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  1. Huh they finally added Rend Heaven from Fates in the game, although translated different and with a weird anti-beast/dragon effect. Rend Heaven is a cooler name though. Rapid Waters? Also I now feel a little better for failing to get Summer Cordelia for Dull Close Luke memes. At last I just need a spooked extra Edlegard rather than waiting another year. No one I'm really that connected to get or must-have in terms of skills, which is good since I still need to recover my orb stash. I guess I;'ll try free summoning Claude > Edelgard then maybe Byleth if no green/colourless
  2. Funny you say that, that bow flier gave me the most pain since she was always the last one standing and would always just KO F!Grima exactly with 3 damage, or exactly KO Aversa by 1 damage even with Morgan's Spur Def/Res + Drive Def to make up for the bow weakness. Took me a while to get the idea and have Aversa attack the swordie instead of the green mage and have male Grima move closer to his female counterpart for more Ward support.
  3. To be fair this actually doesn't happen, I just find it funny that the Grima's defeat their child counterparts (Male Robin gives birth to female Morgan and vice versa). As for Noire, she's usually just an infantry archer but can promote to a bow knight. Recent trends mean they give colours to newer archers, so maybe a red archer? (Infantry or mounted, but I guess mounted means she'd be different at least.) Brady maybe a jack of all trades stat-wise but he's pretty solid. Hope you get him soon, he's a pretty fun character! @Anacybele No worries, I just tried things and don't realise these things as well sometimes and only find out after much trial and error and figuring out why the last attempt was different.
  4. Sigh, did a stupid and went from 70 orbs to 3... Pulled the most frustrating +HP/-Atk Summer Gaius (ugh superbane with 26 Atk...) while looking for a Summer Frederick for no reason Then just randomly tried for another Summer Cordelia and a Summer Wolt here and there So much for L!Alm/Takumi saving, but I guess i was also bored/impatient. Oh well.
  5. Late reply time! @Zeo Amazing clears, Matthew has evolved so much, and seeing the Special Spiral + healing combo is such a highlight! Spy's Dagger didn't disappoint. Feels weird to see him without Aether but you made it work! That said, Morgan clear didn't disappoint either, I was looking forward to this the most. Ninian sure hit that bow flier hard! Morgan sure faced himself easily, even if facing his female would've been a bit tricky, warping Amelia was there to help out. I don't see a lot of female Robins, but I sure enjoyed her role in the last video. Female Morgan just breezed through the map (it's like it was made for her....I mean it's her BHB I guess). Also love that dramatic pause when Morgan unleashed his special. Owain maybe a slightly different Ayra but he's fun to use (and listen to!). Hope you enjoy him if you end up playing with him more. @DLNarshen Thanks! Loved seeing Julius in action, his special lines are awesome and he just tanked Morgan's Iceberg like nothing! And he returns to he map to flex even more with some Aether shenanigans! Great choice in the Awakening enemy phase music as well for the first vid! @Alexmender Those extra points of Res compared to his mother really mattered in this clear haha! I never thought I'd be glad that Gerome had Fortress Def in his native kit! Halloween Myrrh is such a monster of a unit, she is so useful during arena runs for me. DC is a no brainer on her, and with your cheerleaders, the enemy stood no chance! @Jave I like how you had a summer theme with your team (even if Azura isn't exactly summer, her Prayer Wheel pretty much summons the sea!). I like how Lyn would have done exact damage on flier Morgan if she didn't have a special haha. Tiki is also a great flier with her 'Breath' Breath. @LordFrigid Vantage Caeda solo was a beauty to watch! Double the Caedas and Olwen action was also enjoyable to see. @Nanima Awww I wish you could have given Wolt to me instead haha, but Skadikumi sure caused some chaos with his new toy! Vantage + Brazen is such a fun combo. Love the music in the princesses clear. Hinoka must've been proud of her sister(s) that they could hold their own without much intervention. Love the bow flier being destroyed by OG Sakura. Poor male Morgan being so susceptible to fliers at the start. Poor raven mage thought he would have colour advantage but was too scared of the ladies haha. Sakunyan tanked that Iceberg like a boss. Also good luck in the internship, breaks from the game are sometimes necessary anyway and yeah comments can be a bit time-consuming- should I stop tagging you in the meantime? @Anacybele Love those premium skills on Silas haha, unfortunately he could only do so much with so much mages on the enemy team but still nice to see him. Effective way of using your favourites, nice to see a strong Kaze (that Atk Smoke really helped him survive that bow flier). @Landmaster Tanky Kana time! I like how they were trying to prove they were the superior avatar's child unit for this map. Velouria also spread some mayhem, she's such a strong unit. @mampfoid Sadly no Lance Valour, just gotta grind in the weekends really. Yeah Owain maybe be a swordie, but he's still quite fun to use, and his Bond playstyle works well in tight maps like these. Love the themed GF clear! Always nice to see Brave Lucina. I hope you get more Cordelia's soon! Love Chrom's Smite start! @daisy jane Does your phone have much storage left? Sometimes lag happens when there's not much space. Sounds like your flier team dominated the tactician kids, so jealous you have a Skylivia. Flying Gravity is also a really powerful strategy. Also sounds like Celica blew things up, nice that you got her with a great nature, too. She must've enjoyed having those flying dancers cheer her on. It's amazing how we only have just 1 lance dancer (OG Azura) as well...with Azura already having 2 flying dancing alts I guess flying lancer will be her niche, too. @Diovani Bressan Oooh Saizo strats! And Mordecai as well! Love the debuff strategy. Those Bonfires hurt. So lucky you have Close Counter...I foolish wasted orbs out of a whim so I hope I can get Takumi quickly. Such a great skill for dagger users. @Ginko @SatsumaFSoysoy @NegativeExponents- --- Now for more themed videos, since I love getting to use characters from my first FE game πŸ˜„ Firstly is a fun theme clear of my favourite Awakening kids (Performing trio + Noire - still waiting on normal Noire IS... 😞 ). Team is neutral Brady, +Spd/-HP Owain, +Res/-Def Performing Inigo and +Atk/-Res Summer Noire Music is Sky Blue from the King of Fighters XIV -Brady makes his debut...and immediately gets reduced to 1 health lol, but he sure did well tanking that Iceberg thanks to his Atk/Res Push plus the Distant Def seal. Owain's Spur Spd/Def also meant the Raven mage decided to stay back for Turn 1. -Noire had to be hit by Morgan's Atk Ploy just so she is in a position to snipe the Dark Flier next turn, so I had to give her Atk/Def Bond to make up for the debuff (would leave her in single digit health otherwise). The bowbreaker mage was a bit annoying so had to be careful with her movements, Swap was a key assist to snipe the fliers. -Owain once again stars with the important task of deleting ranged enemies quickly. (also it's his birthday recently!) -Inigo needed Darting Stance to avoid a second hit/Moonbow from the green mage. -- Next is a Grima Emblem clear...which also counts as Amnesia Emblem now that I think about it.. Team is neutral Aversa, +HP/-Def Male Morgan, +Spd/-HP Male Grima and +Atk/-Res Female Grima Music is Pulsation from Samurai Shodown (2019) - Aka possessed parents discipline their children for not listening to Grima. - Aversa was a key anchor unit with Guidance ferrying male Grima in key points while nuking the melee units from afar. - Female Grima shows her tankiness, with support from Ward Fliers/Dragons to keep her health up. Vantage + Brazen Atk/Res scared Male Morgan away. She needed male Grima's Ward Dragons in the final turns as the bow flier would just KO her, this also meant the bow flier would target make Grima instead for a pathetic 1 damage! Her Res Smoke was also a key skill, allowing Morgan/Aversa to deal more damage, while Morgan buffed the team with Grima's Truth. Turn order was very important in the final turns. - Also male Grima sure tanked Morgan's Iceberg like a champ, he deserved the final blow!
  6. @Zeo Awesome pull (and I guess pulls that went under the radar, too!) Makes me want to go and try for him too despite the colour share, but nice that the game finally gives you a bit of closure/reprieve!
  7. @Zeo That's great, awesome news it's great when you finally get things that you want, even if they come late. Your SS Matthew sure is something in the latest BHB but it would still be nice to see the new Seal (and maybe Seashell?) appear in a legacy video one day. (Saw your BHB vid will do a proper long post with other video comments when I have more time tomorrow). Still, nice to get a sense of closure! Really hope you get your girl soon though, maybe it's the game's way of welcoming you back even for a little bit. Hope Hector doesn't block you too much, but at least DC is not the worst pitybreaker.
  8. @mampfoid Oooh congrats on those 5 stars, especially the nice Julia! πŸ˜„ @daisy jane @Landmaster So Morgans BHB gave me Male Robin...at 3 star. Close enough hah Then with the New Power banner, went for a free summon on my main and.. I've got my 2nd Luke LOL!!! This is the second time he was in the first circle (well in my free one this time). +HP/-Spd, so I can finally get rid of my +Res/-Atk one (I don't think I have anyone that desperately needs Panic Ploy?) Funny thing is I kind of want to build him now lol, since +HP works with his refine. Well...if I give him Divine Dew anyway heh.
  9. Special Spiral? Oh I can't wait to see what it is. Great to see you finally fully unlocked his potential, from what it sounds like! Don't think Idunn has any bonds with anyone to qualify for a BHB...although maybe Fae I guess?
  10. Two timelines intertwine and we get a M&M battle! Lunatic Map Infernal Map Enemy stats: --- @mampfoid @Zeo @daisy jane @Landmaster @Rafiel's Aria @Nanima @Ginko @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @NegativeExponents- So just a quick early video since I was waiting to do this theme for a while- have a Justice Cabal themed clear! Team is +Spd/-HP Owain, neutral Cynthia, +HP/-Def Male Morgan, neutral Gerome) Music is Spread the Wings (Rock Howard theme) from Garou: Mark of the Wolves For those who haven't played Awakening, the Justice Cabal is the childhood hero group that Owain and Cynthia formed when they were kids (Gerome was a part of it when he was young as well). Also, Male Morgan becomes a new member of the group with Owain and Male Morgan's support. -Since there were no enemy horses, I changed Gerome's axe to the Emerald axe to help survive against female Morgan's special. (Even then he needed M!Morgan's Def Tactic, Warding Stance, Fortress Def, Cynthia's Goad Fliers AND a +2 Res from Cynthia's C support to survive both F Morgan and the axe flier). -Similarly, Cynthia would just swoop in squishy units so she didn't need Firesweep Lance's sweep effect, so I gave her Killer Lance for this. Sadly I had no SP for a Spd refine Slaying Lance so I had to make do with a cheaper LaD + Spd+3 seal to double Male Morgan. -Owain and Male Morgan show the power of bonds to deal with the left side. Morgan's Spur Def/Res + Def Tactic helped Owain survive hits. He also bravely takes on the weapon triangle disadvantage to take a hit from his female version, activating his teleporting powers in the second half to get away from trouble quicker.
  11. Ooof I know that feel >< (Is it me or is the forum not saving posts properly anymore? A post I was going to edit later (so I left it as a draft) disappeared the next day...) And yeah juggling multiple gatchas is suffering haha. Good luck on your summer course! @Rafiel's Aria Thanks! Actually I didn't notice the whole Cain and Abel personality thing, but that makes sense haha
  12. Or give Ayra Armoursmasher? πŸ˜› but yeah Idunn is pretty annoying when you don’t have a blue unit and even then, it’s best to take her out in the enemy phase
  13. @Zeo Nice welcome back for the Morgan team with some funky music! Love how you used the back of the map to split the forces (and the couple) apart, and great use of the mountain on the right. Using Amelia with her shiny new axe was a great solution to the chokepoint! @SatsumaFSoysoy Oh wow didn't expect Kagero to be smited like that! She just demolished that army without a sweat. How are you liking her new dagger? @mampfoid Oooh love the Armored Blow theme! Love the offensive Quadzura even more! Nice Tibarn debut as well, the ruler of the skies couldn't care less about that annoying land terrian. Hope to see more themed GF clears soon πŸ˜› (once you get more Cordelias) Nice to see Oliver and his co again! Doubling Oliver is a sight to see and Walhart just walked in that army like nothing. Love Stahl's duel at the end though, nice use of his new weapon! There's something familiar about the way you do this map...and you'll see. @Nanima Sunkumi once again shows how crazy a flying archer is at sniping things from the sky. Takus made short work of the map, before I knew it, it was over! Never getting tired of flying healer shenanigans for the princesses, or Sakuras dishing out massive damage. Also nice to see Sakunyan take more of a spotlight in the stars clear! @Landmaster Ooo I love evil-themed teams. Celica brushed off that lancer, while Hardin took that Caeda hit like a champ and it's nice to see both Grimas work together. Husband team was unexpected, but wow Keaton just wrecked things. At least the other husbands contributed against Marth, and hey always nice to see Lon'qu! @Alexmender Nice to see Idunn in action, damn she's bulky- shrugging off both effective weapons (Wing Sword and Falchion!). DC really makes her shine. @daisy jane @NegativeExponents- @Ginko @Rafiel's Aria and because of some characters featured @ruruo @Johann Would've uploaded these earlier, but the program I was using decided to not work with me for a few nights. Anywho, let's go to an Archanea clear! Time for the OG Christmas cavaliers and the headbanded recent VG participants to show their stuff! Team is +Atk/-Res Cain, +Atk/-Res Abel, +Def/-HP Jeorge and +Spd/-Res Barst Music is Path of the Hero King from the Fire Emblem Fates version - Can I say how annoying the chokepoints are when baiting with melee units? Had to make creative use of Barst's muscly arms and do offensive Reposition strats to throw Cain forward in the fray, sniping the green mage instantly to start the battle. (funnily similar to how mampfoid started with Walhart). "A cavalier never retreats!" Cain says after using Drag Back, then 'tactically retreating' to safety (again thanks to Barst). - Jeorge makes short work of the mage flier but had to keep his distance from the team because Caeda's Atk debuff is annoying. He also needed the Spd buff from Darting Stance to prevent being doubled by the archer because once again, Caeda is annoying with her Rally + Guidance shenanigans. - In contrast to Cain's opening moves, Abel steps up in the latter half to quickly delete our sword-wielding bosses. Caeda is a bit too speedy for Jeorge to one shot, so he can only soften her up so Abel doesn't get hit by Wing Sword. And yes, that wouldn't normally be a problem if I refined the Christmas cavaliers's weapons but Divine Dew is scarce. One day though! - Too bad Barst didn't get to attack much, but his Reposition role is very pivotal anyway!- Fun fact, originally I cleared this with Camus instead of Abel so he can attack the green archer back but I felt using Abel was more fitting. For a bonus, here is the original clear which is similar, but because Camus had Reposition with 3 move, a few turns were slightly different and it's more turn efficient. Plus Cain is on the cover and Barst actually gets to attack. --- And for something different, here some Branded descendants taking on their ancestors! Team is +Spd Lucina +1, +HP/-Def Owain, +Atk/-Res Odin and +Spd/-HP Ophelia. Lucina and Owain (and in extension Odin) are cousins and Ophelia is Odin's daughter, so they all descended from Marth. Music is Assembly from Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Again, chokepoints were annoying, so I had to rely on Odin's bulk to initiate the map- taking a hit from both Caeda's Luna and the blue flier's magic, barely surviving thanks to Fury, Ophelia's Fortify Res, Owain's Spur, Lucina's Drive Res seal, Odin's Brazen Atk/Res seal AND a C support with himself/Owain. That Res bane was biting Odin... (Ignore me pointing out Owain's seal early on, I thought he still had Drive Def from an earlier attempt). - Even with -Def, Owain held out in melee combat, even against the weapon triangle! Wrath also helped ensure he could deal with Caeda thanks to his bond + Blue Flame. - Lucina WoM shenanigans was key in both escaping the crowding enemies and quickly sniping in the end. (This was back when I was going to do the Bond refine but she fell out of use to justify the Divine Dew)
  14. I just wanted some alliteration. Oh and test out my new Restank, and it happened to be that the rest of my team was from Conquest. Yeah Beroc's Blessings + Ardent Durandal was an unexpectedly great combo. To be honest I just wanted to test Eliwood's support capabilities on Silas, and I was finding teammates with the same Atk and it so happened B!Ike fit the criteria (and is also a unit I liked and to use more of again). It took me a while but glad it worked out in the end.
  15. @Rafiel's Aria Oooh that's a neat haul! Brady seems to really like you as well haha, that's some great boons. +Spd is good for general purposes and survivability while +Atk i if you want more healing (or want a male Mikoto). Or maybe use the opposite boon of your Lucius for variety? @daisy [email protected] @Landmaster So how about those new banner focus units eh? Well I'll just free pull blue- at best i get a Nailah or Micaiah, at worst I save feathers on Killer Lance -> Slaying Lance (and I haven't promoted Gwendolyn yet). Main account- my first Thea! Correct game at least. 4* but +Atk/-HP which is neat. Second account- a free Tana! +Def/-HP which is definitely better than my old +Res/-Atk one (guess I have Guidance fodder now, don't really use her enough to justify the merge). Kind of forgot she existed though to be honest but maybe I'll use her now. So yeah I got two defensive pegasus knights out of this, which I am okay with πŸ™‚
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