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  1. Huh. Did the Black Knight just retreat with a weird arbitrary quote after ya gave him the ol' Haard Mode?
  2. Aaaah Thracia caps! Weirdly was one of my favorite parts of Fe5. Promote at 10 (i usually do anyway unless there is some external reason not to). Eh dismount seem legit to me. Thanks for the peg knight tip that might come in handy, and particular reason/time to need a MAGEKILLER? NIce! I like dragons (Even weird ones like Bantu). Rng soft capped arena sweet damn! i'm liking this game more the more I hear! Devil sword in emergencies (or when feeling masochistic) got it! Thanks for the input! This comment will probably be the reason I finish this game if I do! Soooo appreciated, thanks dude! Sirius, Merric, Julian and Minerva (who wouldn't use Minerva/flying things anyway) are on the team! Starlight thanks got it! Who's a good wielder of the tome? Get orbs not only cause I assume their awesome (they seem like scrolls from thracia so i'm there), but because they have PLOT ARMOR! So indoor maps mean whole buncha sword dudes got it. Hardin is such a dick, i'm glad he might not kill me. I appreciate the help! Fight unmounted! That's pretty cool actually! Star Spheres = Scrolls (except i'm assuming the don't negate crits). Mage kills dragon, and dragons probably kill my dudes so gets so get some nerds! I'm not in complete understanding of the effectiveness damage tip but i'm sure it'll make more sense when i see it after replying to these wonderful comments and starting the game! (I'm weirdly kinda hype, i've never even seen an LP on this game). Marths get the drugs coolio! No promo for fighters? weird. Thieves don't need promos, neither do dancers so cool with me. Two 4 slot inventories (Tellius games seed got it). AXES ARE BAD UMM KAY ONLY BAD GUYS USE BAD MAN WEAPON MMMM KAY. Weapon lvl so kinda like the 3 chapters of TRS i managed to get through got it. Thank for the advice! WHAT?! A fire emblem boss has some dumb weird mechanic that only works for them and only probably happens on the last map?! what world is this? Okay so Medeus is a bigger dick than Hardin got it! You guys have been super helpful and I really value all the input! I'm not known around here at but i'd like to get more involved (I play alot of Fire Emblem and don't have any friends in life that play)! Should I try to do my first LP ever, (and first really post ever on Serenes Forest) be a Fe3 LP?
  3. Alright, so put my units on Forts that's seems manageable. I try my best to not use save states because to be honest I can't stop myself from SaveScumming. I just vaguely remember them really frustrating me on my last time through. Well I've been looking for a fresh FE experiance since my last (and like 30th) playthrough of RD. I tried Awakening again (haven't played since the one time I completed in when I came out) and got tired of that soooooo Fe3 here I come (if I like it enough I'll play Fe12 I guess..). Idk if I should start a new thread for this but any helpful tips for a first time playthrough? (although I assume book 1 is almost the same as SD)
  4. My question are there ambush spawns in Fe3 because if there are not; I will happily play Fe3 with all the other knowledge I've learned reading this post. I've tried fe12 3-4 different times and make it to like chapter 3.
  5. Hey everyone! So, I'm not very well known around here and haven't really posted very often in any forums or anything like that but I've always looked to forums for information or just interesting discussion on Fire Emblem; since I don't have many friends that play Fire Emblem. As of today I've beaten most main FE titles (at this point I'm missing 1, 2, 3, and 12) and today I finally beat one of my favorites FE4 (if not the most mental trying game to play in my opinion, though I only played through Thracia once heavily relying on save states). I sat down this morning ready to finally beat this final chapter and wow I was not ready for Endgame. I didn't find Ishtar particularly hard (Arthur Forseti Crit ftw) I found that the sheer amount of status staves, mainly the sleep ones very frustrating. Along with the Pegasus Sisters being an irritating surprise and that bow dude who is the son of Andre surprisingly gave me trouble though i think that was more rotten luck. Finally just Julius and Manroy were left and again I underestimated this Chapter and figured Ares and Arthur would be fine to assualt Julius's castle with ease while Seliph went to kill Manfroy. in one enemy phase somehow they both died! Which frankly I didn't know Max level Levin!Arthur COULD die. So finally after much sacrifice I kill Manfroy get NagaJulia and head with Seliph to fight their brother. Here I encountered another hurdle, I haven't leveled Julia once all game. Honestly this being my first play though i thought Naga was so busted she didn't need any levels well I was wrong. So back to the Velthomer she walks and owns the arena getting to around level 8 or something and it was still and complete challenge to kill Julius with her and Seliph. I would not have succeeded without saves states that is for sure. So out of curiosity does anyone else have any interesting takes on FE 4 Endgame? Did I make a lot of mistakes, or make it harder on myself? how do you approach this chapter? Did you know Levin!Arthur was mortal?
  6. I’m guessing Leif abandons everyone if he escapes first? I’m been catpturing probably 50% of enemies. Haven’t seen Lara but I’ll keep my eyes open. And abuse the scrolls for good stats! Sounds good thanks man Also can’t staves miss if this game?
  7. Hey everyone, I’m relatively new to the Forest but have been using it as a resource for years. I’ve played every FE except Thracia 776(and like the first and third game and OG Gaiden). Now that I have the game translated I was about to start but I’ve heard this game is really hard so any advice for a first time player? Please and Thank You!
  8. Had the same problem, download a different rom of thracia 776 and eventually it’ll work with one of them
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