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  1. Since I'm bored of playing by standard rules I decided to play a Birthright Corrinquest

    Rules are simple enough:

    • Selected difficulty is Hard Birthright. I will play under an Ironman setting, which means that whoever dies stays dead, and if my Corrin dies, we'll just restart the current level

    • Only Corrin units may be used. They have to be more or less between Levels 8-11, although I won't reject someone that has one with a slightly lower level, because Birthright is piss easy (or so I heared).

    • To submit your Corrin, just make a new save file on Normal! (preferably phoenix), rush to chapter 6 and grind your way until the met levels (it's super easy with Nobility+Paragon(if you have access)), and assign them any skill of your choice as their "Personal Skill", which can be any skill of your choice(no skills banned, not even Warp/Replicate), and any class of your choice through a Heart Seal (buyable at the Staff shop for 2000g, and you start with 5000, soooo).

    • Please only equip your "personal skill" and (if you want) the first (and second) class skill of your chosen class

    • I'm trying to keep things interesting, Not OP! Please keep this in mind, so things like a fast, fragile Armor knight with renewal or a Smart Slow samurai with speed-/strenght taker will be more likely to get chosen than a Clever unlucky Dark mage with Astra or something

    • !!!! Put all your units on hold and place them away from the throne !!!!


    • An example of how a submission would look like would be something like this:

    Name: Astrida

    Class: Shrine maiden-> Priestess

    Boon/Bane: +HP/-speed

    Skill: Counter

    Growths (optional) : 60 45 30 35 35 40 40 30

    Castle Address: 14180-34971-54228-89401 (this is indeed mine if you wanted it)

    • As the title says I'm from Europe and will thus only be able to take European (and Australian?) Corrins
    • I will be taking submissions untill the 25th of September, Although later submissions might be added too

    Good luck (to me) and have fun creating your Corrins

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