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  1. Hey! I just downloaded your patch and holy shit this is amazing! Just wondering if you plan on finishing the rest of Gen 1 because I would really like this patch to continue. Good work!
  2. Ok I think i found the code for libra but it isn't working for some reason. Do I have to do anything in particular after I input the code?
  3. If you could find the Libra cheat that would be great though. Thanks
  4. Thank you but I only use cheats if it's absolutely necessary. I appreciate the gesture though.
  5. Ok thanks for the tip. Could you send me a link to that cheat? Because I am already up to "Mystery Revealed". Also, where do I input the cheat? I'm sorry but I almost never use cheats in Fire Emblem, but I'm not trying to restart the game from scratch.
  6. I am currently on Chapter 14 of FE12 and just realized that I accidentally missed getting the Libra shard in Chapter 6. Since I want to unlock the game's "better" ending, are there any codes that I can input to get around this problem and if so where do I go to input those codes? (I am playing on a Desmume emulator)
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