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  1. Hey, I'm looking for the Byleth B22-013SR+, Azura B22-072SR+, Azura B14-054SR+ and Byleth P17-014PR cards - let me know if anyone is selling it or looking for a trade! Have a few older cards, just recently got back into collecting after a few years of not doing it, but also got two boxes of the two new recent sets that I opened (B21 and B22) so have a few cards from those I can offer. Thanks!
  2. +1 ChibiToastExplosion: Great communication and very reasonable pricing. Thanks!
  3. I guess that's what I'm saying I don't know if it's worth it if I've never played Blazing Sword.
  4. Ugh, I want to pre-order this next booster pack box, but this past series six one was so expensive! Was like $70. Anyone know of a cheaper way to get it? I did EMS shipping for series six on AmiAmi, but maybe I should do SAL? Also, never played Blazing Sword, so not sure if it's worth it. I haven't played Holy War either, but the cards are pretty to look at, nonetheless. Anyone in a similar boat where they strongly prefer the Fates cards in these boosters due to a lack of knowledge on the other games?
  5. Hey everyone! Here are the current cards I have for sell/trade (or if you have another offer, please let me know! I'll consider it!): Series 6 (Holy War characters) Seliph:B08-052R+X Arvis: B06-047SR Ayra: B06-024SR Raquesis: B06-031R Bridget: B06-040R Eldigan: B06-008R Ethlyn: B06-010R Sylvia: B06-036R That's what I have for sell/trade; as for the ones that I want: Flora: B06-072R or R+ (R+ greatly wanted) Niles: B06-064R(+) Leo: B06-056SR(+) Elise: B06-058SR (+) Corrin(Male) Promo: P02-009PR Camilla: B06-054SR(+) Let me know! Again, feel free to make an offer.
  6. Ah, I did get Charlotte SR from this box. I'll let you know if I decide to sell it! I appreciate the info, too. So new to Cipher.
  7. Ah, it's not too good of a card then? XD Not even a SR.Sure! I'd like that. Do you have any Fates characters to offer? That's really what I want!
  8. I got my cards in today! Sadly, didn't get any Fates SR+. I only got one and I don't know who it is. XD Never played Holy War. I guess it's Seliph SR+? Is that worth anything for a trade at all?
  9. Oh awesome, thank you! Guess I won't be too worried about missing many. And nice to hear that a good amount of rare cards are guaranteed.
  10. Aw, bummer. It's my first time buying a box of boosters on amiami and was hoping there may be some other secret cards. So pricey! But oh well. Thanks for the response!
  11. Ah, are those all the booster cards then for sure? Besides Seliph, no other secret cards?
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