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  1. Hey! I took the sword Hector and female Hector animations to make a female sword Hector, (after asking for the proper permissions by the original creators ofc). https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftfqz9j3h1ywhir/Female Sword Hector.zip?dl=0 If anyone's interested.
  2. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    Oh, well shit. Well in that case if you could do that it'd be amazing! I guess I'd have to provide you with a rom with the new class table so if you're up for it warn me and I'll have that bish ready in like 2-3 days.
  3. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    9 days late because of work. Whoops! Unfortunately I'm not sure that the source for the randomizer is available anywhere, even in the main page. Thanks for the offer though my dude!
  4. Kyne

    Randomizing question

    I figured, I guess its tough luck I'm completely incapable of editing the randomizer. Thanks anyway bruh.
  5. Hey folks! I've been quite busy with my new job and haven't been able to work much on rom-hacking or my little merc-dude. I have been, however, been able to make nifty little fun hacks with a few wacky changes to the games balance and found that randomizing these is actually really fun! (turning the slim sword and lance into devil weapons for an example. Have fun pegasus knight Lyn that only spawned with a slim lance!) The only thing that's been bothering me is fe7's lack of female classes and a male healer. Te lack of male healer doesn't bother me much, since I still get plenty of variety in my male units, but the women have very little variety, especially in the early game! They can only be Archers, Lyn lords, Peg knights and mages for offensive classes and clerics, troubadours and dancers for support classes. That's pretty shitty for me since they almost always fill the same role as a dude when in offense. It gets a little better for pre-promotes, since they also get swordmaster, wyvern lord and paladin but I find it silly that I can't randomize it so they can also have myrmidon, cavalier and wyvern rider. At least that'd allow me to edit those classes into something else that I might want more. As of right now, there's little variety in female classes in fe7 and fe8 isn't THAT much better either, especially because of the silly generic palettes (plus, I just like playing fe7 more.) and it's not like I can edit many of the classes into something different because there's not many of them to start with. What bothers me most is how many unused classes are in the game's code as well. (fem merc, myrm, knight, cav, shaman, and their promotions) So I got to thinking. "If I could randomize this into including unused classes that aren't in the (I'm guessing) original "randomization table", would I need to alter something in the rom using nightmare, make my own randomizer that includes these classes, or both?" Also, I'm using this randomizer: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/55809-universal-gba-fe-randomizer-v10/ Cheers in advance for any help folks! Update on the animation coming this next weekend!
  6. Howdy folks! I've been neglecting the thread (and website, lol) and I'm very sorry for that. I've finally found myself a job and I've been in training, which means 8 hours of work everyday and, since I'm not used to this, I've been freaking exhausted when not working, so working on an animation hasn't been on my to-do list. I've now begun normal work hours, so, since it's a part-time job, 6 hours, which means I'll be not only less tired, but also I'll just straight up have more time. work on this animation should resume this weekend. I'm sorry for not even warning though! Temporary peace, folks!
  7. I don't know my dudes. All of the programming is already done for us, but it is basically developing a game from the "ground up" in my eyes. Plus there's people that like to specialize on stuff. I'm sure there's many people out there that like story writing and also animating but hate the nightmare and assembly stuff. I do agree that one should learn as much as they could.
  8. You can't make an entire hack on your own. At least not a large one. for an example, Staff of Ages has a team behind it, because if you want to make a hack and still have a life, it's either gonna take fifty years or it's gonna need a team.
  9. Holy shit, good job dude! I myself am having a tidbit of trouble doing scripts but I guess I'll learn once I've got the animation completed.
  10. Is the stationary swipe the magic sword animation? I like these but i feel like the magic sword should look a little different. Good job on the crit though. Leaping out of the screen is underrated.
  11. Huh, it looks pretty neat! I've already critiqued this particular animation cycle quite a bit so I don't really have anything to add (the cape looks well done too). I guess I'll just wait for the remaining animations for the class (magic sword, crit, unarmed and all that.) Good job, man.
  12. Well there's plenty of people around in the forums here. I'm not exactly sure on the script timings (which is to say, how long a frame should stay on screen) which makes it pretty hard to animate it into a script, perhaps if you edit the title of this post to tell people you're looking for folks to make the scripts?
  13. Shh, it's a secret. My animation is part of a spell that will bend all humans to my whims I will say, I do have one complain (if you can even call it that) which is that the sword in your animation is a little bit short for a two-hander (at least by fe standards) but the animation itself looks solid.
  14. LOOOOOOL Don't hold your breath. The day I top Yeti is the day I'm elected God-Emperor of the human race.
  15. These are looking good! You're improving.
  16. https://www.quora.com/What-did-medieval-archers-wear-How-was-such-equipment-made-How-did-it-help-them-in-their-functions https://www.quora.com/Could-a-medieval-soldier-carry-a-bow-arrows-a-sword-a-shield-all-at-the-same-time Everyone would have a secondary weapon. Swords and the like were more expensive than axes but any career soldier could afford one quite easily. Maybe not a super fancy, mega high-end, laser-firing greatsword of the lich king, but a nice, well made, functionally balanced sword. They would also carry bucklers.
  17. Agreed with most of it. Just expressing my opinion. As for the real life bowmen thing... yes they did. There appears to be this misconception that swords are heavy. A one-hander would weigh like 1 kilo. A longsword would weight 1-5 kilo. A GREATSWORD still only weighs 3 kilos on average. Slap that one-hander in a sheath or scabbard, wear it on your hip along with a buckler hung from the hilt of your sword with a string and it doesn't bother you at all.
  18. Dodging a Fireball would be possible, just like with any other projectile. In fact, in the games they appear to be slower than arrows, and we know those have been dodged quite a bit in the past. Horsemen have been attacked with swords and axes and other relatively short weapons and been defeated. Sometimes, the horse has even had it's legs chopped off before attacking the man himself. A flying creature would have to come down to attack me, so a Pegasus knight wouldn't be invulnerable, not to mention that they can't maintain permanent flight. A creature like that would have to rest quite often, especially with a person on top of them. Boom. Done. Plus, fireballs and pegasi don't exist so can't really compare them to anything in the real world. I can complain about realism when referring to bows, because they exist in the real world. I have a frame of reference and I know how they work. The bows in these games don't appear to function any differently than normal bows either (other than the fact that the draw weight on fantasy bows must be so light a toddler could draw it), so it's not a case of a fantasy weapon functioning differently. I'm also not treating a 1-range bow as anything "broken". I'm just saying that it A- does not make sense, B- makes the archers into a unit that does exactly the same thing as all the others and C- makes the game samey. All it does it make my tactics boil down to putting someone who can attack from melee AND from range in a bush, fort or other defensive structure, and having the opponents mindlessly throw themselves at them to win. Cavalry can go really far and pick off units others wouldn't be able to, and they also have rather versatile weaponry and stats. Fliers can do the same and fly over troublesome terrain. Berserkers are relatively bulky with their HP and they have high damage and crits. Swordmasters doge and crit. Most classes have some sort of ability. The archers boil down to being the same thing as the average unit except they are good at taking down fliers. Wow. How special and different. It's not like I have other weapons in the other types that can do the same or anything... If archers were made to have the strength archers in real life had (which is to say, the ability to attack without putting themselves in danger) I could form strategies around them that are more original than "stick this one person in a forest, give them someone to pair up with to prevent dual strikes and watch them wreck face as if they were a normal melee unit with a throwing weapon." Giving the archers ridiculous range would make them good at picking off targets from afar and give me new strategies to work with. Making it so they can't attack from melee, balances them, and gives you an incentive not to fuck up. If you REALLY want your archers to attack from melee, give them sword ranks and a class ability that lets them switch weapons based on where they are being attacked from.
  19. That's just a case of bad (imo) animations though. Being mega flamboyant in your magic spells makes the animation take longer and imho look dumber. If most classes were like the GBA Sage or Druid, in which a small swing of your hands makes the spell get casted then that would make sense. Plus, if we go full fantasy then the motions could just be to "charge the mana" or something silly like that, and it wouldn't probably be interrupted by getting hit. If you're nocking an arrow and someone attacks you, they are likely to hit your arms, which you need; they can cut at the bow, resulting in either a broken bow after a few shots or a severed bowstring OR they can cut at you. And yes, I get it, fantasy game, sense does not have to be made and what not, but if something makes sense it seems better. Yes oversized swords are ridiculous looking and would never work but if you get past that they still function. An archer trying to attack in melee gets hit in real life and doesn't have to time to do it, and in vidja games it should be the same, because he DOES NOT HAVE THE TIME TO SHOOT. You can't rush an archer, considering how hard it is to draw a bow.
  20. I agree that they should be able to shoot farther, but they should NEVER be able to shoot in melee simply because no one would be dumb enough to allow them to do that. If you are fighting someone in melee and their weapon can swing or stab as fast/close to as fast as yours, you have to keep that in mind and not charge in blindly. If your opponent sill has to draw an arrow, nock the arrow onto the bowstring, aim and THEN shoot, you don't HAVE to be as cautious at all. You can, and in fact should, just charge the guy so he can't nock the arrow without getting his head chopped off. You don't have the time for that as an archer, this is why they carried shortswords as well.
  21. Takumi in my eyes, makes all other archers in his get obsolete, but he doesn't appear to be better than anyone else in the series. He's good, but what makes him better than the other archers in fates is the Fujin Yumi. It's just so strong that there doesn't appear to be much point in using the archers that can't use it unless you just want more archers. I've even heard that he's not a good statwise as some others but that one bow makes him better.
  22. This is true, but I feel like it could have been done better. Plus, you can't convince me that they didn't add hidden weapons EXCLUSIVELY because Hoshido is based in Japan. Butlers and Maids wouldn't exist in this game if not for Ninjas, I'm sure of it. I mean generally FE makes sense of which units it brings into the game. Utility and combat. Utility is all mystical and stuff with clerics and bards, but combat has mages and normal people. Including people who, in theory, shouldn't have the first clue of how to fight in the game is freaking weird to me.
  23. In the game yes. I'm saying that it makes no sense to base an entire class around them given how shitty they are in real life. I also complain about how bows are used in melee given their historical use. In short, I'm complaining about lack of realism in a fantasy game.
  24. One big part of unit balancing is their class. Particularly in FE7 (my field of expertise) one big part of how good a unit is considered is whether they have a horse or not. Another is whether they have a penis or not. Men generally have higher Con and Strength in the GBA games, though Fates seems to have evened the playing field (which I kind of like and dislike at the same time?) Anyway, back to the class thing. Archers were notoriously bad before Fates due to all the shit that is more effective than them at both range and melee, with their only redeeming factor being that they can hit fliers really hard, and even then you'd probably be better off with an axe user. I think Fates went about fixing archers the wrong way (lol, look we're good against throwing knives and shuriken even though those are basically the most worthless weapon in the history of humanity. Yeah no, they're worthless but let's make them lower stats for some fucking reason). Giving them the ability to attack in melee (AAAAAAAA SHORT BOW; POINTBLANK WHYYYYY) among other things made them decent but I still don't think they are well implemented. If archers were good in FE7, a lot of people would use Rebecca a lot more. If they were good in FE8, maybe Neimi might see some use, and Innes might not get benched immediately after joining. So yeah, classes are very important, as well as bases and growths. The other REALLY important thing is recruitment. If a unit is decent but you can get a better one earlier, (Karel compared to Guy, for an example) then that unit is deemed generally worse than the first one, with the only benefit being that if it's a pre-promote you don't have to blow a promotion item on them. I also really hate how all of this stuff affects Karla negatively, effectively making her the shittiest unit in FE7. Like, yeah Renault has shitty stats, growths and recruitment as well, but at least the man has staff utility. Of course that for me, character is often more important. Raven, for an example appears to be really good but I've never once used him because I hate edgelords like him that do nothing but bitch about life. Like, move on, dude. Shit, I wrote an essay again. Whoops, lol.
  25. My dude if your life really is like that you should probably seek some professional help. That shit can actually become clinical depression if you aren't careful. I don't know how old you are but if you are of legal age (in Portugal legal age is 16 with parent's permission) I'd also advise you to try to find a job. It's an amazing time-sink and, obviously, you get to meet new people. I also don't know how long you've been spriting for, but you seem to be steadily improving ever since this thread started, probably because you actually take and listen to criticism, unlike a lot of people that seem to take every little criticism and attempt at helping them improve as an insult. In short, keep at it my dude. Life is way too short to let depression take over. Fight that shit.
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