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  1. SdarkyNecro

    Nino's Tale

    Not sure if this is in Elibian nights,but I would LOVE to see a Nino epilogue, maybe with Jaffar/Erk as Raigh,Lugh and Chad encounter her fighting off bandits or something. Nino would be using FE8's Sage mechanics (Ability to wield light magic because of her magical prowess) And would be decked out with coll stuff like physic,Excalibur and Fimbulevtr while Jaffar had weapons to increase the chance of a silencer.(and a angelic robe,because he's the angel of death lol) Chad would probably be a rogue. Not sure how this works,but what do you think of this?
  2. Marissa x Gerik Joshua x Natasha Neimi x Colm Amelia x Ewan Lute x Artur Lyon x Eirika Ephraim x Tana(POWERHOUSE COUPLE)
  3. I recommend the Trainees. I threw my copy of the Metis' tome at Druid!Ewan and he turned out pretty damn fine. Alternatively, the other lord can work out. My ephraim in eirika mode cappped skill, strength and came close to capping speed.
  4. If I remember right, there is a Pent and Louise can "support" at certain chapters. I can only remember that they can at the final chapter and the chapter Louise arrives in. Is that helpful?
  5. I'm currently doing a playthrough of Blazing Sword, and I'm about to reach Pale Flower Of Darkness. Which of the two characters is a better choice? Harken or Karel? I'm playing on ENM (because it's my first playthrough in a while) , and I think I'm on Kenneth's version.
  6. Personally,I like Marx/Xander more, especially because her's pretty much invincible in the kitsune chapter as a wyvern lord, and is a better foe to fight instead of Ryoma, or at least that's how I feel. Ryoma is a beast, but I like the defense and extra mov.
  7. Sword: StickRagnell,Eirika'sblade Lance: Log Gungnir Axe: Titania's axe and hector's axe Bow: Blessed bow and Parthia Tome: Katarina's bolt, Goetia, Mjolnir Staff: Ward
  8. My guess is that Lowen went to help out Hector's army that was defeated in chapter 3 and had to retreat to Pherae while Roy moved on to Ostia.
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