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  1. There’s an old edit of Camus. It was either canoeing or playing pool
  2. @Zeo yeah it’s a tough choice to pick but i guess you could break down pulling priorities in terms of availability Dancer Mic and Xander are only available for less than a month, with the former being one of the best dancers while Xander has the rare CC Skill these days. That said if you need a blue dragonslayer the. Legendary banner is good so do a few pulls on that first then go back to dancer banner brave heroes get rerun a lot and at least get one appearance in the legendary banners. As for the free pick it is tricky but consider this, there are no generic beast units for Abyssals yet so anti-beast is mostly for PvP like AR. The anti-dragon can be substituted somewhat by whatever blue dragonslayer you get in the legendary. Plus brave units are in the normal pool. then again, favouritism is also good reason. Love Eli’s art and him the most but my barracks needed Micaiah’s utility the most so even if i’m neutral on her i chose her since more double coverage is some i lack
  3. @mampfoid oh wow that’s a nice finish at the end! Made up for the initial pulls. Getting most of the banner already, I’m kinda jealous haha @daisy jane congrats on finishing Myrrh!
  4. Nothing noteworthy from daily summons this week, except I got an Ares in the Draconic Aura banner... a 4 star one. At least he's +Atk so I have a new base! Also was hoping for Micaiah/Eliwood in the first circle for CYL but got nothing. Just went ahead an picked Micaiah for free then since I'm low on orbs and would rather wait on a better banner than a 4 unit 3% banner (last year's CYL taught me this lesson..). Personally like Eliwood the most out of the batch but she's just so useful. At least I get to have fun having more dual effective weapons, blowing tin cans up in Magic Training and do fun shenanigans with Ground Orders. @Rafiel's Aria Oooh congrats on your luck! So jealous haha @Zeo Oh hey congrats on the Kliff, ironic how you mentioned him recently! Congrats on another merge on OG Lyn as well, more Lyns must be nice for you 😄
  5. Went ahead and picked Micaiah for free to complete Silver Emblem, plus I need more green mage fliers and always wanted her double effectiveness tome. Still no normal Micaiah but hey she's in the TT banner and the upcoming Drive Atk one as well so hoping for a free summon on the latter or something. Was hoping to get Eliwood in the first circle but nothing (and a lot of reds when Alm is the one I needed the least..) Oh and I guess you can summon all Micaiah versions right now if you're lucky. And Magic training is up so I get to have fun blowing up armours while training her. Kind of strange how having Yune in the background makes it look like I merged Brave Micaiah because of the background colour.
  6. @Zeo Neat video! Fae may have started out stronger but Serra sure stepped up a bit later (finally in the mood to join?) and it was nice seeing her duel with the dragons and the red units that threatened the chicken. The team sure has great synergy with one another and Eliwood sure brings Azura's buffs to a whole new level (kind of funny seeing how this is the Azura LHB)
  7. Ah no worries, these threads have multiple clears that can be time consuming to watch all. But yeah was really proud of Saber and how far he came from being just the bad pitybreaker. Kliff was super bulky and is good with Brazens, I should use him more though, I forgot he existed for a while since he's not a big nuke like Ophea/F!Delthea. Still pretty fun to use though with Saggitae.
  8. @Zeo @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy @Rafiel's Aria @Azuris @Ginko @mampfoid @Alexmender @Landmaster Kana is back and I acquired some Fates beast since the last rerun, so its time to unleash the beasts agains the Dragon Spawn! Team is neutral Selkie, +Def/-HP Velouria, +Atk +1 Shiro and +HP/-Def Rhajat Music is Brutal Woman from Samurai Shodown 2 - Selkie is actually really against dragon units, although she had to be really careful against the archer and the green mage's Moonbow. She needed Brazen Atk/Def to survive an arrow. Just had to figure out when not to attack since I didn't want Kana to activate the Brazen + Wrath. Her cav movement was really useful in sniping him out. - Velouria was mostly support but she also dished out damage when she needed to. She supported Shiro so he can have a quicker Ignis bomb against the red dragon. Rhajat's wolf tome felt satisfying to use against the bow knight, who can be a threat with that range.
  9. @Zeo @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy @Rafiel's Aria @Azuris @mampfoid @Alexmender @Landmaster So after so many months I could finally redo this map (and actually record it without the player crashing!). I was waiting on this map the most hoping for a rerun, and I couldn't quite exactly clear it like I did originally, but this is close enough. It's Grima Emblem vs Julius (or alternatively, Julius's Dreadlords vs Grimleal- funnily enough Aversa summons Dreadlords in her first map in Awakening, too) Team is neutral Aversa, +Spd/-HP Male Grima, +Atk/-Res Female Grima and +HP/-Def Male Morgan Music is Encirclement from Bleach soundtrack - Morgan and female Grima had the important task of keeping things busy in the right side while Aversa ferried male Grima around with her Guidance. F!Grima's Brazen Vantage was key in this clear, and she neede the Def boost from Brazen to one shot the archer (this whole map was using the right specials at the right time). -Morgan originally didn't have Escape Route in the original clear, but I just couldn't remember how I did it exactly the first time. Still, a mobile buff/debuff/spur bot is really useful. -M!Grima needed Distant Def to survive the thief and also laugh at the blue mage near the end. Everyone was pretty low health by the end though so it surprised me to see the 0 damage from that blue mage.
  10. Odin/L!Lucina hungers for Def/Res link Silas would also appreciate Reprisal Lance Also more Hone Fliers! Sorry Sigrun, looks like it's the first time I'll fodder the 4* copy (and maybe use grails for more copies) Kind of funny how Sigrun has now replaced her Empress B!Sanaki as Def/Res Link fodder. (protecting her perhaps?)
  11. Oh right forgot to write it in the post, but it's Assassin Emblem, since Linus, Katarina and Beruka are assassins. Saizo is a ninja and can promote to Master Ninja which is Fates version of assassin, and ninjas pretty much do assassinations as well.
  12. Backlog time! @Zeo @Landmaster @Ginko @mampfoid @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @NegativeExponents- @Rafiel's Aria The tactician Saias is back, so I put some of my newest tacticians to test their skills. Also I'm sort of counting Byleth as one because I need a melee unit because his tactics gets praised a bit by a few units when I played, so close enough. Team is +Spd/-Res Male Morgan, +Atk/-Spd Female Morgan, +Spd/-Def Soren and +Def/-Spd Male Byleth Music is Saxophone Under the Moon (Iori Team) from the King of Fighters XIV - Trying to bait the blade mage is risky, but luckily enough Morgan has the perfect Dull Ranged in his native skill set, although he needed some Drive support to survive both the mage (being -Res) and also the sword cav. - Female Morgan was doing her usual mobile Ploy support but also needed to do some face tanking and keep the Drag Back cav busy. Flier movement was also useful since there was limited space for retreat strategies. - Soren had to ditch his Wind's Brand for a bit since he had to tank the Brave Bow archer with a Raven Tome for a bit, since my team was running out of space to retreat. Too many squishy mage tacticians! - ...which is why Byleth was MVP in this map, since no one could damage Saias in ranged combat. Also being +Def helped him later against the Drag Back cav, surviving with 1 health.
  13. @mampfoid Oooo GF beast clear! Wonder if the herons will get Galeforce someday. That Glimmer/Buckler thing was strange heh, defensive specials are kind of annoying though when enemies have it. Velouria GF is such a fun idea, maybe I should give mine that as well. Enjoy the holiday! @Ginko Congrats on finally getting L!Azura! Shiro will enjoy moving an extra step in the future! Easy clear for the golden duo while Kagero cleaned up pesky the blue mage that the duo is weak to. Bucket!Kaze is back! Time for Kronya to be put into place by the other daggers...like a fan, a bottle and a bucket! Sothe just lived her special, so it was a bit close but Vantage saves the day. @Landmaster So many avatar alts haha. Male Grima was the perfect started, he just shrugged off the north side pretty quickly. The Grimas flexed and taught Kronya how a real villain should be. Satisfying Byleth finish! @Anacybele Nice S!Frederick assisted solo! Again, showing Kronya how his seashell is a better dagger for her map. @Alexmender Ah Redhead Emblem against Kronya. Bridelia flexes her bow skills to show she's still a great archer. Barrier Blade Selena is still pretty fun to see though, I love to see tanky units. As for the Lyn Emblem, I always appreciate OG Lyn spotlight. As a fan of Brazen builds, it's really thrilling to see the invisible stat boost making Lyn deceptively stronger. Did S!Lyn need the Sturdy Impact to not double Kronya? Also, a lot of bows in the team! (yet no red bow IS?) @Zeo @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy @Rafiel's Aria @Azuris Team is +Def +1 Beruka, +Spd/-Res Saizo, neutral Linus and +Spd/-Res Katarina Music is WA (Villains Team Theme) from the King of Fighter XIV -Wooo Beruka refine! It actually came at a perfect time, because when I first cleared the map, she still had the Slaying Axe and needed the extra damage to defeat the red dragon (although that time, the dragon had less debuffs, so this time around the dragon had less health left anyway). Speaking of refines, Saizo also flexes his prf but he couldn't really use its effect too much in this map since there wasn't enough debuff chances. -Katarina needed to do as much damage in the first turn and since she goes away to hit then run, a blade tome was better than her owl prf. Linus had to bait out Kronya and I needed a strong melee attacker to deal with her quickly.
  14. @Zeo Congrats on finally figuring out Abyssal! Yeah Alm is insanely tough to one shot, NFU is kind of annoying when I rely on automatic doubles. Love how you used Ninian offensively as well. A shame your usual team couldn't do it, this map had some really nasty counters to your team, especially the Panic staff and the Raven mage(I remember I was trying to channel your +Def Genny when I tried this map but kept failing because he Res bane actually started to bite here) Serra's team is really shaping up, Absorb shenanigans are fun to see. Plus, Fae and Serra are quite cute together. Eliwood and Azura make for a legendary support combo!
  15. @Alexmender Congrats on Hilda! Go her on a ticket and she's really flexible and fun to use! Jealous of your +Atk though, mine is +Res/-Def so she reminds me of Anna with an actual Atk stat lol Nice on the bonus Special Fighter, too! @Rafiel's Aria Nice Reyson, and I want Ranulf haha. Reyson's are pretty rare for me, too but good luck on merging him!
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