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  1. Ugh I hate when the forum eats up the post... Anyway sorry for the delay, been a busy week, so gonna start with some comments: @Maaka Oooooh Gray!! Nice Grayforce action, I approve! The cav bonus helps but that 1 HP sure was something lol @Diovani Bressan Infernal's too easy for your team lol. Nowi still holds up pretty well and panic helped with the blade I guess haha. Kid Marth continues to show he's a monster against Abyssal. Love how you trapped that Brave Bow archer. @Alexmender Eirika sure dominated that quickly! Always a great showcase of great team. @DLNarshen Was looking forward to how you'd tackle this. Legendary/Mythic(?) Julius when? Love those Glacies procs and the Heir of Darkness vs Light was nice to see. Kempf is fun to see and Narcian contributes a fair bit! Spring Narcian was too fabulous? @Landmaster Oooh Palm Staff Elise! Looks nice next to Summer Elise lol. So much damage though, and Sword Elise Mirabilis sure provided some great support! A lot of 1 HP at one point lol. Kind of funny the healer was the last one standing. @SatsumaFSoysoy Wow Kagero's damage reduction sure came in handy against Seliph! Also love that Threaten skill on Veronica so Kagero can beat the archer @daisy jane Well done on the video! Nice to see Summer Fiora, and Myrrh is a monster! Bellringer looks fun to use and great uses of the 'Trio' skill 😛 @Zeo So I wanted to try a Sigurd/Deirdre clear but I just didn't have time. Needed to do at least one clear so here, have Leif finally welcoming Seliph to the Legendary club with a battle. Team is +Spd/-Atk Legendary Leif, +Atk/-Res Altena, +Res/-Spd Quan and neutral Ethlyn Music is Hero's Mission from Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Seliph joins the legendary club so Leif and the Leonster family congratulate him with a battle. Still, Leif shows why his legendary alt is a beast, even with the worst IVs he sure carried this run! Moving again is such a great tool. - With the damage reduction swordies on the enemy side, I found Quan and Altena's blue status really helped. Quan teaches his nephew a lesson in the weapon triangle while Ethlyn provides hone cav and healing support. Admittedly Altena could've done more but at least she got the final kill
  2. At the very least, melee cavalry have more of a place nowadays with Resonant Battles, especially with Lunge (since ranged units have to deal with the Obstruct effect from guardians). Well, it depends on the trench placement in the maps but so far my more successful runs involve the 3 move units. Bonus points for Frederick and Cain having WoM
  3. @daisy jane @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan Was nice to have a skippable legendary. Did the first circle of relevant orbs at least. Got a free +Atk/-Spd Peony on my main account. Then Draconic Aura banner came. Guess I'll hunt Keaton. Main account gave me my luckiest first summon circle: +HP/-Def Elincia as a freebie while +Res/-HP Nah for 4 orbs. Ironic since I wanted a red Brave user, and if it was a blue I wanted an Awakening kid...which Nah technically is lol. Then I used about 80 orbs in my alt to finally get a Keaton, with +Res/-HP. Then came summer 3H. I wanted Sylvain, and had 109 and 80 orbs respectively. It took me about 50 orbs and got a +Atk/-HP S!Sylvain at 4 star for my alt. On my main, it took me a nice 17 orbs to get a 4 star +Spd/-Def S!Sylvain! Then I opened the rest of the circle, got nothing. Tempted to try another session to remove superbane, got no greens so I pick colourless and out comes +HP/-Atk S!Dorothea! Bane is unfortunate but hey, dancers are always welcome! Think I'll stop there and wait for the next trailers to try and save again. It'll be tough but I shouldn't summon on Desert Mercenaries straight away...
  4. @Maaka Wow, nice quick one turn! Nice to see Duo Hector/B!Eliwood in one! Nice timing on the special, I wish I had many WoM fodder as you lol. @Diovani Bressan Wow love the use of Desperation. Now you made me want Bramimond more. Also Brash Assault comes in handy, might need to use it more in abyssals. @Landmaster Good thing Raven is fe7 lol, he deals quite a lot of damage! I see Forma BNinian has proven useful! Love the blue stars. Jealous of you Lyn's boon, too haha, providing some nice ranged support. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice MCs clear! I see everyone showing their Resplendent Eliwoods here lol (Drag Back is cool). Hector sure packs a punch with Draconic Aura. His weapon is great. Miracle B!Lyn though! So I usually avoid Abyssals because I don't really merged my units. Until they lock some Codes here, so I had to try. Well, surprisingly, I managed to beat it so here it is (which I'll copy when the actual LHB with the accessory comes out for reference lol) @Alexmender @[email protected] @mampfoid @daisy jane @BoaFerox Team is +Def/-HP Brave Hector, +Def/-Spd Legendary Hector, +Spd +1 Legenndary Eliwood and +Spd/-Atk Ninian. Music is Fin of Invincibility (Galford Theme) from Samurai Shodown 2019 - Abyssal? Meet Bonus Doubler with Double Hector! Omnibreaker and doubled mixed phase is very fun to use. Pair him up with his bro and Ninian and the rampage starts. - Brave Hector in particular needed to be +Def to survive the AoE from the axe armour in the end (poor Ryoma could only rely on true damage to touch him). Lector needed a Res boost to get as much health to survive the mages, while Renewal replenished some health back. Eliwood also had an important task of baiting the Windsweep thief because he couldn't counterattack.
  5. Now that we have Lance Valour manual, blues refused to show up so no Azura...i guess I'll wait for the second/last rerun.. (at least when blues finally showed up there was a Shanna, although didn't have orbs to open the final blue...) Decided to go back to VF to try and get a red orb then stop. After the free Caineghis, the red orbs were Tiki and.... +Atk/-Spd Idunn! Finally, that's absolutely perfect! Now I can manual the -Atk one for fodder! @Sock Puppet Ooooh congrats! Completing collections are nice @Shadow Mir Unfortunately you'll get what you get. Random unit in colour, random colour choice and random IVs. First step is to just hope you get the colour you want.
  6. Okay thanks for the input. One more question- I have a +Atk/-HP and +Res/-HP Caineghis and would like to merge. I use him both for AR defense (mostly to time out enemies with Wary Fighter) and also for just general gameplay (back to VF when under my control). Is Atk better than Res in general? Either way more HP would help with the tanking.
  7. Idunn is back, and I want too fix her -Atk.. ....and there are no reds. 2 green, 3 colourless. Even if I already have 2 Caineghises, it has been a while since I pulled colourless and I want a better IV Forrest. Mamori's neat but not something I actively aim for, so I pick the top right colourless and.... +HP/-Spd Caineghis. Huh. Neat, even if for this instance I wanted a 3/4 star lol. At least I can merge 1 Caineghis and still have DD4 fodder.
  8. So had a few dupes lately with good natures, just wanting some second opinions on what to do: 1.) Original S!Cordelia is +Spd/-Atk. Now have a +Atk/-Res one from the summer freebie. Is Spd better vs Atk these days? I guess Spd is great for the Repel swordies, but I'm still unsure of what weapon to give her (was using her native, but maybe I'll go Slaying?) 2.) Similarly, original Snowthis is +Spd/-Atk but now summoned a +Atk/-HP one. Loved using the Spd one before but now that I have Atk (and a superboon), which to use as a base for general or arena use? Or, because of her nice fodder, do I just use the +Atk one and keep the other one for fodder? 3.) Lastly, any ideal units that want S!Lute's weapon? I got a +Def/-Spd 5 star one in the same circle as a 4 star +HP/-Def one. +HP seems better overall and I don't really have the orbs to look for Atk or Spd, so just wondering if it's worth just merging the two to +HP or foddering her weapon to someone (a lot of blue tomes seem to have prfs).
  9. Been a while since I updated. @Zeo @Landmaster @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan @mampfoid Going back to last week, I tried for the bride banner YOLO to get a colourless tome on my second account...and got a low rate +Res/-Def Bride Micaiah! Awesome, Micaiah Emblem complete again and I finally have a complete set of tome colours. Then the Dual Seasonal banner happened. My main account's orbs stash was destroyed with the banner being so good. I wanted any of the blue/greens (only have Snowthis from the anniversary freebie and she is +Spd/-Atk so a merge would be great). 100 orbs down the drain. Nothing in the early days but finally got my first ever Ferdinand (+Atk/-HP) and Altena (+Res/-Atk) at least Then I went to my second account. First circle was meh. Though my 2nd circle gave me a +Spd/-Res Winter Nino, a +Spd/-Res Winter Sothis AND a 4 star +Atk/-Spd V!Conrad!!!! That was way lucky for a second summon, and that Conrad was going to be upgraded anyway so that's as good as a 5 star --- Fast forward to this week. It was time for the free summer summon. Results? Both dupes. +Def/-Atk S!Laegjarn for my second account (current is +Res/-Def, so this one is SS3 fodder) while my main got a +Atk/-Res S!Cordelia! This works, since i can fix my +Spd/-Atk one....just need to choose between Atk and Spd. Summer banner is live as well, and I just wanted any blue mage flier for my main for that summer freebie. Since that failed, I pulled blue for my mains... Free was Gwendolyn, 2nd orb was a 4 star +HP/-Spd Lute and last orb was a 5 star +Def/-Spd Lute! Well that was quick, IVs are iffy but at least Summer Corrin isn't my only offensive one anymore for AA. Then I did a final YOLO on my main to see if my luck continued, and got a very quick +Def/-HP Duo Micaiah! Tome/Micaiah Set is complete again...and funnily enough, with Oboro early in the banner and Rafiel, I'm only missing Nailah for the wedding banner but I'm fine not having her now. --- 4 star rates are great right? Well I tried to emulate that on my second account, wanting a blue melee dancer in Rafiel. Seems to be a lie in my alt, I've been failing to get him, and got a base rate +Atk/-Def Selkie instead. Uh sure, still no new melee blue dancer but this is my 3rd Selkie funnily enough. Now that I had the TT orbs today, I could finally try again to beat the 9% rate on the dual seasonal on my main account. Had to grind a bit after the first set was meh, then finally, a good 2 blue, 3 green circle. There must be something right? Well, at least I got one 5 star out of it- the only dupe, a +Atk/-HP Snowthis! FINALLY, a result, a dupe is fine since I can either merge into the +Spd one and fix he -Atk...or use this instead because Atk superboon and use the other as fodder. Still unsure yet, but glad this is over, though a blue would've been nice. Then I went back to yolo for Alfonse today on my second account and.. I got a +Spd/-Atk Duo Alfonse in the first orb! The bane annoyed me, so I tried the other orb and.... it was a +HP/-Spd Duo Alfonse! That's just crazy, two of the same unit at a base 6% rate!! This is the luckiest base rate circle I ever did. Now I have CC + SS fodder and the unit at the same time! So yeah, was a week or two of ups and downs but I think I'm happy now after some major orb drains... hope I can save again
  10. Yarne too can still GF if he gets HP down enough. I haven't really tried specifics too much because of the limited amount of tries but that's partly me thinking Awakening was a bonus because of Marth lol
  11. @SatsumaFSoysoy Ooh I'm in love with Altena's JP voice. Nice music too, close call with that Wrathful staff though lol. The tinks were satisfying though. I like her proud parents lol @Diovani Bressan I think you're getting a little bit drunk in power through Dominance lol. Saizo still continues to be quite strong even with the fairer battles, although understandably Cancel Affinity is a thing heh @Maaka Nice to see the whole family, and OG Fir back in the team! @Zeo @DarkAlf @BoaFerox @Alexmender @DLNarshen @Landmaster Team is +Atk/-Res Cain, +Atk/-Res Abel, +Atk/-HP Sully and +Atk/-Res Stahl Music is Tame A Bad Boy from the King of Fighters XIII - Christmas Cav dream team go! A bull and panther clash, giving each other full cav buffs. I forgot how much I enjoy Sully's special lines and how I like these cavs in general as characters. - Abel had the most Def from the hidden Atk/Def buffs from his weapon, so he was the perfect unit to bait the (sadly) enemy phase bosses. - Sully is the surprise key player tying the whole team together. Her Spd was important in doubling the TA blue mage (plus Chill Spd from Abel). She also has the most Res to take a hit. TA effect is nice against the Brave Sword cav. Similarly, Stahl's TA effect no-sells the brave axe, and his native Swap is nice for the tight spacing. - QP on Cain only so he can say his special line heh. He has fun lines (if only he said "Ha, Gored by the horns!" it would be perfect). Have another idea probably but will have to promote and train some units on the weekend to see if it works.
  12. @Alexmender Wow AoE Eirika sure went to town, and then Tsubasa having that Desperation effect worked great against Lif! Hilda sure did some work here and there as well. Fitting metal against the boss too hehe.
  13. @Landmaster Ooh Mirabilis debut! Gosh she's so tanky! She would make a good wall for Dance Emblem indeed. Nice use of the top island for the Elises to chill about for a bit lol. @Diovani Bressan Your team blitzed through it. Another Mirabilis appearance, she goes great with Saizo! @Maaka Nice Spring Fir use, she looks fun! Nomral Too bad normal Fir needs more muscles to get that HP for that Infantry Pulse, but hey Silvia works at least. @Zeo @mampfoid @BoaFerox @Landmaster @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen Welp had internet problems all last week so here's some late videos. Firstly is a video featuring the new Emmeryn. Team is neutral Emmeryn, +HP/-Atk Legendary Lucina, +Spd/-HP Owain and +Atk +1 Ophelia Music is Prelude (Ablaze) from Fire Emblem Awakening - Since Emmeryn arrived, I wanted to do a cross game team where everyone has the Brand of the Exalt (poor Lissa). Emmeryn on her forehead, Lucina on her eye and Owain/Ophelia on their arm according to their supports. - Emmeryn's Gravity, albeit ironic, was the perfect starting move to slow down the axe cav. As much as I wanted to use a damaging special for Ophelia so she could say her lines, I needed the AoE to weaken the group of enemies and Gangrel ASAP. - Owain needed Distant Def and some Close/Distant Guard support (good thing L!Lucina already has one as her C skill) to survive Gangrel. Speaking of Lucina, her HP superboon was needed combined with Ophelia's Drive Def to survive the axe flier. --- Next is a Mad King Battle! Team is neutral Fallen Ashnard, neutral Gangrel, neutral Travant and neutral Naesala Music is Mastermind from Fire Emblem Awakening - The Mad King Ashnard wants to topple the fake Mad King with the King of Thracia Travant, King of Kilvas Naesala and the other Mad King Gangrel. - Ashnard needed Close Guard from Naesala to survive the first onslaught. Gangrel needed to be in a specific spot so the horse mage would move to the right, which causes Naesala to stay untransformed. Luckily, Travant's Flier Guidance still allows the King of Kilvas to snipe the red mage as if he had the 3 range movement. - Rare footage of Travant doubling! Against an Armour Knight with Chill Spd but still something! He was also important in keeping the tin can busy for a bit while Gangrel sniped enemies with his Levin Dagger. ---- And here is an Awakening clear, featuring Anna's amazing tap voice lines. Team is +Atk/-Res Lon'qu, +Atk +1 Cherche, +Atk/-HP Apotheosis Anna and +Spd/-Def Performing Olivia Music is Conquest (Ablaze) from Fire Emblem Awakening - Cherche's flier status makes initiating the map quite easy. Brave weapon just too good. - Olivia baited the red mage for a bit while Lon'qu Repos her out to safety when the armour is nearby. Lon'qu needed Close Def to survive the lance knight. While I had Anna beat Gangrel, Lon'qu can actually ORKO him as well if Anna uses her Rally on him. ---- And lastly, here is Plegia Emblem! Team is neutral Gangrel, neutral Aversa, +Spd/-Res Tharja and +Atk/-Spd Henry Music is Chaos (Ablaze) from Fire Emblem Awakening. - There sure are a lot of red mages in Plegia (with some dark animations ,too). Aversa's flying status starts things off safely, while Gangrel baits the mages with ease as the rest of the team huddles in that north-western island. - Thanks to Aversa's Chill Spd, Tharja can survive a hit from enemy Gangrel while Henry equips Dagger Breaker because I don't have Dew for him to slow Gangrel's attacks down. A lot of Draw back/Shove was involved to avoid getting trapped in the end.
  14. Linde is the next hero https://fehpass.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/00003002000078/ Her sprite looks amazing, really gives off a Greek vibe.
  15. Got a free +Spd/-Atk Veronica in the Kinoka banner. Then today a +Atk/-Spd Karla on Wrath, much better than my +Def/-Spd one at least (you're supposed to be all about speed Karla?)
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