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  1. Since it's been nearly two years since Banryu did his post on the Lodestar, I thought I'd try my hand, since I recently gave him a full build. I will go on his base stats, but remember that those can have 6 or 7 added to them easily through merges (which are cheap for a 3/4* unit you probably have loads of in your barracks) and Dragon Flowers. Also, before I begin, shoutout to @BANRYU, who did a build of this man back in 2018. You can find his thread here. Marth, the Hero-King of Altea, the Star and Savior, and the slayer of the Shadow Dragon, is unfortunately rough to use these days due to his generation one stats. He has a BST of 158 at neutral IVs, though his speed stat (with a boon) is still respectable even for Gen 4 standards. He also comes in with a salvagable defense and a decent HP and ATK. His RES, however, is hopeless. He does come with a PRF weapon - Falchion (Mystery). Like all Falchions, his is effective against Dragon units, and gives him an innate Renewal skill, which can be really nice, and led to a full build template focused around this specific weapon. His refine, however, is what put him on the map as one of the best buffers of Generation 1, by giving a spectrum bonus of +2 to allies within two spaces during combat. Even today, that bonus is nothing to sniff at. It's a very easy condition to meet, and any unit who needs buffs could make use of it. * Level 40 Stats: HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 28 / 31 / 34 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 25 / 29 / 32 Res: 20 / 23 / 26 BST: 157~158 Default Skills: Weapon: Falchion Assist: Pivot Special: -- A-Skill: -- B-Skill: Escape Route 3 C-Skill: Spur Speed 3 Star and Savior - Physical Tank
  2. Correct, me. I don't check SF as often as I should, but questions should be directed to me.
  3. All right folks, it's me again. Unfortunately, not a lot of great information from the past few months. Our team has become pretty strapped for time, with multiple of our members getting really busy, and personally I've taken a huge step back from the project to focus on school (I'm graduating college in six months so long as I can keep from failing classes for five minutes). Unfortunately, that's 1/3 of our project team, putting a massive hole in our ability to function. And remember that I'm just speaking for myself; the rest of the team is suffering from similar time issues. We've also been slowing down a lot in general. With TMS out, however, we have a newfound vigor, and hopefully we can get that taken care of quickly. We had a meeting today to set up a plan that focused on everyone's strong points, and hopefully we'll be able to get out of this funk at some point. Thank you for keeping up with us through these past few months, and with any luck we'll finally get off the ground as a team. -PHK
  4. I put in my first vote today towards Sain. The rest of the week will be split between Arlen and Marth.
  5. *sees Young Zephiel* aaaaand I'm broke
  6. None, because Legion wears a mask. The mask is red af, but his mouth is clean.
  7. That's fair. If the game isn't fun for you, then feel free to drop it. Just don't delete your account. Uninstall the game, sure, but keep the account around just in case you ever decide to pick it up again.
  8. Maybe not necessarily a writer, but I just want to use this thread as another excuse to say that I would love any Fire Emblem game directed by Masahiro Sakurai. The man has professed his love for the series before, and he's amazing at making games. Plus, his favorite game is (or, at least was last I heard) FE4, and I always love when elements of Genealogy show up in other games.
  9. Character Name: Alwin Forum Name: TriforceP Class: Fighter Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Talk with "Lord" (or some character appealing to emotion) Recruitment Time: Act One 96 x 96 Face Portrait: Other Notes: Not actually a bot, but fought alongside them for the hell of it until given an actual reason to do otherwise. Generally will take the devil's advocate in arguments just to get a reaction. Has a distaste with authority. Great on speed, not as much on defense. Resistance is decent though.
  10. I was fully expecting them to do some kind of "Fjorm died while you were gone and now you have to fight her" reveal or something when they went to Hel, so I guess I'm just kinda miffed that didn't happen.
  11. I hope this won't be a recurring theme, but I have to wonder if it will be
  12. Wasn't Fjorm dying at the end of Book 2? Does she just not exist now, or...?
  13. I feel like those complaints don't come from an actual dislike of dragons and demons; I feel like it more comes from the ending of the game feeling underwhelming. The final boss is a figurehead of the end of the game, and if the leadup to that final boss isn't properly led up to or treated with care, then the entire boss battle can feel underwhelming, and it's easy to blame the boss itself rather than everything surrounding it. Dragons and demons have both been done both well and poorly in Fire Emblem, and it's not the fault of the concept. It's the fault of the execution.
  14. Special shoutout to BSFE being... pretty much exactly this at some point Navarre, Castor, Rickard and Lena working together to break into a castle and steal gold for the poor
  15. Thank you for giving us that link, Sonic. While what you passed us won’t be the most current script for much longer, it gives us a place to look once Encore releases in January. When that game does come out, all of you wonderful people who donate your time to keep Serenes Forest updated, our main request would be to get those scripts for Encore up ASAP so as to better help the patch’s progress, (and of course, anyone else who has an interest in TMS). The thing is, we don't really need partial scripts. We want to scour the entirity of the game, down to the most seemingly insignificant speech box, so we can search it for direct references to dialogue in FE12, or more commonly speech patterns or verbal nuances of characters to pay attention to (after all, everything in the patch should ideally be consistent with localized games). If you can help us with anything, it would be getting interested parties to get to work on Encore quickly once it releases. If there's something that can be done now, it would be nice if we could get people to finish the scripts for Warriors, including DLC and supports, as that's less likely to have a sudden resurgence in the near future. For both of the above, we should probably reach out to the Reddit community as well; thank you for bringing them to our attention. Speaking of, we should discuss how Encore affected this project when it was announced. As we previously said, we’re trying to collect the data for all officially localized dialogue in their most up to date forms. On the down side, TMS#FEE does push things back a little bit in this regard. We will continue to work, however, and focus on characters who don’t appear in TMS. That is a part of the reason we’re waiting on getting all of these quotes to finalize anything; we don’t want to waste time retranslating and reimplementing lines of dialogue we’ve already worked on simply as a result of discovering previously overlooked dialogue or a recent release we hadn’t kept up with, so that every bit of time we’re putting into this project is moving it closer to full completion. On the plus side, this will mean minimal changes to the patch will be required going forward from the most recent release, and once all of the data is current we will need to put in considerably less effort in the future. We’re laying the groundwork with the long term in mind currently. As stated above, a finished script for Fire Emblem Warriors and its DLC in both English and Japanese is the best thing we can have right now, seeing as how Encore will update the content of TMS. If you guys could help out with that, it would take a lot of stress off of our shoulders. Don’t take this to mean that progress is necessarily at a standstill; we are currently still working on aspects of the patch related to characters who do not have any direct relation to TMS or Warriors. As of now, don’t expect our first patch until sometime after TMS Encore releases, so we can implement the changes in that rerelease. Thank you all once again for your patience, and I hope that the new translation will be worth the wait for all of you! Best, Project Hero-King
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