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  1. Why is school so boring???

  2. Nintendo NX release detail be like....

  3. Welcome to the greatest Account ever...

  4. Who gets out of bed on a weekend...

  5. I hear Ike is really good, i got the starter deck but that's about it for green. honestly, i usually end up playing lords that are the actual lords in the games ( Corrin,Xander kinda, Ike) I never really get a chance to play some of the others.
  6. Hey you. Welcome to the forest, enjoy your stay!
  7. I have not been so hyped for a Cipher release since series 6

  8. Hey guys! I thought i would ask what your favorite lords are. It can be either how good they are or personal preference. I personally run a straight black deck (Nohr) with F!Corrin and it works pretty well. SR F!Corrin can wipe the board which i find very entertaining. With the new series coming up, what do you guys think? Will Sigurd trump the rest? Or will the classics take the lead once more?
  9. Hey! Awesome job on getting the job :P ! Great work on the Cipher Sub thread. Cipher could not get a better lord(besides maybe Corrin :O )!
  10. So True! kinda makes me happy that they come out with all these beautiful cards that cant do squat.
  11. That's good.Im probably going to go for cards that i want over how good they are. Looking at the SR's from S2 compared to S6 (Nohr royals in particular) the old cards were a bit better IMO.
  12. Always liked flora #best retainer. Will she be one of those expensive cards, cause i would love to pick one up! Also, have all the SR slots been taken? i have not been able to keep up to date on S6 so i was wondering. I saw that Charlotte SR so im assuming that's the final one for Nohr.
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    Welcome to the forest and enjoy your stay!
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