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  1. One day I had a revelation: I was spending too much time trying to complete Fire Emblem games and not enough having fun with them. The series is unforgiving and this grates on the game play to me. Fire Emblem 12 introduced Shining Force-style life-after-defeat gameplay. Would like to implement this in all the games... My understanding is that these games operate on scripts? If so then the games may not know how to distinguish allied death from enemy death, making a simple "nop" of the roster kill routine unworkable. I see two possible means of eliminating defeat-as-death: 1) using RAM writes/cheats to continuously write the "live" bit to the status byte; 2) mod the game code to check allegiance on death. Would first like to try this on FE1 and FE Gaiden. Is anyone familiar with which byte offset in RAM (in the character stack) is the status byte (I don't remember if those games even had status ailments)?
  2. I'd just like to make the game less frustrating while maintaining the per-chapter difficulty. A counter doesn't seem necessary for that. Key question: are the characters hard-coded into the game roster, or are they adopted from scenarios? If the former, then there is likely a status byte representing the "life" of the character loaded into RAM somewhere, probably in an ordered sequence (and likely mostly 0s or 255s at the beginning of the game). Thing to do then would be to create a cheat which prevents these writes back to the default. Another possibility is NOPing the character removing proc call. That call is made after the death quote, so its location should be documented, right? If the characters are wholesale adopted into the roster by some means, then key thing would be NOPing the code which strikes them from the roster when deployed.
  3. I'd like for unit deaths in Fire Emblem 6 to be temporary, like in Shining Force. How can I do this?
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