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  1. Will do that. Judging from the rising AS stats in the following chapters, I assume that Snipers, Swordmasters and Berserkers get more useful. Regarding Marth: I knew that he needs a sufficient level for Medeus. I did play H1 and H2. I usually trained him in chapter 22/23 by finishing dragons and it was enough Exp for the final chapter. But I will give him more kills over the course of the remaining chapters.
  2. I apologize for being short of information. Unit Class Lv Xp HP St Mg Sk Sp Lk Df Rs WLv Marth Lord 14 06 34 14 0 16 15 14 11 0 Sword C MyUnit Berserker 17 35 60 29 0 24 27 22 24 0 Axe A Catria Falcoknight 9 21 46 23 3 26 26 24 19 9 Sword E Lance A Palla Dracoknight 7 20 37 24 1 24 21 9 21 4 Lance A Axe E Caeda Dracoknight 9 03 36 22 1 26 23 25 19 6 Lance A Axe E Sirius Paladin 13 05 40 17 1 22 21 11 14 7 Sword B Lance A Minerva Dracoknight 13 03 39 20 1 16 22 18 20 3 Lance C Axe A Frey Paladin 7 60 46 22 1 24 23 16 23 6 Sword C Lance A Mallesia Sage 10 55 40 3 24 9 25 25 10 11 Tome D Staff A Etzel Sorcerer 15 17 37 2 18 19 14 12 13 12 Tome A Staff A Feena and Xane are obviously used, too. MU has a B in Lance. I have no downloadable content and no Lunatic Statbooster Shop. I have currently 2x Energy Drop, 2x Angelic Robe, 2x Dracoshield and 2x Speedwings, but I safe them for Marth. I´m really paranoid regarding Medeus. My playstyle is casual. I recruit every unit and open every chest, if possible. I do use Rescue, but I´m surely not LTCing. Sirius can´t double a thing and is 2HKOed. His damage output is also disappinting. I´m unsure what to do with him.
  3. Currently at chapter 16 and my lvl 13 Sirius has 17 Str and 14 Def instead of the average 20 Str/17 Def. He isn´t blessed in other stats, either. His Skl and Spd are only one above average(22/21). How should I treat him? Should he keep his job as a paladin/DK? Should he change in the sniper/swordmaster class for more speed? Should I drop him
  4. So, these three are left? Ross - Super Amelia - Super L'Arachel - Valkyrie I pick...Super Ross
  5. I wonder if you can implement this system in FE11/12. Let´s say, we could draft the class of MU. Or having a draft in which class changing is restricted and a unit is several times draftable, dependent of a number of classes.
  6. Does the next draft has the same rules as the standard FE 12 draft? Or will it include identical rules like "Drafted characters must be recruited" or allowing Warp/Rescue entirely?
  7. Vicious Sal got the required 4 members in one hour in his new FE12 draft. So much about popularity.
  8. I still hope we can start this. I missed the new draft. How about simulating it and banning rescue?
  9. Doesn´t really matter. She is useless and only the one who drafted her will waste a use of rescue to safe her. And I´m not so sure about the last one.
  10. I need a break of lunatic and join this draft. I suggest to allow the use of Hammerne for everybody. Or we ban Hammerne as a whole. I´d like to use Rescue, especially for, you know, rescueing charas like Nabarl/Feena, Merric and Midia and wouldn´t ban it. I would like to see Warp banned, though, as I am to lazy to look after methods of skipping the mid/end game.
  11. Your guide is quite helpfull, mjemirzian. I used him for my H2 playthrough once and in my actual run, too. Sure, it´s not perfect, but if I throw your guide, the LTC tactics in Colonel M´s topic and the data material of FE WoD/ SF together, I´m fairly optimistic. I´m currently at chapter 10 and things went smoothly so far. I droped Luke and Draug and used Frey. He is level 12 and on his average stats now. I´m also looking for using and training Minerva. Are the silence and unlock staves worthy of 2 uses of the thief staff? I would like to skip them as I have no place for one or even two thieves.
  12. Greetings, I´m at the moment on chapter 7 on my casual lunatic playtrough and my two main cavaliers, Luke and Draug, are probably underleveld. Luke, level 7: 25 HP, 8 Def, 9 Str, 11 Spd, Draug, level 9: 24 HP, 7 Def, 10 Str, 13 Spd Furthermore they are still at E/D in they weapon rangs. At which level should they be at the moment? Should I have given them more EXP? I intend to drop them and use Frey&Cain as replacements, as they have more defense and better weapon rangs. Will Frey&Cain easily catch up or will they struggle too much? Ask for further informations, if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  13. Do the boni of the rainbow/star-potion stack with the capped stats? Or acts the rainbow/star-potion like the other potions and won´t give any boni to a capped stat? I need to know this to measure the potent damage inflicted to Medeus. Can Marth have only 25+2 str. (shield of seals) or 25+4 str., if maxed and having a rainbow/star-potion? Thanks in advance and forgive my grammar.
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