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  1. Yeah as much as i can, now im just testing whenever im changing something same goes for the patches, so far everything is under control, thank you so much same goes for you !
  2. Sorry for bothering you, thanks for your help but i'd rather start over on a fresh rom so this time i can go step by step and target the problem if it appears again.
  3. Heres the whole list of patch installed, my bad im a fool i didnt think there could be conflicts between patches.
  4. Hey guys so heres the problem. So after making changes in a rom hack to suit my taste i decided to install the skill system patch ( 20201128 ) but after loading the patch it screwed the player placement in various chapters, thinking that was the main issue i decided to put everything back in the right order, but the rom keeps reseting like that : Warning health and safety >>> Nintendo >>> intelligent systems >>>> intro then back to >>>>nintendo whenever i press start it keeps reseting if someone has a solution im definetly stuck there.
  5. Hello, so i decided to try your project today, and lol i didnt expect to have such a surprise hahaha love it. Edit : In the chapter.... 3 i guess ? " Greed is a mad mistress " sometimes the hack just goes back to the main menu when i press " A " during the battle. It just reset the to the main start menu.
  6. Finished the rom today, and i must say "wow" this rom is definitely my favorite Nicole ftw lol, i have a few questions: SPOILERS 1 - In a previous update you made Roa a dragoon if i remember but now hes a shaman and i havent seen a dragoon in the game does that mean you removed it ? 2- will the game be playable after the ending like ? an open world map ?
  7. Its been a while since the last update, is this hack dead ?
  8. Just discovered your hack, amazing, love it ! keep up the good work i
  9. Horseslayer, Metis tome, this only occurs in chapter 12.
  10. Hmm, i've read your bug list and theres nothing about Chapter 12 crashing ? Any idea ? Edit : When a monster drops a weapon or item and my inventory is full it crashes.
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