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  1. You can dismiss them for easy money, or because most of them have low health, I suppose you could use them on characters with battalion skill builds. (Battalion Wrath, Battalion Vantage, est.) I've never ran any of those builds, seemed kinda fun but too gimmicky, and so I always just dismissed them for some spending money.
  2. The best way to get the more rare smiting materials it to armor break demonic beasts; breaking all of their yellow barriers at once with attacks or gambits will rob the enemy of their turn and give you a variety of types and quantities of rare materials. Umbra Steel is dropped pretty often by the "Dragonic" Demonic Beasts, in amounts ranging from 1 to 5. And you only need 3 to repair most hero relics.
  3. Tight. I'll look forward to the new announcements.
  4. Right Away, All the Way. The only exception is Alm and Celica, getting them to 15+ is great, but not necessary. This is because of how promotions work in Gaiden (and Echoes), Instead of set stat bonuses on promotion, stats that are below class base are raised to the new class bases, while other stats remain untouched. Plus, Characters will have plenty of levels to grow once in their 2nd or 3rd tier. It's common for units to only be in the early levels of tier 3 at endgame.
  5. For this map in particular, there aren't many enemies, and the go to strat is to move/warp someone with high defence, like Lukas, onto the bridge to choke it. I do believe said bridges, like floor tiles in gaiden, give 20 avoid, but I could be wrong. Then just keep squishy units like silk away from the front or on one of the few trees. With the improved UI and Speed of the remake, this map may take 4-5 min tops on a first playthrough, and maybe even faster without animations.
  6. Honesty, I don't think maps like this one are a big deal. Sure, it could and maybe should be better, but when played, this map just has the two armies farther apart for 2 or 3 turns, and then everything continues as normal. It's not like this map is a 30 min long hell filled with ridiculous enemy density and an annoying map gimmick.
  7. They cap at 20, but they can promote starting from lv 3. In gaiden, because of how promotions work, you should almost never wait to promote, so getting them to 20 is kind of irrelevant.
  8. I agree. I think they'll either go all the way and allow all 5 potential villager options to loop to villager, or none at all.
  9. I feel like as far as possible additions go, archsage would be nice, but the largest change that I think should be made is female mage promotion time. Maybe standardize it to 12 like the other 2 tier only classes. The promotion to priestess is good, but it isn't so good that it should wait to 20.
  10. This diagram is a pretty decent explanation of how classes work in gaiden. Note that some a few player classes are absent, this diagram only details classes that the villagers can become.
  11. This was a super interesting read! I wonder in what ways SOV will compare and contrast with this take on the og Gaiden story.
  12. OG Gaiden had a few environmental puzzles, but I can't see them adding too many more. It looks like IS wants to facilitate exploration with the more nonlinear designs, and allowing players to sneak or run past encounters is a huge improvement. I could see maybe 1 or 2 new environmental puzzles, maybe in the amiibo dungeons, but nothing on the scale of zelda or other adventure games. They are not exactly designed for that purpose.
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