, which so far only has one for all skills. Basically what I did (so far) was recoloring other FE GBA spells and throwing them togehter into one script. I've included everything in the download, so you can easily change something if you want to. I created them with Circles's Skill Animation Creator, and all you have to do is change the ORG$ in the .event file and then assembe it to your ROM. So far, animations for Astra, Sol, Lethality were created (there's also a beta Adept animation (sort of) which I will redo someday). EDIT: I will also link posts of other people's animation here, just because why not? Astra, Sol, Lethality, Adept Great Shield by Kenpuhu
  7. Maybe they'll stick to canon pairs in FE history. It is highly unlikely to see entirely new characters coming in as seasonals (maybe they won't have Valentine's Day outfits, but only the "live theme") ,but I could imagine them adding Louise/Pent, Anna/Jake, Harken/Isadora, Yuno/Zealot, Quan/Ethlyn, Callil/Largo... Man, there are so many options, but I guess it's coming down to something disappointing like Chrom/Robin and Corrin/Azura... Or maybe they'll throw in a Camilla instead. Actually, I think the possibility of seasonal Sigurd/Deirdre is quite high. Or Alm/Celica... Or even Marth/Shiida, Clive/Mathilda, Boey/Mae... Looks like this time we have a chance of getting NEW and REFRESHING characters in a seasonal banner
  8. Using fire magic is essentiall like wielding a sword. 1v1. Oil and Fire is more the "kill them all in one swift sweep" kind of thing. Comparing that to our time, the Fire Magic is maybe equivalent to stabbing someone with a knife or shooting them, while a method like Oil and Fire would be aquivalent to usage of bombs or chemical weaponry. You can probably see the difference. I think Sanaki was pointing out the ruthlesness of Daein by resorting to such "unfair"/"dirty" or immoral tatics.
  9. Eirika having Gleipnir makes me believe they'll give Knoll a basic red tome (Fenrir+), but his assis skill will probably be Summon or something like that, since that's bascially his selling point in FE8 and noone else can do that (yes, I'm aware of the fact that Ewan can become a Summoner, but his "canon" path is Sage probably). Summoning 1HP distractions would most likely be absolutely OP, but I hope that's what they have in store for Knoll.
  10. So I replayed FE8 recently and it seenms I really undervalued Garcia. He's amazing in the earlygame, both tanky and hard-hitting + a prettty accurate 1-2 axe weapon (hatchet). He can hold his own up until CH 8, and after Gerik joins he is eaaenstially a worse version of him, but still good at what he does. I moved Garcia up a whole tier. I moved Forde down a little since his stats really aren't good and using 5x to give Kyle some levels usually turns out to be the better choice... Nontheless, Forde can be almost as good, but I don't think he deserves to be on the same spot as Kyle.
  11. Here's one for Saleh: Title: Solemn Teacher Name: Saleh Weapon Type: Blue Tome Rarity: 5* only Stats: Lvl. 1: HP ATK SPD DEF RES 16 8 6 4 4 17 9 7 5 5 18 10 8 6 6 Lvl. 40:HP ATK SPD DEF RES33 31 27 22 2237 34 30 25 2540 38 33 28 28 Skills: Weapon: Great Thunder (Might: 14): Grants Atk+3. If unit's Def+Res - foe's Def+Res ≥5, foe can't make follow-up attack. Assist: - Special: Draconic Aura A-Skill: Magic Adept (If fighting against a foe who is wielding a tome, this unit always has weapon triangle advantage against them) B-Skill: Blue Tomebreaker 3 C-Skill: Blue Tome Valor 3 Quotes Skill Activation: This is my duty. For the great dragon! An act of fate... Valega... Selection: Guide me. Hmm... Very well. Defeat: My... duty... Greetings: Hello... I bring greetings from [Name]... Character Screen: Yes? ...does something trouble you? I hail from the quiet and peaceful village Caer Pelyn. Learning magic requires both dedication and patience. Only either of those won't suffce. Protecting the Great Dragon is both my duty and my life. I have a student... He can be careless and inconsiderate, but I'm putting all my trust in him. Castle Quotes: A long time ago, the brave warrior princess Nada Kuya saved Caer Pelyn from destruction. In her hands she wielded a sword given to her by the dragons. Friendship... It can be born from the strangest situations... That aways amazed me. No that I'm here with you... I wonder how my grandmother nd student will fare... Level Up: I have to work harder from no on. (0-1) It seems my training is bearing fruit. (2-3) This strength will help everone. (4.5) Summon: I'm Saleh... I am the grandson of the elder of Caer Pely. My duty is to protect the great dragon... and you.
  12. There are FE12 Modules, but they're probably scatered across the FE community... Just search a little. I know there's a item editor for sure
  13. The map was really hard and it took my more than a few tries, but I managed to beat Infernal by putting my Spring Xander on the rightmost defense tile and letting him slowly take down the fliers, while on the left, Tiki (Y) (placed on the bottom left defense tile) was taking care of the Armor Knight with support from Merric and Priscilla. Tiki (Y) (+Def/-Spd): W: Flametongue+; S: Bonfire +Def/-Spd A: Defense +2; B: Brash Assault 2 SS: Close Def 2 Merric (+Def/-Res)(+2)(Summoner Support): W: Dark Excalibur; As: Resposition; S: Moonbow; A: Close Counter; B: Quick Riposte 2; C: Threaten Res 3; SS: Distant Def 3 Priscilla (+Res/-HP): W: Panic+ (Dazzling Staff 3); As: Rehabilitate+; S: Imbue; A: Speed +3; B: Wrathful Staff 3; C: Hone Cavalry Spring!Xander (+Def/-Spd): W: Carrot Lance (Def +4); As: Swap; S: Bonfire; A: Fortress Defense 3; B:Seal Atk 2; C: Defense Ploy 2
  14. B!Lyn and Rein were never really a problem to me. Merric with QR one-rounds them on enemy phase. As for dragons... I guess I'll use my Masked Marth after all...
  15. So I've decided to make some small changes here and there based on the comments: Swapped Neimi (E to D) and Ewan (D to E). Reason: Neimi can chip in earlygame, help break down walls etc. Ewan does none of these things. Separated Cormag and Innes for the route split Moved Duessel (Ephraim) down from A to B, and Duessel (Eirika) from B to C Made some changes within the tiers, such as Ross, Lute and Gilliam (I couldn't justify raising/dropping these unit a whole tier, even if they are a bit more useful than initially assumed)
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