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  1. Funny how Silque's staff came at the perfect time for those who don't have Mia yet But banner...YAY ECHOES! YAY SILQUE AND PYTHON!!! AND FREE CONRAD!!! Love the fact Python is a likely demote, since I'm low on orbs now and I shouldn't really prioritise a New heroes banner right now. Great art, too. Strange he's not blue (or at least red bow so we have someone red, but I understand him being green to bring B Tomebreaker in the pool (finally!). Silque should be the smarter target because more Witchy Wand+ staffs would be nice for AA. Plus I love her design and voice. I'm a bit meh on Forsythe as a character but his weapon looks fun. Glad to see Catria have better art but not really targeting her. Free Conrad is nice, although it's a shame he has no prf. Hope he at least gets good stats and Barrier Lance kind of sadly makes sense since I remember Conrad for his Res. At least get good skills, but I feel sorry for the fans who wanted him as Farfetch'd (RIP Mask accessory dreams).
  2. @Zeo eyyy!!! Congrats on Lancina! Glad you didn’t have to pull too much, she’s gonna be a great unit to use. Imagine her and L!Eliwood supporting B!Ike! so new orbs and BHB meant i had 20. Sadly first circle had no colourless so had to waste 5 orbs. Next circle had 3 colourless and 2 of them were Kaze (total of 4 now since this banner haha). Last was a Gordin at least i’m happy for Kazes and Atk Smoke!
  3. Yeah it's kind ironic, I was trying to think of a Sacae theme for a Rutger video, and it would've been nice if Karla was there and lo and behold she came on the same day so I'm not complaining heh
  4. yeah i was just rushing to get the 5 star. Maybe I'll distract myself with other games to let the orbs build up again. On the other hand last night I summoned on my alt on the H!Hector banner out of frustration despite only having 8 orbs. 2 reds, and 2 greens...would've been nice to grab other orbs I forgot but oh well- I pick the right red. +Def/-Spd Karla. Welp, rate is broken and at least she's new to the account.
  5. @daisy jane Thanks, congrats on your good natured H!Sakura though! She has adorable voice lines 🙂
  6. @Zeo Wow...that Matthew clear was just so...fast! Mampfoid would've been a proud at the speed of the clear! The Serra clear was also just as amazing, using her to tank Astram's special was something. Even better was when she easily shrugged off the mage flier. Morgan was a puzzle, and it was interesting to see Amelia use WoM to escape like that rather than warp kill like usual haha. Some nice Ninian spotlight in the end which is nice, too. Yeah Yarne is really interesting to use in Feh, even at -Atk he pulls his weight. Hope you enjoy him! My first clear used the Galeforce variants of Yarne and it was much faster and simpler, but I felt I had to commit to the theme. Ayra's debut was a bit tricky- I had remove the threat of Armour March straight away since getting trapped would've been a bad idea, thank goodness she can unleash some power through those Regnal Astras. Kinda of felt a taste of your Ayra in your clears.
  7. @daisy jane @mampfoid @Zeo @Landmaster So the time is here. I've got just above 60 orbs, and I just did some overtime so i really needed something good today. Jakob's not even exactly a personal favourite, but I just really wanted a bow armour and he is really good both offensively and defensively, and I sure like my armours and defensive playstyles. Free pull had no colourless. Great start. Draug is okay though. Then I got up to 3.50% with some decent fodder along the way, got a few Kazes. Then got a +Def/-Spd Norne at 4 star- she scared me a little bit but lucky the silver stars showed up. Can I just say how good having Reposition is in the colourless pool now? But for now I'll keep her until I get a better one. ...then I got 2 colourless stones. 1 was.... a normal Sakura. That pink hair scared me. Then I tried the other and.... it was Sakura again...the Halloween one. My third Halloween Sakura, +HP/-Def. Well.. it was quick I guess, and I can freely book her now with a meh boon like that. She'll be a good stepping stone to whoever's gonna get Warding Stance 4 in the future. Then I started grabbing all the quick orbs I took but kept getting the same units, from useful Kazes, to eye-rolling Clarines and 2 more normal Sakuras (I like you but not on this banner right now!). Got a few Kageros, 2 Nannas and a Legault which I'll take. But back to 3.50% again and I think I'll wait for more orbs again... there's still a month left...
  8. @Zeo OH WOW, on a streak lately! Been getting the Fates kids suddenly lol as for me, i'm so anxious about the ToD rerun tomorrow for my main, that I was bored summoning on my alt account to take the itch out. A bit stupid yes. Wasted 18 orbs trying for Leanne casually. Nothing but at least i finally have a good Lucius, +Spd/-Def. Then gathered 18 orbs. Then fell into the trap of trying to fix my -Spd Gray. Nothing again but I did get an Ares which is always welcome. Then tried again for H!Hector for no reason. Got a +Atk/-Res Seth which is something at least. Should really stop and save for Nailah.
  9. @Zeo Oh wow, congrats on the Yarne!! He's a really fun unit to use! @Alexmender Kinda jealous, H!L'arachel is probably one of my fave seasonals, such great art + voice acting combo. I wouldn't mind getting pitybroken by her if I visit the banner again
  10. Admittedly she has good art and adorable voice lines. And I got a +Atk and +Spd that I'm still indecisive on a year later lol. t's just I don't like getting too much of the same unit with colour-share banners. Also I just wish Kitty Paddle was refineable 😞
  11. Ooof can totally relate. Sometimes when you hoard you don't even guarantee that you get the unit you want despite saving up so much, so I just gave up on hoarding large amounts and have shorter hoard goals if I don't succumb to the temptation of bored summoning @mampfoid Ooh congrats on the 36! It seems like a lot for me these days.
  12. @Ginko Congrats in completing the dagger duo! @Rezzy Congrats on the Robin, that's a nicely colour-balanced team
  13. Mae really needs better skill rolls. I resorted to having both Atk/Spd Solo and Atk/Spd Bond SS just so she can have as much damage as possible no matter what the situation. Inefficient yes, but it's better than the Obstruct or a Atk Tactic for the 3rd time. Also Cecilia finally has Desperation. Let the destruction commence, featuring the Blue Flame of Ragnarok. Alm can also finally take advantage of Boey's Infantry Pulse after giving Boey a merge. Now he just needs a good special.
  14. Gonna refine her straight away. Awakening kids clears would be even more fun with her support capabilities. Plus I like her Great Lord look, and Kozaki art is one of my faves. I'm trying for Halloween Jakob while hopefully avoiding more Sakuras.
  15. so the first of my banner goals has arrived. Aiming to get a Brave Lucina, and I started with 49 orbs. Free pull was a Shanna, which is always welcome! The 2 other blues were a Lukas and a Florina. After that, blues became scarce, only giving me 1 blue per session. An Effie. Another Lukas. Then I think on my 4th session, i pick the sole blue and.. I got +HP/-Res Brave Lucina!!!! Finally! Funnily enough she's the same nature as the one in my alt account. As long as her good stats are untouched I'm happy. Opened the green to test my luck but got a Titania but that's fine, Guard is good for Rokkr sieges. I'm just glad I got her quickly, it took about 26 orbs. Now to wait for the other Halloween banner (the real test....) but hey at least TT stats soon and that banner lasts a month!
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