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  1. Hello everyone! It’s been some time; apologies for the silence lately. We have been quite busy over these past six months doing a number of things, and we felt that it was only right to tell you all how we’ve been progressing over that time. For one, we’ve actually been learning to do this. Outside Hero of the Emblems, none of us have actually done any work on Fire Emblem modding at all, so it took some time to get used to it. This was an especially high hurdle in this case, since not only did we have to deal with translation and localization of text, but also editing graphics. While he’s not part of the team, I want to give a special shout-out to PikaSamus for sharing his expertise on graphics editing with us to help get through that. There were other issues regarding the ROM itself as well. Namely, there were a number of unnecessary repeat files, which were causing issues with the ROM’s performance. Cleaning that up fixed quite a few errors and bugs. We aren’t sure when exactly these files came to be in the ROM, but it seems to have happened at some point before we came on board; that said, we aren’t completely sure, and the issue is solved now. Lord Hyness took the lead on all of those technical issues, and, while some of those changes may be +invisible to all of you, they were imperative for the rest of us. That said, you may have noticed a lack of actual localization in that list of changes. That’s because there is a lot of overhead work going in. As has been stated before, we don’t just want to simply translate this game; we want to make it localized and polished to a point where it feels completely in line with the other games officially localized by Nintendo, down to painstaking details, down to a list of which games to prioritize when there’s conflicts in tone, localized names, etc (Shadow Dragon obviously topping that list as highest priority, followed by Echoes). This means quite a few man-hours going through already-localized games to cross reference and then document relevant passages in both English and Japanese, (especially collecting quotes from New Mystery itself that have already been localized via instances where the game was directly quoted) so that we can remain in line with references to the game in other entries in the series, even including Heroes and Warriors. Not only that, but we want to make sure we remain true to the characters. We want their tones and personalities to stay in line with how they’re portrayed in Shadow Dragon, Heroes, Shadows of Valentia, etc. This is a lot of work, but in the end, it’s worth it so we can put out the most accurate and enjoyable translation that we can create, in a reasonable amount of time. The release of Three Houses was both a boon and a large amount of new content to sift through. That game officially localized a lot of things from New Mystery which haven’t been previously localized, as well as from the other Japan-only games. An example of this is that the tome formerly called “Shaver” has now been officially localized as “Cutting Gale”. Even though it gives us more work, it allows for even more accuracy, which, as stated earlier, is the real goal of this patch. Currently, we are combing carefully through the content of Three Houses to find things relevant to New Mystery in our free time, but be rest assured we are striving to do so in a timely manner all the same. If you want to help us in any way, we do have an important request: as previously mentioned, in order to put out the best product we can, we were hoping to collect quotes from every Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem-adjacent game... including Warriors and Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which both include numerous chunks of dialogue directly quoted from New Mystery. However, we have been unable to find complete text dumps for either of those games, which makes our research incredibly difficult with regards to those two. If any of you just so happen to know of a place where we could find such a text dump for either game, we would appreciate that more than you know. That’s about it from what I can think of for this update. We have a LOT coming down the pipeline, even some things beyond just a basic ROM translation, and hopefully by the next time we make a big update post like this we’ll have even more to show you all. Unfortunately, quality takes time, but I promise it’ll all be worth the wait in the end. Until next time! -Team Hero-King
  2. Three units is a little too little for Lyn Mode. In the end you'll need a decent-sized cast (12 in the final chapter), and there are quite a few good units in Lyn's story. Just plan ahead on who you want to use and who you don't. As others have said, I suggest one of each class line. Just don't use Wallace. So long as you level your lords well enough, you may never see him again (he only appears in Eliwood Mode if Lyn, Hector and Eliwood have a combined 49 levels or less by the time you reach his chapter. For units, I firmly agree with Erk. That man was a piece of speed whenever I used him. Same with Matthew. Be sure you keep an eye out for items he can steal by the way. While Serra is your only healer now, I suggest not using her much in the long run. You eventually get Priscilla, who has a higher movement, which can be crucial for healers. Kent and Sain are equally fine. I'll suggest Sain though, since he comes with a higher Lance grade to start with, which makes it easier for him to stand out, compared to the sword-wielding Kent, who needs to compete with units like Lyn, Karel, and Eliwood. Don't worry about Wil. You get Rebecca almost immediately in Eliwood mode, and she is far better than he could ever hope to be. Dorcas, Rath, and Lucius can go either way. Rath is the only available Nomad, so consider him, though bows aren't quite as useful in Blazing Blade as they are elsewhere. Lucius and Dorcas are solid picks, but there are also characters who come later who may or may not outdo them. Also, don't be afraid to use your lords. They're all decent to amazing. Also, be sure you keep using the refresher twins (Nils and Ninian). They don't deal damage, but it's best for them to be bulky.
  3. Chase, Flaming Axeman Axe Infantry Fire, Speed 42HP/35 Atk/37 Spd/33 Def/21 Res Weapon: Headsman (16) (Prf): Adjacent allies receive Res+3 during combat. Deals +15 damage when Special triggers. Special: Ignis A Skill: Momentum 3 (!): If unit initiates combat against foe that initiated combat against unit during the previous enemy phase, unit gains Special cooldown +1 before attack. B Skill: Quick Riposte 3 C Skill: Varied Army (Prf) (!): At start of turn, each ally that does not share a weapon type with another ally receives Atk+6. Not necessarily a good unit, but I enjoy what was created.
  4. Does anyone have or know a full text dump for TMS? I can technically find everything by going through the game and around online, but it's easier to have a single file rather than rifling through pages upon pages upon links of individual scripts to find the specific lines you're searching for. Thanks in advance!
  5. Does anyone have or know a full text dump for Warriors (DLC included, if possible)? I see that the Supports are dumped in one specific thread, but it's easier to have a single file rather than rifling through pages upon pages upon links of individual scripts to find the specific lines you're searching for. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm wondering if they meant for a Thracia banner to come out before the current Fallen banner, since not only does Fjorm already know Mareeta in the Forging Bonds, but she was also surprised that Mareeta was possessed, meaning Fjorm had dealt with an unposessed Mareeta before. Because of that, I'm putting my bets on Thracia with an uncorrupted Mareeta. That said, more Archanea plox
  7. I've always considered Guy's ending to be a mistranslation, as apparently both he and Karel go on to become the Sword Saint, which doesn't make sense to me. That said, I haven't looked at the JP for that line, so I can't confirm. EDIT: Just checked and can confirm. In japanese it said that he was able to match the Sword Saint (Karel) in strength, not that he himself had become the Sword Saint.
  8. Personally, I think so. However, he had to play himself off as the extreme of Duma's teaching so as to not gather suspicion from the Faithful. He could drop his act in front of no one, until moments before the battle with Alm began. This extended to Berkut. I imagine Rudolf cared about Berkut, but not even Berkut was allowed to see the man that was hidden behind Rudolf's purposefully harsh exterior.
  9. tbh these are some of my favorite supports in the game. Lukas/Forsythe, Clair Mathilda... probably the best DLC this game has to offer.
  10. Rutger should appear during Turn 6. If he didn't, you will probably have to reset.
  11. tbh I kinda copied that over from when I wrote it like two months ago :P You do kinda have me there.
  12. It's not like bows OHKO all fliers. It just adds on to the damage.
  13. Since I mentioned the banner earlier, I'll also throw out my Shinon build.
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