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  1. That's true. But besides fighting Volug in "Rivals Collide" or 4-5, there's no single enemy which is weak against fire tomes. Calil starts with a solid B in Thunder Tomes, and while being heavier than Fire Tomes, you can gain more benefits from a nice ElThunder tome. Or at least that's how I use it. During E-3, yes, you can't have her using the Rexbolt tome, but a refined Thunder Tome or Bolting can work really well in replacement.
  2. Well, it is not completely true. Having a nice Thief in Part 3 is superuseful. First things first, you can Steal on 3-2 the Bolting Tome, which allows for the easiest of massacres in Endgame 3. There are a number of good items you can easily retrieve with Heather during Part 3. The second Ettard, the Brave Bow and a Spirit Dust are way easier to get with Heather. Plus she is a bait monstruosity thanks to high avoid and really good on giving easy kills thanks to Bane. Heather is "worse" compared to Sothe, but her consistency makes me always want to use her always up till Part 4. It's a trap. You can use Calil and a refined Thunder tome to get the same effect. But you can't deny that Ilyana is the most available unit in the game, so if you invest on her from Book I there's no need to stop doing it at a certain point.
  3. Radiant Dawn, just because of the weak beginning of PoR. Of course RD is up on the player's knowledge of Path of Radiance. That's why well-made sequels are always better than the first issue of an Entertainment Medium. But of course, if you do not understand who Ike is and what the Greil Mercenaries accomplished 3 years before Radiant Dawn begins, it is impossible to appreciate RD completely. So yes, to me RD is the better game to me, also because I like the idea of having a conflict going on and multiple splits and different armies from Chapter to Chapter. But kudos to PoR to introduce Tellius to the audience in a magnificent ways. The only thing RD really sucks with is how poorly managed are the plot twist. With a bit of epicness, you could remember most of them as some of the best moments in VG's history. But again, that indicates how serious and down on earth the Tellius series aimed to be. And how FE is perfect in its imperfections. For each entry in the series.
  4. I understand, but I disagree. You can literally buy used games for this. Yes, I know they range XYZ amount of money and some (Tellius) games are expensive. But buying a used game and playing the translated version has to me the same "politically correct" effect as buying a new game from a store or a used from someone. Ethics can flow into a phenomenon of supporting Software Houses, and not the game itself. Then, please give me your definition of outdated. Most of the time that means "Features I would like to be removed from the game because it would make it better in my eyes". And if you stand for that, I disagree. I disagree because: 1) There isn't a perfect Fire Emblem, yet. There's maybe a Fire Emblem you personally enjoy more than the others, but there's no such thing as a game which keeps changing formulas of some sort. That results in always not-perfect but at least enjoyable experiences. Even for Revelations or for the most hated game of the franchise. 2) Since every game has tailored mechanics to the context of the game, despite not enjoying each and every feature of every single game, I do recognize the fact that they are very contextual. Even in Revelations. In conclusion. Will I buy a new remake for FE? Yes, at this point i'd buy Fire Emblem underwear since i'm a fan. Can I hope they stop pushing out random titles and stick with the main saga? Yes I do.
  5. If you have Owain, Brady and Inigo having Galeforce, you know you powercrept yourself. In my first playthrough I did the atrocious mistake of investing in Donnel and paring it with Olivia, resulting in a Inigo/Donnel combo which solo'd the entire Map on Hard without breaking a sweat.
  6. Am I the only one who wishes to have just new FE games? Today we have great fantranslations for the original games, and there's no actual need for remaking. At least imo. I would prefer a two year hiatus for a new FE17 which keeps going on Fodlan mythology or something new, rather than something "cheap" and "easy" such as a remake.
  7. Absolutely Heroes, because of powercreep. All before buying a 49USD Orbs pack.
  8. She is if bonus-transfered. Just stop using Fire Tomes and focus on using Thunder ASAP. Objectively, Calill is the best mage of the game because of decent base and more than decent growth% which will allow her to double consistently. I also appreciate her absence in chapters where she'd solo maps full of Laguz thanks to Fire Tomes and great speed. I personally prefer using Ilyana since despite mediocrity, she is the most available magic user of the entire game. Even untransfered, high availabilty rate and a bit of luck combined with the right timing in giving her bonus EXP makes her a monster in Late Part III and Part IV. If you intend to invest a lot of money in Refined Thunder Tomes, Ilyana is the best choice because of Rexbolt availabilty. Otherwise just give Calill ElThunder tomes and at least get C-Weapon Rank. Overall, together with Jill and Ike, she is one of the best units to transfer.
  9. It is a good tool for RNG abuse when you are about to cap that stat and you're overlevel with a unit.
  10. Then you can play FE: Conquest! All jokes aside, I think a good game is everything we ask for. Personally, I think all FE fans are looking for the same thing. Doesn't matter what first playthrough is, anyone will appreciate every Fire Emblem title at the first playthrough. Even mediocre Gameplay in the worst FE games is masked and filled by plot. What really makes a Fire Emblem stand out - at least it works for me - and pass the test of time is gameplay. Gameplay is replay value of any game. You wanna play RD - for the third, fourth time - to try a run with that character with lower/higher availabilty than the Wyvern Gods. Then, you have a combo which can carry over the most difficult chapters. That is what makes some FE titles shine over the others. And that's how it should be. Summarizing it all, great plot (doesn't matter if it's Genealogy or Birthright) and VALUE over time are the fundamentals to make a good Fire Emblem game, a worthy Fire Emblem game.
  11. Yes, pardon me for my mistake. I capped Corrin pretty early, like Ch. 21 or 22 from what I can remember.
  12. MU and Kaze was my first S Support. I appreciated the behavior of the ninja, so much i ended up marrying him. Also, F! Corrin and Silas is such a good Pair Up because it can bot up some defense and movement. Also, since i didn't play abusing Power Creep in Birthright, having both Kana, Kaze and Corrin being able to use the Replicate ability made the walkthrough easier.
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