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  1. Just saw this, and it looks really neat! I find the idea of re-imagining a Fire Emblem game as more of a JRPG to be a really interesting concept. I'm not sure if I'll try it out now, or if I'll wait and see when more updates come. But this one is definitely on my radar, so good luck with the game!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I understand a lot better why you made the deployment sizes smaller, now that I've actually played up until Chapter 9 of FEIV. But because of that, I came up with another question if you wouldn't mind answering about pre-promotes in this version. In FEIV, all characters gained roughly the same amounts of exp, so a level 1 Sigurd or Quan would grow at the same pace as some of the other non-promotes, like Azel and Lex. (as a side note, I REALLY liked Lex's current sprite. It really fits him!) Will you do something so you won't feel like you're sapping exp if you use guys like Sigurd and Quan to kill enemies? And will you make changes to the promotion system so it is more like FEIV's system was, or modify it so it's more like the GBA's system?
  3. Hey I just had a quick question about Chapter 6, and I want to clarify it before I need to restart the chapter. Can you only recruit Melusine if you have Hugo talk to her first? I didn't bring him in the mission, so I can't talk to her with him, and it didn't seem like anyone else could talk with her.
  4. I've always liked that Take on Me video thing. And yeah it does make sense with the game. I personally like the Dark Souls one, because it has all of the characters doing the dance, and not just the 3 mains.
  5. I'm almost done with the release. I'm on Chapter 3-3, and I think that it's the last chapter, but I'll probably wait a little bit until I finish that chapter, since it looks like it'll be a long one. I've really enjoyed this fan game. I've always found Fire Emblem 4 interesting, but the mechanics always made it difficult for me to get into it, because I started with the GBA titles fairly recently. So being able to experience one of the better Fire Emblems story-wise and character-wise, while still being on a gameplay system that I'm used to, is great. I also think it's cool that you included extra characters who weren't in the original game, like Kruge, and I'm definitely curious to see how his story plays out. Also the skills are really great, and they really add a lot of depth for the characters. And they make it even more difficult to choose one character over another, because a lot of them have interesting and useful skills. Something that I was curious of, was how in Fire Emblem 4 you could field your entire army at once. Can that not be done on this version because of engine limitations, or is it because of the way you designed and split up the chapters? To be fair, I barely got far in the Prologue in the original, so I don't know how the army fielding actually looks like, only what I read online. So I'm (patiently) looking forward to the next release!
  6. I've lurked for a little bit, but I just finished the latest release last night, so I'm still pretty new. I really enjoyed Staff of Ages. Sawyer and Owen are really fun characters, and they really play off each other and other characters really well. It was great to see them both finally get reunited with Belle, after so much struggling for both groups. And speaking of that, I also liked how the chapters would switch from Owen and Sawyer to Belle as things went on. It really kept things fresh. And I felt like the overall difficulty wasn't too tough or too easy. I never really felt like a chapter was impossible or boring and simple. I'm looking forward to the conclusion to Act 1!
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