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  1. Uhm, hi.. So, it took me a while since I'm not a native speaker but I finally managed to record my first english Playthrough and my first Fire Emblem Playthrough in general ever! I randomized Sacred Stones, playing normal mode. (Yeah, i know, noob, git gud) So, I hope a few of you are bored enough to probably take a look at it and maybe you like what you see. Please don't hate to much on my english-skills, there's enough room for hating on my Fire Emblem-skills if you want to hate something haha :D
  2. Fire Emblem Fates is a great game. All 3 paths. The Ninian x Eliwood Ending in 7 is perfect the way it is, and not too corny. I hate Fire Emblem 4's Map-Design and the whole battle system in general. Fire Emblem 2 is nearly unplayable and everyone who says it's his favourite game in the whole series just tries too hard to be unique. Kana > Morgan.
  3. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Thank you! I'm relieved to hear that!
  4. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Hello! =) Kinda, I cracked my Wii U so I'm able to also play Gamecube-Games on it. The Signature and the Avatar is Nergal and Aenir from Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. It's a picture you can unlock after the ending, if you fulfill certain conditions! Thank you so much! :)
  5. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Oh yeah, thats kinda what I tried to say when I said it was "rare." Just mixed things up, sorry for that!
  6. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Oh, don't worry. Many germans won't speak fluent german either these days. :D Btw. I saw that Path of Radiance is your favorite game. Besides Blazing Sword being my most favorite Game I still think Ike is the best Lord the series ever had!
  7. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Its perfect! But since it's 3AM here Guten Abend (Good evening) would fit better, haha! :D It's still Blazing Sword. It's probably the nostalgic bonus, but I just love everything in this game, from the very start to the epilogue. :) But I think Fire Emblem 4 has probably one of the best storylines, sadly I never managed to completely finishing it by myself because the gameplay is just soo different.
  8. Saoru

    Hello everyone

    Hi! If you have a Wii that can play GameCube Games and you are able to get your hands on these than I would highly recommend playing the Tellius Saga (Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance) because its probably my second favorite Saga after the Elibe one for the Game Boy Advance. But you should start with Path of Radiance for Gamecube and play Radiant Dawn for Wii after that, because its simply chronological. :)
  9. Hey there, my name is Saoru, I'm 22 years old and I'm from germany, so I apologize in advance if my english might have some errors, but I try my best. I fell in love with the Fire Emblem Series in the late 2004, when I was 10 years old and my grandmother said I could wish for any Game Boy Advance-Game for christmas. I never heard about Fire Emblem before, I just saw the cover and decided the guy with the red hair had a freakin' awesome blade in his hands. Since then it's my most favorite game series, even more than Pokémon and Monster Hunter, which I both love, too. I played Sacred Stones after, than I got in touch with the internet and realized I was able to play Binding Blade, Thracia, Seisen no Keifu, etc. So i tried to make up with every game I missed till today. Fun Fact: The Fire Emblem game I was missing until a few weeks ago and which I had never played til then was Path Of Radiance, because I never had an Gamecube and it was very rare to get these days. But I managed to do it and now I'm lucky. If you have any questions or didn't understand everything because my english sucked at some parts just let me know and i'll response as soon as I can! :) - Saoru
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