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  1. Ooof jealous of that Chad. Still don't have him. Went a little more than just the first circle. Should've stopped there to be honest, didn't really get anything much. Kaze/Legault is at least appreciated. Should've waited for the event calendar first before bored summoning but oh well. I did get a +Def/-Res Tanya though on my second account so at least there's something new. Unsure how to build her yet but I love her spunky design.
  2. @Diovani Bressan Wow, love your use of Yune, those Glacies bombs sure are scary. Her 'tome' animation is so nice to look at, too. Also love OG Marth being in the team, too
  3. @Zeo Yune doing 0 damage to Fae was crazy. Add in Aether and she just wrecks things and heals back up. As for the Abyssal clear, your team was put to the test. Those high HP stats meant Matthew couldn't exactly one shot Yune, but it's nice to see Guard shut her down. Matthew must feel special being sung and danced to a lot, although the refreshers themselves had to take a hit though. Also, neat to see Eliwood be a little active and be more than just supporting as well.
  4. Hmm, guess I'll go green since I lack a green unit for making Thracia team clears, and some sort of DC is always nice. Had Dorcas on my alt, so Osian was more of a priority in my main. Didn't get him on my main, although funnily enough (?) my last 3 tickets all gave me Gunthers on all the single green orbs.. Well I was running out of Hone Cav at some point but three in a row is kind of...eh. On my final ticket for my second account, I actually did get a +Res/-Spd Osian! Kind of funny that he's also -Spd like Gerik, but hey I can use QR. Also +Res might be fun. Oh and also somehow got 2 more Caedas from greenless sessions...I think that's about 5 just from this week alone.
  5. Reddit has posts of the refines. So Mathilda got switch to Slaying huh? Clive gets armour effectiveness, which is neat since I gave him a Heavy Spear so I can just upgrade that. Looks like I need to use Supports more though for Mathilda to get more stats.
  6. Meh..not really digging the fairy aesthetic. Good for Thracia fans, and Tanya looks cool so there's another colourless in the list that I hope visits one day with Chad and Tethys. Kinda a shame OC gets shoved in the banner but at least Tanya is immediately more accessible. So I guess Thorr is really more for 'mode' side-stories huh?
  7. @Zeo oooohhh congrats! Same boon/bane as my Marth lol. A shame there won't be any videos to see Infantry Flash in action but sounds like fun @MonkeyCheez3K Congrats on the Caeda lol. Ironically I'm with you where Caedas are really rare for me all year, but for some reason suddenly I got like, 3 hunting for the other blue haired sword flier (Altina). @mampfoid A shame +Spd Sothis had to go but as long as you're having fun with Time Pulse! @daisy jane So I was so proud of saving at least 50 orbs waiting for the Feh channel..then I found nothing that I wanted from the new banner (congrats Thracia fans though!) so I just spent everything trying to get Altina/Sothis. ...and got nothing. Even did the BHB orbs quickly but came out with nothing but a 9% rate (at least it's not that high). Of particular note was suddenly getting Caedas now after a drought of many months. Also Morgan M. Actually both of my accounts had a circle of 2 reds and were identically, a Morgan M and a Lilina for both accounts. What are the odds? (At least I found a +Atk one for my main account to upgrade to). Also found a +HP Virion at least if I ever decide to build him. Well time to go back to stockpiling orbs again.
  8. @Landmaster Wow I love that flier dealing no damage to OG Elise! Really great moments in there, Hot Springs Elise barely surviving was neat, too. Gravity strats are so fun to see! B!Ike sure did a lot of tanking at the start for Ike Emblem, DC is a great skill for him now. Nice to see OG Ike in the mix as well, really solid clear all around. @Zeo @Ginko @mampfoid @daisy jane @SatsumaFSoysoy @Alexmender @DLNarshen Team is neutral Haar, +Spd +1 Python, +Atk/-Res Sothis and +Atk/-Spd Adult Tiki Music is Beneath the Mask from Persona 5 -So a chill clear for a chill unit. A lot of yawning in this team, everyone is known for sleeping (Python takes naps) so had to wake them up a bit for this clear. Haar did a lot of tanking while Sothis had to step up to deal with that pesky swordie that threatens my half green team (and whose Moonbow would defeat TIki). -So glad Python's Atk was finally fixed- it's really funny to get the blue mage to throw himself onto Python's B Tomebreaker. (Take that surprise Guidance shenanigans!). -Haar needed to stall enemy Haar for a bit while Python chipped away Guard's HP threshold. Could've done it faster with Sothis, but I wanted a Haar shadow battle. Python needed Atk+1 to chip just enough health so my Haar could unleash Bonfire.
  9. @Zeo Yeah Shiro is my favourite Fates kid, such a chill, cool kid. I think almost a favourite as Silas. (Even requested a sprite edit of him for my sig when he wasn't in the game yet). Oh and fun fact, Shiro's VA is the same as Owain/Odin, which seals the deal, I was so gobsmacked when I saw him in one of the first Book 2 maps when it came out since they weren't announced yet. Mathilda is getting a refine so maybe Gray soon??? Yeah Seth's weapon is pretty niche but also Spd Tactic is nice since it's the rarest Tactic skill. Once I figured out that Silver Emblem is also a Tactics team, I went ahead and refined it since I couldn't not use Silverbrand for the theme. Such a shame about his stat spread though. Oh if you want to see how the Silver Emblem's debut worked out as a synergetic Chill + Tactics team, I recommend watching their clear against Walhart's rerun whenever you're free. Glad you enjoyed L!Lyn stepping up, I really hope you do get her sometime. I think you'd enjoy the Sacaen Emblem team on the previous page because I think she did better in that clear with the Atk/Spd bond seal (she didn't even need Lancebreaker). But again, whenever you have time. Speaking of time, yeah clears and even comments take time, even just giving your really nice detailed comments are so great to see. Really feel those days where just recording clears isn't very motivating, but just gotta do what you enjoy and what time allows so it's understandable not really seeing more clears lol
  10. @mampfoid Aww sorry to hear that result. Has Velouria been working well without the skill so far? Going back to legendary is really tempting for me too, but I'm trying to wait for that darn trailer/FEH channel but it's taking it's time to even show up so I'm using my will power to hold on. At least I'm hoping and waiting for some kind of an announcement of something tomorrow. @Zeo @daisy jane @Landmaster Either way uhh, I forgot there was a new BHB with a new banner. A free Ephraim would be nice, but also would like Innes since Niles is my only anti-mage archer right now. Didn't get any green orbs, so colourless it is. A Tethys/Chad would be nice. Second account had two colourless. Picked one and it gave me a Kaze. Good enough, always welcome Atk Smoke. First account only had one colourless. I see smoke and... I got a neutral Loki! Huh, that's neat. I guess she's good for Light seasons in AR right? (although already light-blessed Veronica) Her staff seems like it will be fun to use.
  11. @daisy jane Who cares about weapon disadvantage when Igrene can use Blazing Wind against Julia's poor Def! The enemies being clumped together also helped
  12. @daisy jane Oof, so jealous of that +Atk Igrene (and Skylivia!). I do love the Fire Emblem: Three Dancers music. Really nice use of mobility, and it's a good thing there were ledges so Igrene can shoot things from a safe distance. @Ginko Hope you get to fix your Elincia! I kept getting -Spd ones, thank goodness for bane removal changes.
  13. @Arcanite can confirm Brazen Atk/Spd is pretty good on Delthea, was gonna suggest this but you posted faster. I run Escape route to be fun though and also because Shannas are rare now but Desperation is for optimal nuking also hi!
  14. @Diovani Bressan Wow, really impressed with that Nowi against Abyssal Altina! Marth was also a great choice, providing both support, and being effective against those dragons while L!Alm had a field day shooting things down. @DLNarshen Youcan read German? Wow. Love how you started with exact damage with Julia vs the lance cav. There were some nice dragons to eat for breakfast for her, Nice to see Julius doubling a few enemies, too. Nanna really shone through with both Gravity support and of course, preparing Altina for Reinhardt. @Ginko Yay Shiro back in Abyssal action! He sure showed Altina, going against her without a sweat! Even taking on greens and fafnirs and healing back up! Also Road Taken is always a nice track. Wasn't sure how you'd do it with Dagger Emblem but wow, Kaze's Desperation Iceberg pulled through! Those buckets sure did some work against those dragons, too. @SatsumaFSoysoy Ooh a Slaying GF B!Celica! Those GF procs are always fun to see, and at least you got Spd out of it. Kagero's Desperation attack obliterated Altina, and I love how Kagero kept the mage cav in the corner lol. @Landmaster Wow, that's some specific combinations you had there, but glad it worked out. Blue Elise had to step in in this map! Elise's Smoke Dagger debuffs sure came in handy for that boss battle though (blue Elise's 1 health though then healing up!), good thing one of the Elises was a dagger. Loved how OG Elise used the power of the enemy's Pain to her advantage. @Alexmender Swap shenanigans, woo! I love how your team moved as a unit to the top sides of the map. I love Brazens, so neat to see that it was what worked for you here. Eirika sure hung on after taking two legendary swords a once! @Zeo @daisy jane @mampfoid Now for my clear. Don't really have too much time, so this will do. I call it, the goddess of chaos brings turmoil by allowing Fates units to fight her battle. Team is +Res/-Def Yune, +Res +1 Elincia, +Res/-Def Summer Takumi and +Atk/-Def Legendary Azura Music is Hymn of the Righteous from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (truly my favourite RD map theme) -What better chaos than having L!Azura join Yune's army? S!Takumi is also along for the ride, riding the ocean's gray waves as he shoots many a pesky flier with her water-themed bow. I just wanted the orbs fast and after loli armoured dragons couldn't do the map because of the layout, I just went ahead and used my own flier emblem since there were a lot of fliers in this map. -That said, this was a whole team effort, while Takumi shot things down, he did need Yune's debuffs/Drive Atk, Elincia's Goad Fliers AND Azura's buffs to deal with Altina (Darn anti-archer skill!). Because the team was all fliers, Azura couldn't use Atk Tactic, but then this meant Takumi had to rely on his Res Wave so he gets the +6 all stat buffs. -While Takumi had the boss kill spotlight, Elincia was no slouch. Who cares if the new Mythic unit has a multi-phase brave prf? Elincia shows she can still do her Brave weaoon job- and even quad! She did have to get Darting Blow to secure some kills but it's still nice to see the x4, and her weapon pushing through the healer's Miracle. Flier Formation also helped her do some tactical melee sniping as she was my best unit to handle approaching archers. Her Swap was just a filler positional skill back when I first got her, but boy did it shine through in a map like this one where my team was being pushed into a corner. -Yune demanded a rematch against Altina, and while she couldn't directly challenge Altina, her massive Res meant a whole lot of enemies will get debuffed, perfect for her weapon and those Glacies bombs. Plus, she could just shrug away the healer's attacks to keep her busy. Also her attack animation is just gorgeous.
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