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  1. Logically, probably but chickens and other species that have Dinosaur DNA will most likely be more unique. What happens when we die?
  2. "This knife is wonderful for chopping carrots, human hands, and cucumbers!"
  3. Don't ask me, I never watched/read Twilight! (and I never plan to either) What's a music?
  4. Come up with some sick as hell abilities that may or may not be used to create a horror story. Because they're both fathers. Who is The Doctor?
  5. I don't have a title for my fancy cool Fire Emblem game, so I'm gonna give it the same name that inspired it. Fire Emblem: Crusades Inspiration: As the title says, the the setting is inspired by the Crusades. However, you won't be fighting on this world's version of the Catholics side (because that'd be lame, you don't want to be losing a lot now do ya?), instead you'll be fighting to repel these Catholics. You will be working from close to defeat all the way to invading the homeland of these extremely rude guys. Gameplay The combat will be divided into two different sections, Skirmishes and Battles. Skirmishes are your regular old Fire Emblem maps, dude appear and you beat the heck out of them. Battles, however, require you to look over a map of the area you want to assault (or defend) and devise a strategy around what information you have! Airstrikes are now a thing. Why they haven't in the past games, is beyond me. They use mages upon wyverns and they can weaken enemy forces! If you use airstrikes, your mages and wyrvern riders will level up! no child units because we need a break from them for a bit. C-A progression of supports because I like it better. The avatar now doesn't play a major role. At all. The main character doesn't have a special Lord class now, they're a soldier. Plot: No big dragon gods this time around Because that trope has been overused to death at this point but the people believe in gods, but the verdict's out on whether they exist or not. This, led to the war in which this game takes place in. The main character is Aurens, a tactician for the Goodgai Army (most names here are placeholders) and they must repel the invading Badgai army! I'll add more once I remember more of it.
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