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  1. Okay, that's cool. I should have realized that falls outside the scope of the project, like the post says. I'm just glad to have any kind of upgrade for that patch.
  2. Any chance of a version with the official, American names? That version came out later, and those names are used in all other Fire Emblem media.
  3. PSA: If you want access to the AI Difficulty setting, make sure to have either a completed file or a file with the AI Difficulty setting unlocked. For some reason, FE4 seems to forget your game completions if you delete all your files, which seems like a pretty big design oversight to me.
  4. I just completed a run of Genealogy of the Holy War, but discovered the game didn't register my game completion. No new scenes in the opening demo, and no AI option. I reset my game when I got to the results screen, because it didn't seem like I could do anything else. Any idea what I'm supposed to do? In case it's important, I'm using the latest version of the Project Naga patch (which I believe is beta 7). Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I have just finished the first version of my Fire Emblem 8 gameplay reversion hack. This patch is meant to be applied to a US ROM. This hack will revert all the gameplay changes that occurred when bringing FE8 to the US (many of which are detailed on this page). A ton of things were changed during localization, but I'll detail some of the more significant changes below. Since there were so many things to change, a few things might have slipped through the cracks, and there may be bugs that I haven't caught yet. If you encounter any bugs or changes I overlooked, post a reply or P.M. me. I used FEBuilder GBA to make this patch. UPDATE 1.1 I've made some updates to the hack. Most of these involve boss A.I.: In chapter 5, Joshua will now attack Natasha if she's in range. In chapter 15, Caellach is no longer on a fort. He will also move to attack if a character is in range. In chapter 19, Riev will now move to attack if a character is in range. In chapter 20, Riev will now only attack an adjacent character (i.e., one he doesn't have to move in order to attack Update 1.2 Enemy weapon drops have been fixed. This should be the last version. Version 1.2 is available here. Previous versions: Version 1.0 Version 1.1 Among the many changes are the following: Weapon stats that were changed in the U.S. version were restored to their originals. Character growth rates were changed back to their Japanese counterparts. (Lyon's now suck. ) Character base stats were changed back to their Japanese counterparts. (Rennac's now suck. ) Enemy levels, level-up bonuses, and just stats in general were changed back to their Japanese counterparts. This is probably what caused the differences in Pablo and Riev's stats in the player's second encounters with them. Also, the monster encounters on the world map mostly have bosses at lower levels than the U.S. version--whether this makes their stats lower I don't know, but they'll probably give less experience. In Chapter 13 Eirika's route, Amelia joins at level 5 rather than level 4. Hard mode bonuses were changed to their Japanese counterparts. This should make the game more challenging... hopefully. Several classes had their stat caps altered in the U.S. version. These were changed to their Japanese equivalents. Many shops, especially some of the later Secret Shops, had inventory (or even just display order) changes in the U.S. version. These were reverted. The Pierce glitch was fixed. (Thanks goes out to Brendor for the assembly hack... whoever he is.) Gorgons used to fly. Now with the aid of hacking, they can take to the air once more! A lot of enemies had their inventories changed in the U.S. version, including several bosses. The U.S. inventories actually make them more challenging in my opinion. In particular, the U.S. version gave Javelins and Hand Axes to a lot of enemies that didn't have them before, gave a lot of Gorgons extra weapons, gave swords and bows to Rangers that previously only had one or the other, and equipped the Demon King with a different starting weapon. However, since these weren't in the original game, the patch gives enemies their original Japanese inventories. Several chapters had more unit deployment slots in the U.S. version. These were taken out. ... And many, many more! Incidentally, here are some things that were not changed: The Rapier and Reginleif still deal effective damage to Mage Knights. This was pretty clearly an oversight, so I decided to leave it as-is. The flickering of the Silencer skill is still purple, not red as in the Japanese version. Since this is a cosmetic change and not a gameplay one, I decided to leave it alone. Also, I can't find where the animation is stored. The text has been unchanged. Any translation/localization errors will still be in the game. So Neimi still knows Cormag somehow, and Garcia arm-wrestles himself. One final thing--Lyon's terrible growths may have been a developer oversight. They're identical to the "generic" growths seen on a lot of enemies, but those enemies typically use their class growths instead. I'm inclined to leave them as-is anyway, though, since he has good bases anyway, and he joins at level 14 in the Creature Campaign. Let me know if you want a version with the better growths. (Or hack the ROM yourself, it's not that hard to change.)
  6. Also, in case anyone's interested, I'm currently working on giving FE8 the same treatment.
  7. I recently watched a Lets Play of Hector Hard Mode where the player lamented that effective weapons suck in this game. I decided to see if anyone had made a patch to fix this and other gameplay changes made to the U.S. version of the game, and to my surprise, no one had! So I did it myself. This patch is meant to be applied to the U.S. version of the game. I used febuilder and Event Assembler to make this hack. I'd also like to thank Venno, as I used his FE7 Effectiveness Rework assembly hack to change the effective weapon multipliers (found here). (If I need to seek permission to use it, please let me know and I'll take this down until I have obtained permission.) This hack has only received minimal testing, but the alterations were mostly simple ones, so it should work alright. If you find any bugs or differences that haven't been corrected, though, please let me know. UPDATE: I have just completed version 1.1 of this hack. The only change made was slightly altering the inventories of four enemies whose items were slightly different in the Japanese version. This will most likely be my last and only revision. Version 1.1 is available here. Here is a list of things that have been changed in this hack: What Has Been Changed The "Gate" and "Throne" terrain types grant 30 Avoid instead of 20. (The "Castle Gate" terrain type still only grants 20 Avoid--it was like this in the Japanese version.) The "Gate," "Castle Gate," and "Throne" terrain types grant 3 Defense instead of 2. The effective damage multiplier was raised from 2 to 3 for Aureola and all non dragon-slaying weapons. Bosses that had their stats reduced in the U.S. version of the game have had them restored to their Japanese stats. In Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny, Lloyd and Linus each carry a Runesword rather than a Light Brand. In the first part of Final Chapter: Light, two doors open at the start of the map, after which two doors open every two turns. (By contrast, the U.S. version starts with one door open, and one door opens each turn.) The Fire Dragon's max stats have been increased (even though they don't hit those caps). Some enemies have had their inventories tweaked to match the Japanese version. (There were only four of these.) What Hasn't Been Changed: The "Blood Type" option is still absent from the Tactician creation screen. I'm not a good enough hacker to put it in, and since it only alters Affinity as far as I can tell, there is no significant gameplay change. Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Lyn mode cannot be skipped, and the extended epilogue plays by default. None of the text has been changed. This means translation errors and the glitchy text on the Wind Sword and Dragon Axe is still present. Old versions: Version 1.0
  8. I see. So basically the same reason we'll never get the last 2 DLC for Fates. NOA has an annoying habit of dropping support for products extremely fast--this happens to consoles especially. Well, at least it doesn't ruin the single player.
  9. Does anyone know how to alter the multiplier for effective damage in this game? I'm interested in hacking the game so that most effective weapons get a 3x bonus like in the Japanese version, rather than the 2x they got in the US. Most hacking tools don't seem to have tools for this, and I'm not well-versed enough in hacking to navigate the disassembler. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help with this. For those wondering, I've been messing around with FEBuilder, Event Assembler, and Nightmare. I'm trying to create a hack that undoes the localization changes, and this is the only one that's really giving me difficulty. EDIT: Never mind, looks like the question's been answered here. EDIT: Even though the question's been answered, I still can't figure it out. Has anyone used this patch before? EDIT: I figured it out myself. Thanks for nothing. Solved! EDIT: I'm not seeing a "mark solved" button on here, so I'm just adding the tag manually.
  10. Nowi's a dragon. Dragons are reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded. Therefore, Nowi needs a lot of sun exposure to maintain her body temperature. Covering more skin would shade her from the sun. Thus, Nowi dresses like a stripper. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE GUYS I'M TOTALLY NOT A PEDOPHILE
  11. I don't really care about FE: Heroes artwork, but I am concerned about another thing: there are extremely few axe wielders in the member badges. I'm using Legion as my badge simply because there are no other good options. Can't we get someone like Barst or Orsin?
  12. Title. Can't find an answer anywhere, so I'm assuming no, but I figured I might as well confirm it. If they haven't, that is ridiculously stupid. It's been over half a decade. Update patches exist for a reason.
  13. I just started playing, and I noticed a couple of grammatical errors right off the bat. [spoiler=Issue 1]The intro begins with the line "In an age beyond living memory, a devil's shade cast across our land, plunging it into the deepest darkness, and condemning us to grief without end." This is a sentence fragment, as it does not have a predicate. It's correct if you're using "cast" as a verb, but that's improper usage. I think "was cast" would be more appropriate. [spoiler=screenshots] [spoiler=issue 2]From the first map screen: "Only Father Claude of House Edda, could foresee the oncoming storm." That comma is unnecessary. Alternatively, you could add a second comma after "Claude." [spoiler=screenshot] [spoiler=issue 3]Also from the first map screen: "Into the midst of this tense situation, comes dire news from Jugdral's east." That comma is unnecessary. [spoiler=screenshot] [spoiler=issue 4]End of the first map screen: "And thus the threshold of fate is cast open." You really shouldn't begin a sentence with "and." Also, this is EXTREMELY nitpicky, but technically you don't cast open a threshold. :P [spoiler=screenshot] One last thing--the semicolons in the Jugdral chronology often look like commas. This isn't a big deal, since the semicolons are used properly, but you might want to consider replacing them with periods. Other than that, the translation is great! I love the new style the dialogue is written in. Thanks for giving this game a full patch.
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