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  1. @Landmaster Legendary Pokemon! Wow, Elise surviving with 1 HP without Miracle sure was a sight to see! Dusk Uchiwa sure is a handy weapon! @DLNarshen You know I was trying to do a Jugdral Tome run, but after seeing your duo clear there was no need. Love the use of the AoE to bypass Sigurd's absurd magic bulk! Good on you for keeping Loptuous as well! @BoaFerox Gotta love some GF fliers, and Edelgard jumping in there as well was neat! Hooray for completing Tana! @Zeo @mampfoid @daisy jane @Ginko @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @Alexmender @DarkAlf Firstly is some units with..let's just say something in common in their lives. Team is +Atk/-HP Sigurd, +Res/-Atk Flora, neutral Dancer Rinea and neutral New Year Laegjarn Music is Tears from the King of Fighters 1999 -Flora really used every skill in her kit to defeat the archer, using Atk/Res Solo and Def Ploy to offset her -Atk and QR to double. She also needed Laegjarn's Def Tactic and double Distant Guard from Rinea to survive the initial attack. -Sigurd needed Darting Stance to survive the Sapphire Lance flier. Also had to be careful not activating enemy Sigurd's Spd Smoke so he can survive, so I was being cautious with turn order near the end. Meanwhile Rinea had to be a shield for a bit until Sigurd's Miracle disappeared. --- Now for a more traditional clear, this time with Deirdre stepping up after being left out of the banner. Team is +Atk/-HP Sigurd, +Res/-Atk Deirdre, +Res/-Spd Quan and neutral Ethlyn Music is Kouryu (Distant Thought) from Last Blade 2 - Deirdre sure shows her magic tank abilities with DIstant Def, Drive Def support and Distant Guard support to get Lewyn to foolishly attack her instead of the Brave archer. - Quan used the power of double Brazen Atk/Def to double his strengths. If only Sigurd didn't have Miracle...luckily his wife Ethlyn picked up his slack. The Atk boost made sure he can defeat the green dagger and blue wolf tome mage ASAP.
  2. I think her quirk is goofing up words when she’s nervous like her summon quote
  3. Ah pressed enter to fast so excuse the double post since I can't edit previous post anymore. Forgot to post the rest of the replies- @DLNarshen The music touches were a nice touch! In a world of Ophelia AR spam, it's easy to forget that Ishtar herself can be really scary with Flashing Blade. Looking forward to more of this duo in the future (Duo unit when?) @Landmaster If only Elise was in Jugdral she would've stopped Travant earlier! She had her own version of a massacres as the fliers slowly moved north to their demise. It was a ranged assault on the Alm/Celica clear- Travant never stood a chance and couldn't bring down the power couple.
  4. @Diovani Bressan To beat Vantage, use your own Vantage! @Zeo @DLNarshen @daisy jane @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko Team is +Res/-Spd Quan, neutral Ethlyn, +Atk/-HP Sigurd and +Res/-HP Deirdre Music is Before Dawn from Fate Apocrypha -Deirdre needed all the support to overcome her Atk bane, including Atk Tactic from her husband, Drive Atk from her brother-in-law and fully upgraded Res Ploy as her SS to one-shot the lance armour -Team had to split up a bit to manipulate the AI. Good thing the mage flier had a sweep skill so Ethlyn can survive. Sigurd does his famed magic tanking while Ethlyn unleashes a Pain+ bomb when the AI groups up. -It took a while for Quan to reach an enemy because of the forests, but a Hardy Bearing strike to Travant was all he needed to do after his wife's Pain support. ---- Next let's give some love to the forgotten Leonster, Finn! Team is +Res/-HP Leif, neutral Finn, +Res/-Spd and neutral Ethlyn - Or the story of how I don't have Altena, but let's give Finn some love since he's from Leonster, too! His added Spd thanks to Slaying Lance allows him to bait the red mage safely to start the map. - While I haven't refined Leif yet, the Quickened Pulse seal sort of mimicks the most important benefit of the refine, for a quicker Ignis. -Ethlyn takes revenge on Travant with a good dose of Pain and using the power of a Miracle to change the course of history. Quan finishes up the map, he couldn't do much earlier because of the forests. ----- First had Sigurd, then there's Quan and now here's an Eldigan! (why not in the same account though to join the trio?) Team is +Atk/-HP Ares, +Atk +1 Ares, +Spd/-HP Owain and +Atk +1 Ophelia Music is Eldigan the Lionheart from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War - Wielders of Mystletainn and Missiletainn unite! It would've been too easy to have Ophelia obliterate with her AoE so I decided to give her a damaging special so she can say her special lines in this clear. She still initiates the map because lol cavalry and tree maps, and she needed Atk +3 to completely destroy the lance knight. Also she was the best answer to Travant so her magic was needed to avoid Ignis. - Speaking of trees, darn that green flier hiding in the forests so my sword cavs can't reach her! Tactical retreat was needed but hey at least everyone got to say their special lines at the end of the clear! @Azuris
  5. @Landmaster Ah nostalgic Fates boss music. Poor meat shield Sakunyan and I was expecting OG Elise to flex against Nanna on who the better horse healer is. Still a fun clear with that satisfying Smoke debuff sound. Lon'qu! Galeforce is an interesting approach. Dimitiri looks fun with his weapon and Savage Blow synergy. Is that bedroom music for your husbandos? @[email protected] Bressan @daisy jane @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko @Azuris Team is +Res/-HP Leif, +Atk/-HP Nanna, +Res/-Spd Osian and +Atk/-HP Tanya Music is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada from Fate Apocrypha -So I managed to get a +Atk Tanya just in time before this BHB ended so here's a Thracia team theme. With the power of the Chill Spd seal, she was able to bait Nanna's Restore AI and let the enemy come to me. Her being a bow also meant that mage flier can go down easily. -Leif needed Atk/Def Bond to power through the enemies and himself (hence the repositioning of my units in the second half while avoiding Blazing Light). Osian shows his great enemy phase while Nanna's Pain support is always appreciated. Wanted to give Tanya a chance to proc her special in the end to thank her for starting the map.
  6. Wow they gave Fae Lightning Breath straight away. I guess if she ever gets a refine it would have the DC effect? @Landmaster Well now, Idunn sure fell easily enough to a carrot! Your OG Elise still scares me with the amount of damage output she can dish out. @[email protected] Bressan @daisy jane @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko @Azuris Team is +Res/-HP Fae, +Spd/-Res Igrene, +Def/-Spd Gerik and neutral Marisa Music is Rivers in the Desert Instrumental from Persona 5 - Desert mercenaries and Arcadians show Idunn the ways of the desert heat. The mercenaries mainly provided Infantry Pulse support and AI manipulation with some chipping strategies. - Fae deserves headpats from initiating the map by going to the top left. Lunge was a bit annoying but at least she can tank blue tomes very well. The Threaten Res was needed to finish off the green fafnir though. - Idunn is one tanky unit, so it takes repeated strikes from Igrene with Fae's Draw Back to kite and chip her down. --- Team is +Res/-HP Peri, +Spd +1 Ranulf, +Res +1 Saber and +Atk/-Def Niles Music is Desert Requiem - KOF XIV ver.- from the King of Fighters XIV - Uneven eyes! Since Idunn has heterchromia (two different coloured eyes), I wanted to do a Ranulf and Peri theme. Sadly don't have Idunn and there's no other character with two different coloured eyes so I just went with eyepatches and added Niles/Saber to the mix which proved perfect in terms of team synergy. - Since Idunn with debuffs is stupidly bulky, I had to remove Chill Atk from Ranulf. His Rally gave Peri the oomph she needed at times, and Ward Cavalry was important in making her survive hits. - Speaking of Peri, this was a pitybreaker back in Hero Fest 2, at least she makes good use of her +Res here with some added Res stacking from Ranulf's Ward Cavalry, Saber's Res Tactic and Niles's Spur/Drive Res (it helps he came with Spur Res). Also some Brazen Atk/Res to simulate her refine's effects (no Divine Dew right now). Idunn's Bonfire was going to be a problem but thanks to Peri's Res and team support she tanked it well. Threaten Def was needed to deal with the blue Fafnir (after Ranulf's Rally). - Niles does his usual mage slaying job while providing needed ranged support and Saber is always pretty consistent with Golden Dagger buffs.
  7. Just realised I forgot to post this. Time to bring up a thread from the last decade! @Landmaster Broadleaf Fan is nuts. CC + Vantage sure is scary, and Elise killed it in this map. Deathlea's 1 damage on Winter Sothis though.. Both Sothis forms are pretty busted. Nice remix of here theme though! @[email protected] Bressan @daisy jane @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko @Azuris Team is +Atk +1 Gray, +Atk/-Def Mathilda, +Res/-Def Silque and +Spd +1 Python -Wanted to use some of the more recent Echoes units against Witch Delthea (and yay Mathilda finally has a refine!). Silque had to equip Distant Def since she was being doubled and defeated, even with +Res. Oh and resetting Delthea's special with her sta ff was also helpful later. -Python had the oh so hard task of trapping Delthea, then when the coast is clear, countering her completely with B Tomebreaker. I'm sure he appreciated sitting in one spot for most of the map. He did need Darting Blow to double the red flier though. (Had to create a chokepoint with the rest of the team so the red flier would move to Python's range) -Wanted to try out Mathilda's new slaying prf here and quicker Glacies procs are always nice. Her good Res made baiting the mages easy.
  8. @Zeo Funnily enough Team Leo sounds like it will be mostly archers (Leon, Leonardo and then Leonie could be a Bow Knight). @Kaden Speaking of TNMT and how they are names of artists...can't wait for artist emblem of Ignatz, Shigure, Kagero and Forde @Icelerate I see it now, Bastian being a green dagger with Blazing Wind to reference his wind magic as well as access to knives 😕
  9. @Zeo i want Edward too but if anything maybe Leonardo can join so i can finally make Leo emblem with Leo, Leon, Leonardo and maybe Leonie from 3H whenever she gets in
  10. Quite late but finally managed to get this out. But first some comments! @Ginko Ike tanks so much it's amazing. I love defensive playstyles, so seeing those walls were enjoyable. Siegbert powered through having 2 HP though lol Jaffar must be happy being 'one' with Nino lol. So good to see a Jaffar that does damage and wow at Special Fighter. Nice to see Ryoma attack as well. @Landmaster Dagger Elise's debuff sure sound satisfying when the enemies crowd around at the start. Never fails to amaze me how much damage OG Elise can dish. The extra move also helps. Tanky Boy Kana is always great to see, he can take some hits. @Zeo Ross rocking that DC! Nice to him see destroying a sword there. Celica's power sure is something to be feared, one of the best refines ever. Didn't seem like too much issues here, it worked smoothly. Look at you and your triple Distant Guard..I only have two lol @Alexmender Darn, at least you have a challenge. Peony's mobility and support skills really helped a ton. Must have been tough spending all the time on it so good work! Good thing for Spd Tactic! I laughed how all the fliers near the end lined up neatly. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oh hey Ethlyn! Looks like Kagero wins out with her better range compared to Brave Celica. Being colourless really helps in her offensive presence. Can't proc Miracle if you get one-shotted! Too bad Brave Celica couldn't reach her other self in time. @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan @mampfoid @DLNarshen ---- Now for my super late clears. Firstly is a Celica showdown featuring a Rigelian dancer! Music is Queen from the King of Fighters - Found this a bit better compared to L!Alm's map, and I was surprised how pain-free this team was (just had to change Boey's skills around) - Celica faces her legendary self, with the help of the conditional counter users and a dancing Rigelian. - Rinea's Distant Guard support helped Boey take nothing from the archer. Lancebreaker was used to quickly delete lance foes that will give Celica trouble while QR deals with other ranged enemies like the bow user. - Saber needed Brazen to gain more stats as he takes more damage during his fights. Celica as usual is a nuke with dancer support and works aroud L!Celica's Miracle proc thanks to Desperation -- Of course when there is Celica, and Alm clear has to show up. Here is Brave Alm's debut! Team is +HP/-Res Brave Alm, +Spd/-HP Legendary Alm, +Spd/-Atk Silque and neutral Dancing Rinea Music is Queen from the King of Fighters -Nothing like Silque's staff to disable Miracle pre-charges. Her healing also helps with B!Alm's recoil damage. -Pretty much just showcasing both Alm's damage potentials. It helps there's a lot of fliers for Bow Alm and Brave Alm's weapon deletes Celica, not even letting Miracle proc. Rinea's dancing makes it easier to pace out the reinforcements.
  11. @Zeo Dang, sorry about the pitybreakers. A shame when they have no skill value, but hey extra stats That Python is the same as my first Python. +Spd is a great boon at least, and he makes more a nice cheap L!Azura sniper (when I need to bait and kill her ASAP before enemy starts. the extra move helps) Osian is an amazing unit though If it it makes you feel better, I also got pitybroken in the NY banner by a 4-5 star. On both accounts, in the exact same situation of 1 colourless and 4 blue orbs- broken by Mordecai :(. My main got a +Res/-HP Mordecai when I as tempted to try the duo unit...just merged him with my promoted one I guess. Just feels ironice because there is a bug with Mordecai recently, too. I did get some luck at least. Got a free +Spd/-Res Larcei in my second account on my first ticket. Then I spent orbs on Brave Roy banner and got borken by +Atk Celica, so I have the perfect base now. Wasted orbs trying to get Idunn but no result.
  12. Oooh great picks, I never thought of those and they fit well. Would like to get Dart personally! Ah how could I miss the ever so obvious candidate for this. The irony is strong... Would love this kid in FEH, though he doesn't seem to be as popular to be a banner unit so this can work. Thought about her as well (and on the second Fallen banner to 'balance' the colourless dragons) but she seems like she'd be a 5*. I think I'll add unit types as well!
  13. Just a what-if scenario for fun. What if all the New Heroes Banners released so far had an instant 3*-4* unit? Let's assume all the current units released were always planned to be released when they are now. Also since the below banners already have instant demotes, you don't need to add to these: - Peony and More - Guardians of Peace - Desert Mercenaries - Zofia's Call - The Chosen Ones. RIP Heir of Light breaking the pattern Also Brave Hero banners/Farfetch'd Heroes banners/Generals of Muspell/Fire and Ice don't probably count due to how they work. So going from chronological order: - Family Bonds- Emmeryn - Infantry Staff (Still had the Awakening bias around this time, and would go with the sibling of a lord theme) - Sibling Bonds- Elice - Infantry Staff (this banner featured older games more) - Blazing Shadows- Erk - Infantry Red Tome (although personal bias wants Oswin) - World of Shadows - Mycen - Lance Cavalry (Alm's mentor so he makes sense) - World of Radiance - Boyd - Axe Infantry - Rite of Shadows - Atlas - Axe Infantry (being Celica's villager might be a good reason to have him early on, since Alm's banner had Faye) - Echoes of Mystery - Cecil - Lance Cavalry - Celica's Army - Kamui - Sword Infantry (to complete the Valbar trio) - Alm's Army - Luthier - Red Tome Infantry (to go with Delthea) - The Sacred World - Duessel - Axe Cavalry (although I personally want Gilliam - Lance Armor) - Dauntless Crimeans - Kieran - Axe Cavalry - World of Holy War - Lex (for rare axe cav) or Azelle (Red Tome Cavalry for relation to Arvis) - Children of Fate - Midori - Bow Infantry (child of an all-paths character to balance out the Hoshido-Nohr duality of the banner when Rhajat is counted.) - World of Dawn - Edward - Sword Infantry (get an actual Dawn Brigade member) - Sacred Memories - Natasha (Staff Infantry) or Knoll (Red Tome Infantry) - Fallen Heroes - Fallen Gunter - Axe Cavalry - The Branded King - Flavia - Axe Infantry (current Kahn, to mirror how Chrom is the leader of his region) or Gangrel - Dagger Infantry (contrast to Chrom. Also he 'fell' to a lower standing in the Spotpass maps which explains the lower rarity) - World of Thracia - Linoan - Staff Infantry (don't know much about Thracia but she's pretty requested) - Wings of Fate - Kiragi - Bow Flier - Genealogy - Tine - Blue Tome Infantry - Scattered Fangs - Harken - Sword Infantry (personal bias but Vaida Lance Flier works too) - Ylissean Travelers - Gregor - Sword Infantry or Miriel - Red Tome Infantry - Doorway to Destiny - Erinys - Sword Flier - Nohrian Dusk - Forrest - Staff Cavalry - Adrift - Arete - Red Tome Cavalry - Rulers of the Laguz - Rafiel - Red Beast Flier - Kitsune and Wolfskin - Volug - Colourless Beast Infantry (well Panne is randomly here since this is just a 'all the other beasts' banner. Plus Volug is a wolf so he's closer to the Wolfskin than a Taguel) - Beyond Darkness - Dieck - Sword Infantry (Melady seems more of a 5* unit) - Out of Gallia - Muariam - Green Beast Infantry (not exactly sure if Gallian, but Haar is random, too. His race is closer to Gallian laguz though). Or Lyre (Red Beast Cavalry) I guess - Darkness Within - Fallen Garon as with Bolverk? - Axe Armor (he seems throwaway enough to not be a premium 5 star). or Fallen Lyon. Red Breath infantry - From a Future Past - Laurent - Green Tome Infantry (so all the kids are in, in some way or form) - Three Houses - Seteth - Lance Flier/Flayn - Staff Infantry for Church rep or Cyril - Axe Flier for something that's closer to that rarity - Changing Winds - Dedue - Axe Armor - Heir of Light - Patty - Dagger Infantry or Ulster - Sword Infantry
  14. @Zeo Oh nice Roy. Still don't he him to complete the CYL 1 set and I was baited in trying all the red stones but nothing @mampfoid oh WOW, so much luck for you in the banner, congrats! So had a bit of mixed pulls. Got a free Mia in the Idunn banner, although she's +Res/-Atk but hey she is new. but then there were 3 other reds and I was baited in wasting my orbs. Then got baited opening the whole circle for the last ticket for the NY banner. 4 blues...and the last blue was my 3rd pitybreaker Mordecai.. also +Spd/-Res like my current one... Then tried last YOLOs for the legendary Celica banner. Finally cleared a 9% rate in my main at least, with a +Def/-Spd Thrasir. Unfortunate nature aside, at least she's new and I got a limited green unit, and getting a limited unit in a legendary is a win. No last minute 5 stars for second account though.
  15. @Zeo Wooo congrats on the superboon Ross! Got a +Spd/-Res one on my second account, finally a useful boon. Better than the HP one anyway. Did some frustrated pulls today to try and take out my annoyance at my laptop's hard drive not working anymore. Blew all my orbs and got nothing on my main, but I did at least get a 8% +Atk/-Def Edelgard on my alt which is nice, so that's something I suppose. Still a bit salty in general today though..
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