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  1. Dwyer wouldn't get Dark Mage that way. And yeah, Felicia would be too late. Currently thinking about some possibilities, but I don't know how class sets get inherited. Odin x Elise: Can Ophelia switch into Malig Knight? Niles x Azura: Can Shigure switch into Cavalier? Edit: My bad. Thought of Jakob x Azura. and Jakob x Nyx would be left.
  2. Conquest: After my first lunatic run, I decided to have another playthrough on Hard. This time I want to play with many children and as soon as possible, since I only recuited them in the endgame in my other runs. So I use the first 10 units and their seven kids, which I all should get after chapter 14 or 15. I'm already settled on Avatar/Silas (Samurai allows even more physical sword classes), Arthur/Effie (really generic, but it works so smooth) and Niles/Azura (Kinshi-Knights ftw) I can't decide what to do with the mages. Jakob x Elise is sooner and Dwyer may want Elises superior magic growth. But they only have the Trobadour class set and no dark mage. Odin and Nyx have the same problem, they and Ophelia are locked in the Dark mage class set. So... Jakob x Elise and Odin/Nyx or Jakob/Nyx and Odin/Elise Or some other option that involves Niles and Azura?
  3. The whole plot, setting and premise of Fates is divided in three parts. Birthright has you defend your country, Conquest gives you a little introperspective in the evil kingdom, Revelations reveals the hidden force behind it all. A normal Fire Emblem is able to include all three factors within one single game (you fight an evil empire, you learn that the evil empire has a reason, you learn that there is a bigger treat behind the evil empire). Fates splits his plot in three parts, so each part is weak on it's own and requires much of filler to pass as a full game. But they got more money this way, so it worked. You don't need to make one great game to sell well, when you get even more money by just selling three weak games.
  4. I'm simply playing until chapter 3 and if Corrin got three bad level-ups, it is a reset. I wouldn't be surprised if the game doesn't have really bad seeded growths. None of my units got rng-screwed. But this is only my impression and I havn't played that much.
  5. Neat. I never bother with Odin. I still have trouble with they behaviour. In chapter 20 I got Camilla in range of the Bow Flyers and they didn't move. Sometimes the maid freezed Xander, sometimes she attacked. The non-nohr children have easy chapters. Kana, Midori, Sophie. It was just some exp fest, the enemies had like one skill each and steel weapons. The chapters of the Nohr children gave me trouble even on Hard, though. Effie could tank all Kitsunes. Just flew around with Wyvern Lord Corrin + Silas a bit and finished chapter 21 quickly. My issue is not total weapon control, but at least some of it. Magic in the older parts of the series was special, because it got it's own stats (magic, resistance), was not influenced by the weapon triangle and had 1-2 range. Bows were special for similar reasons. Mashing with the normal weapon triangle takes that away. Just make a separate triangle (Bows>Knives>Magic).
  6. The magic tonic enabled Camilla to ORKO the Onis and she could counter the enemies with 2-range. This gave her more Guard Shields and I didn't always had the time to heal her. Isn't countering Hana with a physical weapon dangerous because of his skill as well? Nyx and Odin did kill the first two waves of Oni on the left side, but later on there were too many enemies. My issue with the gameplay in Fates is that it has too many factors you always have to consider at every moment. Next to strenght/magic, the weapons might and defense/resistence, you have to consider weapon rang bonus, skills (your own, your allies, you enemy, your enemies allies), stat reductions, terrain, double attacks. Since the enemies are usually in groups, you also have to know who moves first and how he behaves. Will the Ninja go for your tank? Will the unit attack or position themself for the attack stance? Will the unit attack and move, only move or retreat? I know, this was always a thing in Fire Emblem, especially on the highest difficulty modes. But there were never that many factors to consider. I tend to spend minutes just calculating all the incoming attacks and I still get surprised in the enemy phase. Without going into much detail, I have many other problems with Conquests gameplay (the exp gain is too strict; no creative side objections like recruitment or huge treasuries; getting gold and treasure chest is always the same and could have been skipped after all; no chapter specific shops, you can always buy everything at every time; too much reliance on the chapter specific gimmicks; My Castle allows support grinding; many children chapters are ridiculously easy and allow for grinding; E-and D weapon rangs make a large part of reclassing useless; children aren't a great improvement over the parents and lack supports; it isn't possible to capture and to support with Hoshido characters and plot relevant bosses; every weapon type is included in the weapon triangle with less room for weapon triangle neutrality. Then there is the thing that the chapters and they objectives aren't really connected through plot, like you have no escape map at a critical point in the game, no big battle on the fields, followed with the conquest of the enemies castle. Instead each chapter is disconnected from the other. But this is not only a gameplay thing but also a plot thing. And I won't start talking about the plot, the setting and the characters.
  7. First try of chapter 10 was really unelegant. Silas died in the last turn and I never managed to visited the two houses. Niles also dodged like three attacks. Was glad that I took a reset, because the second try went really smooth. It's all about giving Camilla a mag potion to ORKO every Axe-Fighter. The enemies tended to ignore her if she had too much defense (like if her Pair-Up partner was Beruka), so I used Selena this time. As long as she never gets mali in defense (she can ORKO even Oboro if she has more speed), she should be fine. I actually never got circled, I only backed down a bit in the end. All my units where in the middle of the map and I could beat like two of the Pegasus Knights after they moved once (later on Niles shot them down just when they were one square in front of the green spots). Surprisingly easy chapter if you optimize Camilla. Potions, other axes, a good pair-up partner (but not one with defense), having Azura in her range as much as possible. My biggest issue with this games difficulty is the AI. There is so much going on that I don't know when and how the enemy is moving, if he decides to gang up one unit or not. Sometimes the ninjas attack my tank for zero damage just so that his friends can beat him, sometimes they ignore him. Sometimes they all attack, sometimes they only position themselves to get in the attack stance. But I'm not that impressed with Conquest gameplay in general. It requires too much micromanagement for a lack of better words. I can try to elaborate if someone cares.
  8. Conquest's gameplay is not the best in the series and certainly does not compensate for the garbage story.
  9. This works in FE7 as well: If Nils is defeated, you have a free slot in the final chapter.
  10. I don't get it. Does Ayra gain love points from every male if she is out and they are all in the castle?
  11. Delmud is kind of outclassed by Seliph and Ares, as he has no Holy Weapon. Being on a horse and being able to use Swords make him still a great unit, as long as he has a decent weapon and gets enough exp. He is usable, but not really useful in a LTC etc.
  12. If you accompany the leader of a troop you are basically with them, especially from the eyes of an outsider. Sparring her would be stupid from a pragmatic point of view. She is able to attack and heal her friends. Don't tell me you spare the troubadours and healers in your playthroughs? Again: I agree that Trabant isn't supposed to be as blackhearted as Manfroy but as someone who is evil out of necessarity. I'm simply not buying that he feels gulty about killing a woman, as it stands against his willingness to dirty his hands for his country. Here is what he says as soon as he spots Ethlyn and Altena: There is not the slightest indication that he feels sorry about killing a woman and abducing her daughter. No indication about "making a mistake" or adopting her out of guilt. He was adopting her on the spot without a second thought. I think both of it is true. He was a tragic villain and got whitewashed by the developers, as they say that he only plays the role of a villain and was forced to do it. No, he wasn't, he was a warmongering criminal by choice. They also state that he would be a hero under other circumstances, but this is a rather stupid justification of his acts.
  13. It isn't the first time that bad guys like Michalis or Trabant get white washed later on. The game states that Michalis killed his father and he is overall a villian. Then suddenly the developers state that his father was incompetent and Gharnef was playing with Michalis fears and manipulated him in killing his father. Is is typical retconing to make bad guys redeemable. It seems the same with Trabant. Ethlyn wasn't a civilist, but a soldier who accompanied Cuan on a militaristic mission. She also was armed and not sparing your enemy isn't that unusual in war. I agree that he wasn't a pure bad guy and felt guilty for his crimes. But on the same side he considered them necessary and was willing and ambitious (maybe even deperate) enough to enforce them without hesitation. If he really felt bad abput Ethlyns death, then why didn't he show it? In fact, he gloats over it and sees only the benefits of it (pressing Cuan to surrender, raising the child as a weapon). None of his action in-game support his mentality as it is described by the designers.
  14. I still don't get why he is doing a suicide rush instead of teaming up with his son for a higher winning chance. And if he realized that Thracia has lost, he would be better of negotiating with Celice and hoping that Areone (and Altena) would be spared or still be allowed tu rule Thracia or something like that. That he has guilt about Ethlyns death seems like a retcon for me. Why would one single life change his attitude? He was killing hundreds and thousands for the sake of his country. And wasn't Areone supposed to mary Linoan, beause she is the better political marriage? Since Altena is more or less his daughter, he should marry her to another person than his own son t strenghten his political power. Overall, nothing of this makes sense, if you read too much into it. The game developers wanted a straight situation in which you fight Trabant first and Areone later on, as it makes for a better gameplay.
  15. The game is really generous with exp and gold, so I don't see the benefits of the arenas. And you do have the drill grounds, if you want a level or two. But I don't like arenas in the FE series in general.
  16. When fighting in the arena, trade a Slim Sword with +50 kills around. A lot of the weaker units make good use of it. Also trade the Elite Ring around when foghting in the arena. Your units may need 40000 gold to buy it, but they gain up to 17500 gold (IIRC) through the arena fights and sell it for 20000 afterwards, so in reality, they won't lose that much gold.
  17. I always considered Luke and Rody to be equal growthwise. +15% Spd. is amazing, but he also has - 10% in HP and Str. I agree that Rody has a slightly better growth, because Spd. > everything, but not that much. They are both Cain and Abel archetypes, growth-wise. Personally, I would give Rody +2 Spd. He is still inferior in Str. and Def. This would make Cecille obsolete, but I would give her way more Spd. anyways. You need 14-15 Spd to double in the early game, 9 Spd. isn't going to make fast for a while.
  18. So the free silvers get 20 HP and 10 in every other stat?
  19. This reminds me of my "Royal Run" where I went through H3 with Marth, MU, Caeda, Yumina, Feena, Minerva, Merric and some scrubs. Don't ask about my turn count, though. So finishing the prologue with a MU with 30 HP, 18 Str, 13 Spd and 20 Def is fair game? At least you can't make MU even better with the lunatic shop. This is a good nerf. How about making Malicia a draftable unit but allowing an undrafted Malicia to use the Hammerne staff? It is the only reason why she is crucial in a LTC. I would like to participate in this draft, though I'm no pro at LTC. Then again, half of the game forces you to rush, because otherwise the reinforcements will kill you :o
  20. You shitty units may make it through the arena with weapons that have many kills. They may get enough crits to win. It is always possible to save at the beginning of every turn and getting beaten in the Arena changes the RNG, which may help beating the more difficult bosses. If they have 40000 Gold, they could buy the Elite skill and go through the arena. After they beat the arena, they can sell it.
  21. Sigurd: Cuan would be funny, just because of the blood boni. Seliph would improve his weapon level in lances, not that it matters. Noish would give Seliph neat skills and his own son would get Pursuit and a high sword rank. Alec and Beowulf share many similarities. They would like Lex, Jamke and Holyn. Arden x Lex could be pretty sick and axes may also get inherited. Azel would like Levin, Claude would work as well. Midayle would fit well with Jamka, both growthwise and skillwise. Adean has trouble finding someone with Pursuit. Diadora would be a fitting partner, if we just want healers. Dew wants anyone with Pursuit. He can give a nice skill and well rounded growth-rates. Holyn x Dew would be interesting, just because of both sword skills. Pursuit-User like Alec and Beowulf may be more useful. Ira may work with Fury, because she is the only women with Pursuit as a personal skill. Same goes for Lachesis and Brigid. Tiltyu has trouble finding someone with Pursuit as well. Diadora or Adean are the only other female mages.
  22. Imagine FE4 gets a remake and you are able to create homosexual parings. Which would you do? Azel x Levin Azels child: HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 125 15 55 40 95 30 30 15Fire and Wind Magic rises a weapon level.Levins child: HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 135 15 65 50 115 30 30 15Holsety, Fire Magic rises a weapon level.Skills: Pursuit, Critical and Adept. Ira x Lachesis Iras child: HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 110 70 8 65 40 40 30 10Sword rises one or even two weapon levels.Lachesis child: HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 105 65 8 55 35 50 30 13Sword rises one or even two weapon levels.Skills: Perhaps Astra, Nihil, Charisma
  23. You don´t need MU outside of H3/H4, so it´s fine having him stuck in a bad class. Which gender? A female MU gives you Nosferatu and Aura after chapter 3, while a male MU gets Excalibur in chapter 10. You can have a 15% growth in defense at all, so I wouldn´t count on that and leave it at 5%. I would improve his HP, magic and spd instead. If you have high HP and hammer Nosferatu tomes, you may not mind about your low defense in late game. I would go for Noble Child, Strong and Recluse. This gives you more base spd (the growth rate is high enough anyways), solid HP in base stats and growth as well as a magic growth of 50%. The prologue chapters are short, so reseting on them for great level-ups is always useful.
  24. Hi, I have a question regarding the link-arena. Would Aureola and Forblaze be effective against Heath if he had the Delphi-Shield?
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