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  1. Its been a while since the last update, is this hack dead ?
  2. Just discovered your hack, amazing, love it ! keep up the good work i
  3. Horseslayer, Metis tome, this only occurs in chapter 12.
  4. Hmm, i've read your bug list and theres nothing about Chapter 12 crashing ? Any idea ? Edit : When a monster drops a weapon or item and my inventory is full it crashes.
  5. Yep, this hack looks interesting
  6. Last time i left a comment was on october 8, Did i miss an update ?
  7. How can i know if the game has been uptdated?
  8. I'm still on chapter 4, i'll wait until this game is finished to fully enjoy it.
  9. i really enjoyed your hack, im looking forward the next update,if there is any way i can help you please let me know.
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