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  1. Hey! I took the sword Hector and female Hector animations to make a female sword Hector, (after asking for the proper permissions by the original creators ofc). https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftfqz9j3h1ywhir/Female Sword Hector.zip?dl=0 If anyone's interested.
  2. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    Oh, well shit. Well in that case if you could do that it'd be amazing! I guess I'd have to provide you with a rom with the new class table so if you're up for it warn me and I'll have that bish ready in like 2-3 days.
  3. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    9 days late because of work. Whoops! Unfortunately I'm not sure that the source for the randomizer is available anywhere, even in the main page. Thanks for the offer though my dude!
  4. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    I figured, I guess its tough luck I'm completely incapable of editing the randomizer. Thanks anyway bruh.
  5. Hey folks! I've been quite busy with my new job and haven't been able to work much on rom-hacking or my little merc-dude. I have been, however, been able to make nifty little fun hacks with a few wacky changes to the games balance and found that randomizing these is actually really fun! (turning the slim sword and lance into devil weapons for an example. Have fun pegasus knight Lyn that only spawned with a slim lance!) The only thing that's been bothering me is fe7's lack of female classes and a male healer. Te lack of male healer doesn't bother me much, since I still get plenty of variety in my male units, but the women have very little variety, especially in the early game! They can only be Archers, Lyn lords, Peg knights and mages for offensive classes and clerics, troubadours and dancers for support classes. That's pretty shitty for me since they almost always fill the same role as a dude when in offense. It gets a little better for pre-promotes, since they also get swordmaster, wyvern lord and paladin but I find it silly that I can't randomize it so they can also have myrmidon, cavalier and wyvern rider. At least that'd allow me to edit those classes into something else that I might want more. As of right now, there's little variety in female classes in fe7 and fe8 isn't THAT much better either, especially because of the silly generic palettes (plus, I just like playing fe7 more.) and it's not like I can edit many of the classes into something different because there's not many of them to start with. What bothers me most is how many unused classes are in the game's code as well. (fem merc, myrm, knight, cav, shaman, and their promotions) So I got to thinking. "If I could randomize this into including unused classes that aren't in the (I'm guessing) original "randomization table", would I need to alter something in the rom using nightmare, make my own randomizer that includes these classes, or both?" Also, I'm using this randomizer: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/55809-universal-gba-fe-randomizer-v10/ Cheers in advance for any help folks! Update on the animation coming this next weekend!
  6. Howdy folks! I've been neglecting the thread (and website, lol) and I'm very sorry for that. I've finally found myself a job and I've been in training, which means 8 hours of work everyday and, since I'm not used to this, I've been freaking exhausted when not working, so working on an animation hasn't been on my to-do list. I've now begun normal work hours, so, since it's a part-time job, 6 hours, which means I'll be not only less tired, but also I'll just straight up have more time. work on this animation should resume this weekend. I'm sorry for not even warning though! Temporary peace, folks!
  7. I don't know my dudes. All of the programming is already done for us, but it is basically developing a game from the "ground up" in my eyes. Plus there's people that like to specialize on stuff. I'm sure there's many people out there that like story writing and also animating but hate the nightmare and assembly stuff. I do agree that one should learn as much as they could.
  8. You can't make an entire hack on your own. At least not a large one. for an example, Staff of Ages has a team behind it, because if you want to make a hack and still have a life, it's either gonna take fifty years or it's gonna need a team.
  9. Holy shit, good job dude! I myself am having a tidbit of trouble doing scripts but I guess I'll learn once I've got the animation completed.
  10. Is the stationary swipe the magic sword animation? I like these but i feel like the magic sword should look a little different. Good job on the crit though. Leaping out of the screen is underrated.
  11. Huh, it looks pretty neat! I've already critiqued this particular animation cycle quite a bit so I don't really have anything to add (the cape looks well done too). I guess I'll just wait for the remaining animations for the class (magic sword, crit, unarmed and all that.) Good job, man.
  12. Well there's plenty of people around in the forums here. I'm not exactly sure on the script timings (which is to say, how long a frame should stay on screen) which makes it pretty hard to animate it into a script, perhaps if you edit the title of this post to tell people you're looking for folks to make the scripts?
  13. Shh, it's a secret. My animation is part of a spell that will bend all humans to my whims I will say, I do have one complain (if you can even call it that) which is that the sword in your animation is a little bit short for a two-hander (at least by fe standards) but the animation itself looks solid.
  14. LOOOOOOL Don't hold your breath. The day I top Yeti is the day I'm elected God-Emperor of the human race.
  15. These are looking good! You're improving.
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