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  1. Thanks so much for your work! I've been having a blast with Thracia thanks to this patch @Miacis
  2. @Miacis Hey, sorry for bothering, but can I get a patch with only Hold L to Switch Animations, Guard AI Display, Crit Display, and Hold A to Increase Movement Speed? Thanks!
  3. lol I'm not gonna add edgy dialogue that will make me cringe in 5 years Currently, FE1 needs the endings to be updated and FE2 needs to have names redone. Both need an update with bugs and something to work around character limitations if that helps
  4. Hey, how long will it take me to learn how to update the current translations for the NES games and what tools are needed to do it? Might as well try to make the most of my time during quarantine.
  5. Hey, what's the most up to date translation patch for FE1? (Yes, I know I can play Shadow Dragon but I want to play the original.)
  6. Just for reference, what size should a headered and unheadered v1.1 ROM be?
  7. All right I'm going to try that. Thanks man.
  8. Any tips? I cannot get past this chapter at all because of stupid Treck dying and BS wyvern riders.
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