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  1. Since I'm bored of playing by standard rules I decided to play a Birthright Corrinquest Rules are simple enough: Selected difficulty is Hard Birthright. I will play under an Ironman setting, which means that whoever dies stays dead, and if my Corrin dies, we'll just restart the current level Only Corrin units may be used. They have to be more or less between Levels 8-11, although I won't reject someone that has one with a slightly lower level, because Birthright is piss easy (or so I heared). To submit your Corrin, just make a new save file on Normal! (preferably phoenix), rush to chapter 6 and grind your way until the met levels (it's super easy with Nobility+Paragon(if you have access)), and assign them any skill of your choice as their "Personal Skill", which can be any skill of your choice(no skills banned, not even Warp/Replicate), and any class of your choice through a Heart Seal (buyable at the Staff shop for 2000g, and you start with 5000, soooo). Please only equip your "personal skill" and (if you want) the first (and second) class skill of your chosen class I'm trying to keep things interesting, Not OP! Please keep this in mind, so things like a fast, fragile Armor knight with renewal or a Smart Slow samurai with speed-/strenght taker will be more likely to get chosen than a Clever unlucky Dark mage with Astra or something !!!! Put all your units on hold and place them away from the throne !!!! ‚Äč An example of how a submission would look like would be something like this: Name: Astrida Class: Shrine maiden-> Priestess Boon/Bane: +HP/-speed Skill: Counter Growths (optional) : 60 45 30 35 35 40 40 30 Castle Address: 14180-34971-54228-89401 (this is indeed mine if you wanted it) As the title says I'm from Europe and will thus only be able to take European (and Australian?) Corrins I will be taking submissions untill the 25th of September, Although later submissions might be added too Good luck (to me) and have fun creating your Corrins
  2. Name: Astrida Address: 14180-34971-54228-89401 Boon: HP Bane: Speed Class: Shrine Maiden Skill: Counter Growth Rates: 60 45 30 35 35 40 40 30
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