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  1. My favorite male character is Jakob. I actually really like his acerbic personality, and his supports with Charlotte really made me appreciate his insight to the world, and that he just doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, besides Corrin, of course. Some runner-ups are: Izana, and Niles. Camilla is my favorite female character, despite the fact that I disliked her before I played the game. she seemed to be a very simple character based on fan-service. However, her supports really showed me that she isn't as one-sided as I had originally thought, and surprised me with a rather rounded character. Some runner-ups are: Charlotte, and Orochi. Most of the "fan-service" characters were surprisingly not as based on that as I had thought. I don't really prefer male or female Corrin more, but I suppose I like the design of male Corrin more, because it doesn't have the odd thigh cut-outs that female Corrin has. I have preferred Revelations more, because the story of Conquest infuriates me, and the gameplay of birthright was too easy, but revelations was a middle ground of alright story, and alright gameplay.
  2. I'm not really up to par yet I'm too busy with nursing school at the moment... My Castle Code: 07950-00413 43160-57247 Chosen affinity: Revelations mostly Avatar Name: Sapphir Castle Name: Sapphire Isle Region: NA Food Resource: Milk/Rice Mineral Resource: Ruby/Quartz Battle Level: Mid/Low Units: Sapphir: Tomefaire, Dragon Fang, Ignis, Warp, Hoshidan Unity Niles: Move +1, Locktouch, Bowfaire, Lucky 7 Kaze: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Shurikenfaire, Lethality, Savage Blow Mozu: Underdog, Aptitude, Profiteer Jakob: Gentilhomme, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker, Shurikenfaire, Pavise Charlotte: Gamble, Certain Blow, Tomebreaker, Heartseeker, Deathblow Shiro: Seal Defence, Astra, Swap, Savage Blow, Seal Speed Mozu: Potent Potion, Savage Blow, Aptitude, Quick Salve, Profiteer Camilla: Axefaire, Bowbreaker, Trample, Certain Blow, Savage Blow Ryoma: Vantage, Duelist's Blow, Astra
  3. Hello everyone! I have been a Fire Emblem fan since I borrowed my brothers copy of Awakening, and then never gave it back (with permission from him). My favorite Fire Emblem that I've played is definitely Sacred Stones, though I do love Fates and Awakening as well. I haven't had the chance to play anything other than the GBA games other than that, as I am in nursing school, and I have no time to do anything anymore. I've lurked on the forums for a little bit now, and had a little free time to start up an account and make an introductory post or two. I hope to enjoy my stay here in the forest, and that there will be much conversing, when I have a moment away from school. Thank you~ Marshmellows13
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