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  1. @Diovani Bressan Neat Saizo clear! Amazing how Edelgard did pitiful damage against him and couldn't double. @Maaka Nice! Bartre's muscles sure flexed against Dimitri's 'strength'. Soleil did well to just pull through vs 'Petra'. @Alexmender Wow jealous of Lysithea, such a nuke! Snowthis dealt with Dimitri in a flash. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oooh Summer Cordy! Can't be Cordy without GF, and the Drag Back was a nice choice. Eirika scared me with her low HP but good thing Priscilla was there. Very offensive clear! @Rezzy Oooh love that Leo action! Impressed with Camus as well, those trenches sure weren't a problem- movement assist skills op! @Landmaster Dimitri got obliterated by that wolf tome! Ouch Puch + Glimmer is satisfying to see as well! Oof Lysithea is scary to face, kind of fitting she battles Edelgard while Annette goes toe to toe with her house leader. Love the remix on the Sothis/Byleth clear. Close call with that swordie against OG Sothis, while it was great to see that Galeforce Hit and Run from Bylass. Healers are super annoying! Red mage is annoyingly fast but good teamwork in the end! @Zeo @Ginko @daisy jane @BoaFerox @DarkAlf @mampfoid @DLNarshen --- Talk about late but hey it's been a weird week- hard drive stopped working so I lost some early videos that I hard to redo. Firstly is Byleth's Axe Class (each representing the different houses) showing their skills in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. Team is neutral Male Byleth, +HP/-Spd Edelgard, +Spd/-Atk Annette and +Res/-Def Hilda Music is Blue Skies and a Battle from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Edelgard is the perfect counter to Dimitri, as long as the healer attacked her first. Because of Spd bane, she needed Darting Stance to prevent being doubled by the healer. Despite her Rouse wanting her away from teammates, Hilda's Def Opening and Annette's C skill make up for it on Turn 1. - Byleth's Creator Sword once again proves its usefulness by countering Edelgard's Axe. Vantage + Ruptured Sky was just enough to hit the 'Hubert' before being hit. - Annette's raw stats boosted by Fury is disgustingly amazing. With a Brazen boost and Hilda's cheerleading, she was able to crush through the 'Petra's' Repel with Glimmer. Hilda's NFU also proved it's use to soften the armour unit near the end. ---- Speaking of the famous battle, here is the Battle of the Hawk (?) and Lion with the respective beast kings. Team is +Atk +1 Tibarn, 4* +Atk/-Spd Hawkeye, +Atk/-HP Caineghis and +Spd/-Def Brave Roy Music is King of the Sky from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - The Hawk King (and Hawkeye) and Lion King (and the "Brave Lion" Brave Roy) participate in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. I didn't have any trained Hawkeyes so excuse his low level, but he had the important job of holding the Chill Atk seal for team support! (I trained him later after this video and the AI moved differently, so this version was the more interesting solution). - Galeforce Tibarn is perfect for starting out maps, and with his partner in crime, Galeforce B!Roy, the Black Eagles (sans 'Hubert') were easily defeated. Sturdy Impact is such a good quality of life skill for GF strats. - Caineghis needed both Lancebreaker and Swift Stance to deny Dimitri's doubling effect (it becomes a speed check hence Swift Stance). While Desperation B!Roy could have finished off Dimitri, I wanted the Lion King to finish off the Blue Lion leader (similarly to how the Hawk King finished off the Black Eagles leader). - Distant Def 4 is such a satisfying skill, denying the blade tome boosts. Caineghis's Sol was important to heal up during close call fights- although Roy needed to use Ardent Sacrifice to support the Lion King at one point. Sturdy Impact one again saves the day as the axe armour was very physically bulky- thank goodness for Tibarn's offenses. ---- Now back to Three Houses, let's focus back on the two houses in the name of the famous battle, here is a Blue Lions and Black Eagles-only clear. Team is +Atk/-Def Edelgard, +Spd/-HP Bernadetta, +Spd/-Def Annette and +Spd 1 Mercedes Music is Between Heaven and Earth (Rain) from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Edelgard needed to patch up her Def bane so the healer would attack first before Dimitri and avoid Dimitri's doubling. Otherwise, her base kit counters him well. - Sabotage from the enemy is great so Bernie can get stat boosts without getting damaged. Her high Spd also meant the Repel sword wasn't too much of a problem. - Mercie gets a nice boss kill against the Adrestrian heir, but also was key in dealing with the axe knight- shielding Bernie for a bit as she heals Edelgard. Also Blue Lions's Mercie defeats Edelgard while the Black Eagles's Edelgard dealth with Dimitri. Symmetry! ---- Now here is more of a mixed showcase featuring Bernadetta since she's quite prominent in this map. Team is +Spd/-HP Bernadetta, +Res/-Def Sumer Laegjarn, +Res/-Atk Flora and +Atk/-HP Sigurd Music is Blaze from the King of Fighters 2003 -Summer Laegjarn needed Swift Sparrow seal to cool down Dimitri in one go. -Good thing there's a Sabotage skill from the enemy so Bernadetta can activate Persecution Bow straight away. Then it was mostly letting Siguard tank the axe armour until Wary Fighter broke. ----- And lastly, for a last minute clear, here is Byleth leading the Villain House to participate in this battle. Team is neutral Male Byleth, neutral Kronya, neutral Flame Emperor and neutral Death Knight. Music is Chasing Daybreak from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Flame Emperor needed Lancebreaker to quickly deal with Dimitri in the next round. Luckily the healer damages FE first so FE doesn't get doubled by Noble Lance. - Kronya needed Swift Sparrow and Fury to one shot the Fort Def/Res healer while Byleth needed Fierce Stance to quickly deal with the axe armour. - Death Knight's prf actually is useful against 'Petra', denying the follow-up while QR means he can use Bonfire faster. Close Guard was also needed so Byleth survives Edelgard
  2. I kind of want Wrathful Staff fodder. Single colourless orb. Game: Here's a +HP/-Res Elise. Uh sure!?!? Now I only need OG Azura to complete the Fates royals in my second account (thank you free Takumi). Ironically I just finished promoting a Priscilla before reset. Her offenses are Elise-lite, but I guess she still has a place because she still has better Res than a -Res Elise, so yay? I was about to give her Gravity, too since I needed a Gravity cav. Guess Pain it is!
  3. Her dagger is a prf so sadly you can't give it to someone else. Congratulations though! Got a free pull Shanna. Desperation is always welcome, I haven't seen her in a while.
  4. @Landmaster Congratulations on Lysithea! @Zeo Sorry about the circle, hope there was at least okay fodder @daisy jane Grinded the new maps for 15 orbs, and I thought I'd just do the first circle of red and greens. Second account had 1 red. Seth, sure okay. Main account had 3 reds. Free pull was also Seth. Sure. Wouldn't mind Fir- green was Raven (he's back!). Then the other two reds, one was Hinata (always welcome) and the last one leaving me at 3 orbs again? +Def/-Res Spring Idunn!!! I'll take it! Okay game, I'll take it as an apology for that -Atk Idunn yesterday. Armour/Dragon protection is nice since I use armour dragons and I have Snowthis in this account, so that's gonna be fun! Guess I have to train Peri now since heterochromia team is now complete! Now I really need to save.
  5. Fury would go well with the Carrot Lance/Mystic Boost i hear about an Infinite Miracle Lewyn build with Green Egg as well
  6. They'll have to demote it one of these days (wishful thinking). Or have his B skill as 4*. yeah that's why to me Sakura is a little more likely to me. That banner is a bit tricky
  7. To be honest Halloween Sakura might be okay to drop, because even if she has a Valour skill, her weapon unfortunately isn't refineable and has low might and we don't really have sources of Warding Stance on its own. But then again, cute cat costume girl. Either her or Halloween Henry more than Halloween Jakob since he is still a great unit and only 'just been powercrept' by V!Faye.
  8. @SatsumaFSoysoy Super late but I didn't forget! Interesting how the red mage targeted Cordelia instead of Hilda. Did you feel Cordelia's resplendent boosts helped? Aether Hilda was amazing holding that chokepoint! Reinforcements appearing all at once was scary though lol @Landmaster Blue Elise continues to be a powerhouse with the self-healing. Interesting how you needed specific breakers but whatever gets the job done!
  9. Just thought to be safe for a multi-game sub-forum since some only play some games 🙂
  10. Also if people missed it, in the new TT notification, Bartre's skills are out. - Carrot Cudger+ (Narcian's Weapon but sword) - Smite - Obstruct 3 - Odd Atk Wave 3
  11. @Alexmender oooh great rematch! The existence of Peony to act as a second dancer with her Aerobatics is really useful. Denying Bold Fighter is so useful!
  12. @SatsumaFSoysoy Thanks for the suggestions, sometimes I have trouble deciding if I should go with lower turn cooldown specials or not. I love bulky units, so Conrad is great for me personally..I just haven't really completed his skillset yet out of laziness lol. I'm even more lazy on the DK though, I didn't even give him the second part of his AoE special since I figured I'd replace it with a damage special in the future. Definitely before the rerun. For one of the 3h clear comments:
  13. Thanks, good luck on getting Lyn! Hope things are well for you. @mampfoid @daisy jane I decided this is the best chance to get Idunn after so long, so I spent my 60 orbs. Main got a +HP/-Atk Idunn in the 3rd circle after 20 total orbs which is nice. Unfortunate bane but just glad to have her since she always colour-shared after her debut. Then on my second account, it wasn't until I had 3 orbs left before I left with a +Atk/-Spd Idunn. Mucccch better. Now if I somehow free summon Spring Idunn then I can finally complete the two-eye colour team with Ranulf and Peri. ...Sadly I tried again on my main for a better Idunn but just left with 0 orbs. Well I have decent fodder with a Hinata in there somewhere at least. Better call it quits and save TT orbs for the mythic.
  14. Okay so this is suppper late but...I had a lot of clear ideas so I wanted to do it in one super post. Firstly, some comment, but I'll put it in a spoiler for length: @Zeo @mampfoid @Ginko @daisy jane @DarkAlf Okay so I had a lot of creative ideas for this GHB. First let's start with obligatory 3H clears: Team is neutral Male Byleth, +HP/-Spd Edelgard, +Spd/-Atk Annette and +Res/-Def Hilda Music is Chasing Daybreak from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Funny how each House has a strong Axe girl in Feh now. Byleth decides to take these Axe Relic users to a field trip against the Flame Emperor to gain axe experience. A very chill field trip to be exact, as they all had a Chill seal on them to soften the Emperor's Ignis proc and slow down the mages. - At least that was the plan but the mages were kind of annoying for the girls so Byleth had to step up a bit with Vantage. Glimmer was also needed to secure kills and hit those mages hard. Hilda's Freikugel buffs were really key in scoring just enough damage to KO the mages. Hilda also steps up a bit near the end to deny Wary Fighter with her NFU - Meanwhile Edelgard just does beastly axe tanking and doubling the lancer by herself. BYyleth also had to let time pass, getting his HP back up with Renewal to tank the Flame Emperor's Ingis. Annette baits the Flame Emperor but is rewarded with a KO near the end. - Kinda wish the axe girls did more but maybe in future hero battles, since the map is a bit annoying for melee units --- Team is +Atk/-Def Edelgard, +Spd/-HP Bernadetta, +Spd/-Def Annette and +Spd +1 Mercedes Music is The Long Road from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Decided to try a clear with these 3H girls. Still unsure about specials for Bernie and Annie but decided to try and see if I can clear it with just their base kits and it worked. - Edelgard is made to counter the lance infantry on the left with all those Atk/Def buffs in her kit. Brazen - Bernie's Persecution Bow is great- Desperation with only a debuff? Thanks Sabotage mage! Annette needed Swift Sparrow to double the sword unit, softening him up for a wrathful Mercie. - Annette's Rally Movement helped Edelgard move a little further to bait the Flame Emperor in ideal defense tile conditions. While it was fitting to have an axe vs axe fight finish, I threw Mercie a bone to let her finish the Emperor since I love seeing Wrathful damage. ---- Team is neutral Arvis, +Spd +1 Legendary Eliwood, +Atk +1 Lilina and +Atk/-HP Myrrh Music is Assault from Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Double Bonus Doubler! Myrrh needed Fury to deal with the lance user asap, so Lilina needed Atk+3 to match her Atk so both could be buffed by L!Eliwood. Lilina at one point needed the Rally Spd/Res+ to survive the green mage from doubling her. - Arvis and Eliwood were mostly support but both were important in whittling down the sword user, although Arvis needed 4 more damage hence Swift Sparrow. It also helped that Myrrh was a Dragon so Vision of Arcadia works. -------- Team is neutral Flame Emperor, neutral Arvis, +Atk/-Res Surtr and +Res/-Def Surtr Music is Roar of Dominion (Rain) from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Featuring, the Flame Emperor, The Emperor of Flame and two Rulers of Flame. Here to show a thing or teach the enemy Flame Emperor what a true ruler of flame is. Actually I'm glad I kept both Surtrs (mostly out of indecision for the boon) because it was key to this clear. - My own Flame Emperor needed the defense get as much HP possible after tanking the enemy FE's Ignis. While Arvis may be relegated to a HP healbot and ploy bot, he was kept the other armour emperors healthy enough to keep tanking those hits as Surtr's Menace formed a wall of flame. - +Atk Surtr needed Close Def to tank those sword hits while the +Res Surtr relied on Brazen Atk/Res to survive the mages after Wary Fighter is broken. --- Team is neutral Masked Marth +10, neutral Legion, neutral Conrad and neutral Gerome Music is Zhe Prime (Nameless Theme) from the King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match - Since the Flame Emperor has a mask, I just had to do an obligatory mask clear. It just so happened I levelled up Legion lately, and with a boost to Attack he cleanly deals with the lance user. He then procee to bait the Flame Emperor, but it was important to keep the enemy occupied. - Conrad is super tanky, but slow so he needed Deflect Magic to somehow survive the gronnblade mage's double attack. Then it was a matter of running away to the corners to let Masked Marth deal with the mages. - Speaking of Masked Marth, he needed Chill Spd support to double the mages. Gerome steps up to barely survive the lance knight's Ignis and fire back with an exact Bonfire blast. M!Marth had to get rid of FE's Ignis before he could creep closer to the cornered Legion and a well-timed Aether meant M!Marth was free to do the exact damage finish. --- Team is neutral Flame Emperor, neutral Black Knight +1, neutral Death Knight and neutral Masked Marth +10 Music is Darkness from Persona 3: FES - This time, it's disguises since helmets aren't exactly masks. Had to really rely on the FE and BK's tankiness on this, with DK and Masked Marth providing support buffs. - Black Luna is still a really great skill and so satisfying to see after a Vantage proc. BK needed enough Spd to not be doubled by the red mage but also needed both Drive Atk and a Spur Atk boost to delete the green mage before being deleted by magic. M!Marth barely survives FE's Ignis but had enough firepower to defeat the FE. - FE needed Def/Res Bond and Ward Armour buffs at the start to have as much health and then waited around with Renewal recovery to be as healthy for the later stage of the map, easily tanking the final blue units. --- Team is neutral Male Byleth, neutral Kronya, neutral Death Knight and neutral Flame Emperor Music is Runaway from Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Now back to 3H for a Byleth + villains run. Since Byleth doesn't have Hilda buffs, he needed Fierce Stance to one-shot the mages on the right side. Then it was a matter of using FE to tank and Kronya to provided ranged attacks. DK couldn't really do much with those trenches sadly. ------ Team is neutral Male Byleth, +HP/-Spd Edelgard, neutral Kronya and neutral Death Knight Music is Roar of Dominion (Thunder) from Fire Emblem Three Houses - A final clear and once again, Edelgard is the perfect opener for the left side. This time at least DK gets some better combat and manages to use his Escape Route to move a little better through the trenches. - Again the main problem was trying to remove FE's Ignis so had to be patient and put Edelgard on a defense tile to get rid of the special, then Byleth finishes FE easily. It feels like Edelgard and Byleth were made for this map really.
  15. @Zeo @mampfoid @daisy jane So revival banners are back. Can I get a Deirdre this time to finally fix her -Atk? 1 green orb. Summons..... +Atk/-Spd Deirdre!!!! YESSS!!! Finally!! Although now I have the first world problem of being indecisive on whether I should use +Atk or +Res (which has been a lifesaver) lol. Still at least the Jugdral manuals are less of a priority now (even if Special Spiral would be nice)
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