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  1. Why train Lilina when Lugh is identical to her in the magic stat and joins like 5 chapters before?
  2. Thanks. I was used to let Merlinus visit the villages, just like in FE6. Then again, using a 2-Move unit didn´t make it faster at all. Refreshing hack that encourages long play. I stop playing other hacks after a while, as they don´t differ too much from the original game. Would be interested in a FE6 version, just because you would have even more "new" units as in, say, FE8.
  3. I can´t trade items with Merlinus and he can´t trade items with others in return. I´m not refering to the Merch option. Will it change on promotion?
  4. 7 was the first to reach the USA and europe and it´s known that the overall tone of the games changed greatly because of it. They didn´t used the "single lord fights evil empire and builds a rebellion army" plot. Instead they tried to focus on the friendship betwen the three lords and had assassins and evil wizards as enemies. The latter was actually always a big theme (Gharnef, Loptuo). Giving more information to the politics, characters and lore of 6 would be useless for the new gamers, as they don´t know and thus can´t appreciate the game. So you can play 7 without knowing anything about 6. Another reason is that 6 is already about the one final great war in Elibe. You can´t repeat the same situation in the prequel. It is stated in the 6 prologue that there was a time of peace just until Zephiel. This is the reason why they didn´t include an open full out war in 7 and instead settled with assassinations, minor conflicts, mercenaries and a small rebellion. Compare The Lord of the Ring vs The Hobbit. The bigger story was already told.
  5. My top ten moments, terrible puns and english included: #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
  6. Those FE7 items wouldn´t make a huge, if any, difference. Awakenings DLC can trivialize the entire game.
  7. Awakening has DLC, extra content and the chapters can be interrupted anytime on the world map. Maybe you can grind in skirmishes for statboosters and money (=more statboosters) in some way?
  8. - Comparison to a playthrough with growths. The main differences, which units got significantily better/worse/replaceable, how much turns would be saved, which chapters are more reliable. - Wishes and ideas about a FE6 Remake. What should be improved, what should be balanced (e.g. player units growth, weapon hit rates, throne bonus). Pointing out the strengths and the weaknesses of the game as a whole perhaps. - Thoughts about the gameplay of Awakening and how it differs and changed from the classic FEs, thoughts about FE14.
  9. How much would be changed turn-count-wise without the chapter 21 secret shop? Are your own units still tough enough to survive in chapter 22 and 23? How much longer would 24 take?
  10. My bad. This makes my case invalid, as many units can reach that value to double Monke. 28 AS on ther other hand is only possible on some crazy high leveled Swordmaster/Nomad Trooper/Falco Knight and I wasn´t assuming this. Relying on a crit in the DS Fire Emblems isn´t so bad in my books, as you have those save points. 0 Luck really encourages you to crit them. You can even 2HKO Hardin with say, a Paladin and a Sage, no need for an optimized Bersercer/Horseman.
  11. 13 Str. Rutger deals 2x 7(8) damage. A 2HKO if we assume crits. 20 Skl 5 Lck Rutger should have something like...60 Hit and 65 Crit? Shouldn´t take too long. I admit that he is tough if you don´t have a unit that can double him.
  12. Hardin isn´ that threatening, as your team WILL have capped stats and making use of the Star Orb. You can easily rig a crit or a miss, thanks to the chapter save. Medeus is more or less the same. Regarding Henning (and Leygance): Wouldn´t we assume a promoted Rutger? Monke is terrible. 85 Avo and only 28+ AS units double him. He can even ORKO because of his brave weapons and has an elixier. And this in not including the reinforcements that appear around his surroundings.
  13. I´m looking forward to see how you are going to train Barst, if you are using him at all. Compared to the Class A units that can go Cavalier, I found training him troublesome, as he has low movement and no effective weapons against the dragons. Even the Silver Axe and Hauclere aren´t accessible for a while. The lower hit rates of his axes are actually an issue and his promotion boni won´t change too much, either.
  14. How valuable is the Brave Bow? You could have killed the druid at 2:55 with a Killer Bow as well, assuming that Shin gets one of two times a criticial with his 32 crit... I´m always anxious about using unique weapons to save them for later, hence my question.
  15. It´s too bad that there aren´t many playtroughs of this mode. I would really like to watch a low turn run. Currently on chapter 11. Here are some of my thoughts: - Enemies in early game aren´t 2RKOed or 3HKOed by Ike and Oscar, as they have like 2 HP, 1 Def and 1 Str, 1 Spd (so 2 AS) more. Titania still steamrolls all of them. - Less BEXP really hampers your units. You still can gain 700 BEXP for chapter 10 stealth, but you need a promoted Oscar if you want it in within reasonable turns. I assume you could still have an uber Marcia in a low turn run, if you really try. -SF doesn´t have a shop list, so I´m making one. It seems to be a bit more generous than in Hard Mode. You get steel weapons and 1-2 range weapons more often. But I only saw four shops, so who knows. -Being able to forge steel and 1-2 range from the start is a great help. I spend every chapter with a ~6000 forge, you have enough money anyways. -Using an angel robe in the base increases your max HP, but not your current HP. - I record my run, but it isn´t really watchable. I´m a slow player and tank and stall. I did try a low turn stealth run of chapter 10, though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOnJQQb2gtU Stealth, all chest, all units recruited, 15 turns. It was tough, as the prisoners had to escape the map to be recruited. Letting Kieran escape without waiting for ages was a tough job. Let me know, if one could improve this significantly.
  16. I don´t really get the question. The developers made this a survivsal mission, but defeating Ike ends the chapter, too. If they don´t want you to beat Ike, then they wouldn´t have used the second option. The also didn´t include a required number of turns that your units have to sit out in that chapter. So you can do it in one turn, if you can. Why not? Using a Slim Sword over a Ragnel is questionable, but being able to decide the weapon for an enemy is questionable to begin with.
  17. I don´t like this mode for some reasons. Decreasing BEXP is actually a good choice, but decreasing the normal exp gain makes training units tedious and not worthwhile. This has an impact on the choice of your units. You are limited to use the prepromotes. Sure, thats common on harder difficulties, but other FE games gave you still a chance to train weak units and it could pay off. Base Stats matter more and a huge part of the game feels irrelevant of growths. You basically get some units, use them for two chapters, get new units and replace the first units with them and so on. I´m exagerating and this not the norm in Part 3, but it is noticable. The other reasoon was named. Not knowing about the range of enemies can be a huge deal. The biggest problem is the introduction of new terrain. I still don´t know how many tiles a unit wastes by climbing up a floor to the next level. Or how much they need to get over sand or swamp or whatever. There are situations when I can´t know how far an enemy can reach, even though I know about his movement. If this game wouldn´t have so much unique terrain, I wouldn´t complain as much about this.
  18. I counted them and you are right. Thanks!
  19. I´m on chapter 22. I one-turn it by killing the boss with magic (Meteor). I don´t attack anything else. According to the BEXP Guide on the site, I get 660 BEXP: For clearing it within 12 turns: 300 All priests alive: 18*20 = 360 Yet I get 720 BEXP. It says so in Sorens report and I have 720 BEXP and a bit more in the base. Did I miss something? Has the BEXP Guide mistakes? Playing on Hard Difficulty.
  20. Killer weapons aren´t common until the mid game. You are using iron weapons or even steel and javelins/handaxes until then. Have fun with them. I admit that the Horseslayer and the Brave Bow surprised me, though.
  21. He stands out as a Lord. Compare him with Lyn and Eliwood and you get it, as he is actually decent and helpful/important for the early game. Watching and reading many FE7 runs I have to say that a lot of them have a really spd blessed Hector, which really make him above average, in some cases even nearly god like, if you keep in mind that he has great Str. and Def too. His low movement is irrelevant in a casual game, too.
  22. FE11 H5 Camus is comparable to level 20 Seth, even though he has no luck and Seth can use a horseslayer. Camus gets so much hype in BS FE, it isn´t even funny. Camus struggles to Medeus and probably Gharnefs magic. The equivalent of this would be the Demon King or powered up Lyon, but Seth struggles even against an imperial general.
  23. Didn´t know that. Are there other factors and curiosities regarding the arena that aren´t explicity stated? I mean, I know that you get as much stats up as you have growth/100 and that the enemies are tougher on the difficulties. But never read something important like that.
  24. Won´t bother reading 50 pages to look if this was suggested earlier: What if the players chose they team by drafting? You could avoid having limited teams, which all have the same units, that way.
  25. Pegasus Sisters pull of a FE12 Air Force. Still inferior to Shiida, as no Wing Spear.
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