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  1. @NegativeExponents- Oh hey Legault! I was always unsure how to build him (or which boon) but nice to see him in action. Starfish is such a great weapon, I'm jealous! Perfect accessory, too. Zephiel is so tanky I wouldn't mind him visiting me one day. Too bad about no Nils but I hope you get him. Also hey KOF XIII music!!! Nice choice! @SatsumaFSoysoy Always satisfying to see Firesweep users countered by NCD. Cute theme with the singer singing cute as well lol. Felicia sure was lethal with her cooking. @Diovani Bressan Welp, Nowi sure decimated everything. Dragons still a force to be reckoned with these days I see. @Zeo Wooo, power couple in action! Appropriate music as well heh. Great to see the swapping thing in action. So glad you got the new FE7 units! @BoaFerox Such a great Ross! Such an absolute unit! Who needs Galeforce when you have a buff boy! TMS clear was fun, they're fun units to play around with. Seeing Ruse used is always so satisfying. Mamori is super bulky while Itsuki is no slouch. @Landmaster Elise Emblem OP as usual. OG Elise activating Miracle is always tense but satisfying. Vantage strats too strong. @Maaka I'm so jealous of your L!Leif. Galeforce Bartre though! Great clear. @[email protected]@[email protected] jane @mampfoid Now for my clears. Team is neutral Selkie, +Def/-HP Velouria, +HP/-Atk Yarne and neutral New Year's Laegjarn. Music is Full Burst from the King of Fighters XIV - Brave move putting Selkie within the archer's range you say? Well I need the red mage to be easily targeted the next turn, so I had to put Selkie in the fray. Her Sabotage also helps, and Atk/Spd Bond was useful and needed during that crowded melee combat in the middle. Chill Spd was to let Laegjarn double the red mage later on. - Speaking of Brave moves, Yarne also had to tank the red fox tome from the TA red mage, with some help from Selkie's Res Wave, Velouria's Ward Beasts and Laegjarn's Distant Guard buffs. This way he could activate GF and Escape Route to dart across the map to safety. Velouria partners with Yarne for quicker Galeforce. Anti-cav weapon was also very useful with the amount of cavs in this map. - And of course Velouria, she rose to the challenge in the second half of the map. Once Brazen Atk/Def activated with Close Def, she was almost untouchable. Great speed allows her double on both phases which is a lifesaver (especially against the green horse mage that threatened the whole team). --- Team is neutral Gerome, +Atk/-HP Cherche, neutral Cormag and +Atk/-Res Summer Tana. Music is Survivors Under The Sky from The King of Fighers XIV -Named mounts are Minerva (Gerome and Cherche), Genarog (Cormag) and Achaeus (Tana). Amusingly, all fliers and one of each species (pegasus, and two types of wyverns). -So glad when a unit's base skills work the best. Summer Tana had to give up her bladetome for that extra might against the green archer, so had to use her prf. Atk/Spd Push because she needed as much speed and power, but also she needed to tank later to activate Desperation (even then barely living thanks to Gerome's Ward Fliers and Cherche's Distant Guard) so Life and Death wasn't an option. Her -Res was also a challenge, but again, the Wards helped. -Speaking of base skills, Gerome was an absolute tank here. That's right, taking 0 damage all map. Guard was key to this strat, and for this, he needed as less damage as possible. Poleaxe was great for the many cavs here and Fortress Def was key in tanking everything. Thanks to Cormag's Def Opening, and Tana's Spur Atk/Def he could just take every attack with a tink. (Tana's spur was needed for perfect tanking, otherwise he takes 1 damage from the Distant Def bow lol). Sadly, because of the -3 Atk, he couldn't one shot the lance cavalier near the end but he had to shield Tana from the archer anyway. - For those who is saying Gerome is a worse Cherche, well he outshines his mother so much in this clear. Cherche's -5 Spd was too low for tanking, and she was a liability if I attack with her since she will be in the enemy's range, so she was more of a support bot with Fortify Fliers and Distant Guard. -Cormag puts his general stats to use. With some help from Gerome's Ward Fliers and Brazen Atk/Def he survives a lot of things. He need the Atk boost to punch through the TA red mage though (he falls short without it) but also needed survivability, so the Brazen was a lifesaver. Sacrificing a Silas to give him Steady Stance was also worth it (he should be honoured, lucky I like Cormag!). Surviving archers without Iote's Shield sure is impressive! I think Dull Close might have ignored the axe guys Defense buffs as well.
  2. Spring Nailah. A wolf dressing like a rabbit? So close yet so far. @daisy jane Believe me I tried for Skylivia on her debut and got a pitybreaker Morgan M... Did get Maribelle at least so that was a nice consolation but I was so mad at Morgan for a long time.
  3. @NegativeExponents- Hmm...Guard Lance + Heavy Blade maybe? As a sort of Special Fighter? Or Guard Lance + Brazens just to add even more stats when under the threshold, since he has a solid balanced statline. The Guard will at least protect him from burst specials. No access to more Conrads for Barrier Lance? Or Berkut? As for LAD and Close Def, the other option could be Life and Death plus Atk Smoke if you want more damage reduction that works on both ranges. It would at least benefit himself compared to a Drive.
  4. A bit of a higher chance in legendary banners. Speaking of.. @Zeo @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan @NegativeExponents- @Landmaster Woo Wolt rerun finally here! Admittedly blue and colourless are a lot stronger picks (don't have any blues or Nephenee) but for some reason despite not playing the game I like Summer Wolt's art and voice. And I want to make a green-hair archer team. Also wow I correctly predicted the banner, down to Mia and Nephenee for colourless So my main managed to get back up to 45 orbs (Micaiah bane-merge hunt happened) while my second account had 88 orbs. So it was a race of green sniping to see which one could get Wolt first. Pretty unwise orb spending I know but I had a target. I don't remember the rate for my main, but for these were my last 22 orbs- ...uhhh speaking of three 5 stars?!? Got Summer Wolt first and he is a nice +Def/-Res. Opened the rest since blue and and colourless are great, and I got a +HP Summer Lyn and +Def Soiree Nephenee! Sadly it balances out with both of them being -Atk but hey they were my other targets (already had Mia, wanted any of the blues). At least Lyn Emblem is sort of complete again (don't have the Feh pass but technically it's OG Lyn and I have her) although it's a shame both anti-armour bow fliers in this account (this Lyn and Kinoka) have the same +HP/-Atk nature. --- As for my second account? Sadly no 5 stars with those 88 orbs (to be fair I stopped sniping green at around 60 since I already got Wolt so I switched to blue and colourless). Very ironic to have about twice the orbs but get a 8% rate. As a consolation prize, I did get my first Altena +Atk/-Res and a second Chad to merge his bane away
  5. @NegativeExponents- i kind of like Enemy Phase, but that's my playstyle. I am having similar indecisions building Cormag but I guess for Heath, taking advantage of the extra Spd (and Res I guess for wyverns) seem to be the way to go. I was thinking maybe a Brazen, Barrier Lance build or something, but Guard Lance seems neat, too. Don't think Firesweep Lance suits Heath, but do you have Lofty Blossoms? For mixed phase, I have a silly idea of going Life and Death but using Close Def as a seal to make up for the defense loss. But I think I like the Guard Lance set better. I like that we are getting more physically defensive fliers (even if the stat spread could be a bit better allocated) or go offensive Spd-based Guard Lance set
  6. @Zeo Wow that's amazing news! Finally the game is treating you right again! That reminds me of your SS pulls, feels great when it's your game that you get lucky in. Perfect Ayra, too! Watch as you get Larcei @DLNarshen Awesome Ishtar pulls! Congrats! Lol at the Reinhardts @Landmaster Congrats on Celica!
  7. @Ginko @Sock Puppet Congrats on Nils! Hope you get hi, soon @NegativeExponents-! 😞 @Zeo @Landmaster @daisy jane So uhh no Leila for me but I did get a free 5 star +Atk/-HP Norne on the first circle! I was waiting for a good nature before promoting, so this saves me feathers. Colourless pool still continues to be....amazing.... with its 3/4 stars.. 1st ticket Priscilla. 2nd ticket Lissa. 3rd ticket no colourless so Oboro. 4th ticket- Priscilla AND Lissa again. ....I'll just think those 4 orbs where the price for that Norne lol
  8. @NegativeExponents- It's a Ruse in english (but yeah I get them mixed up as well lol). I just realised both Eliwood and Hector are +Def/-HP lance dudes- bros to the end haha. Yeah Hector is a beast but to be fair he also had Bonus Doubler boost from L!Eliwood. Hope you get them!
  9. This. I want Dart. or Harken and Oswin I could do a pirate theme with ex-pirate Barst, too. @Zeo I think what's off about Leila's art is PeNekoR is trying to accentuate her lady assets a bit more than usual, but in the process, her torso placement feels wrong in her normal art. See where the neck ends, and compared it to where her torso is, it feels a bit too far out from where the spine should be.
  10. Accidentally hit enter too soon so excuse the double post since I can't edit the post anymore. @Diovani Bressan Yup, Saizo just dominated that map easily. @Landmaster Flying Elise when? Those trees are a bit annoying, but Tank Elise didn't have too much of a problem! Also that's a lot of Lyns (and bows), Florina must have been so happy to see a Lyn of each colour! @Maaka Wow quadding Florina looks so satisfying to use! Hector sure had the important Smite action going on there. @Ginko Nice daggers clear, nice to see Jaffar being used since I'm not sure how to build him (don't have expensive Fighter skills for him). How is the Form skills working for him in general? Ryoma tanking that mage flier was scary though
  11. @NegativeExponents- Oh yay Brady in a clear! That's a lot of healers, great way to showcase Brady's survivability. That mage flier sure was resilient and nice use of Gravity to keep the enemies in place. @Zeo @DarkAlf @mampfoid @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen @Ginko So since I completed a certain set of trios, here is an obligatory clear with them. Team is +Def/-HP Brave Eliwood, neutral Brave Lyn, +Def/-HP Brave Hector and +Res/-Def Bride Ninian Music is Blaze -Part III- (Kazuki Kazama Theme) from Samurai Shodown 2019 - Recently got Brave Eliwood to complete the set so I had to do this theme clear. Thought it would be a bit tricky with having 3 blues but it turned out fine. Eliwood's Def boon in particular impressed me as he survived melee encounters with low HP left. Also Bonfire with Nini's Ice Lance seemed like a funny combination. His Rally + Ruse combination manipulated the AI to make it easier for Hector so that he can time his Ignis against the green mage flier. - Hector still proves how good of a mixed-phase unit he is while Lyn snipes from afar and deals with the green units Team is +Spd +1 Legendary Lyn, +Spd +1 Legendary Eliwood, +Def/-Spd Legendary Hector and +Spd/-Atk Ninian. Music is From Brazil from Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Pretty straightforward clear, I just wanted to have all the legendary lords together with their great art (and Ninian). - Poor Lyn tried so hard against Hector. The mage flier warping in only to be met with Lyn's bow was pretty funny.
  12. @Landmaster WOW HS Elise sure was tanky in that clear! I see Silque has been foddered off now as well lol @Zeo @DarkAlf @mampfoid @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen @Azuris So I had this fun theme in my mind but didn't know when to do it, then it just so happened that we have an Azura BHB in the reruns. So here's the Azura-dressers battling Azura! Team is +Spd/-HP Adrift Female Corrin, +Spd/-HP Adrift Male Corrin, +Atk/-Def Performing Shigure and +Atk/-Def Mikoto Music is Past Below (Flow) from Fire Emblem Fate - A team of those who dressed like Azura (thanks Adrift) take on Azura and Corrin. Mikoto probably is the least like Azura's dress but she has similar designs as touches in her dress (like the flower thing). - Dancer AI is annoying and Azura having Lunge randomly breaks Adrift Corrin's reliance on Bond skills. Had to have Adrift Male Corrin have both enough Spd and Def to survive both enemy Corrin and the archer. Which is why he needed Steady Stance.
  13. @Zeo Well, you got a father armour unit, so close enough! Congrats on your pulls 😄 I'd say go all in on +Atk, since Echidna handles the Spd stat better
  14. @Landmaster Aww shame on no Elise but congrats on +Spd Lucina! Better +Spd/-Atk than +Atk/-Spd at least @Zeo @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan So been getting some stuff lately. Yesterday in the Love Abounds banner, I managed to free summon a +Def/-Spd Vector! Really ironic since it took me so long to get him in his original banner with the opposite +Spd/-Def, but hey can't complain. Going to use my old one as fodder now, even if I don't use him much it's nice to get an optimal copy and hey he has great art. As for today, nothing from the Hero fest. I know there's a Tana/Innes revival banner and as much as I wanted to fix Innes's -Spd I couldn't open all the colourless orbs. Micaiah banner though....tempting to fix my Micaiah's -Atk.. First circle two orbs. Second orb was... a +Spd/-Def Tana! Kind or ironic how she shows up on the wrong banner! @BoaFerox looks like I get to try her out now! Also hey, congrats on the Tana, too! And B!Lucina! @SockPuppet Then out of 60 orbs, I caved in until I had 8 orbs left (RIP) but I managed to come out with a +HP/-Def Micaiah! Bane didn't matter since she'll be merged into my +Spd/-Atk one. So at least a happy result, I just hope I get stuff from the double seasonal without costing too much orbs that I don't have right now!
  15. I just realised the day they announce Leila, the Matthew/Hector BHB is up for the day and Jaffar on the weekly revival banner. Fiora is also announced while the Lyn/Florina BHB is active as well.
  16. @Zeo @daisy jane So uhhh another Hector banner. No green. Oh well, 1 colourless...could it be? +Def/-Res 5 star Matthew. I had to laugh, considering the banner trailer and it's Valentine's Day. Merged him to the +Atk one to remove his bane at least.
  17. Here: https://www.4gamer.net/games/369/G036904/20200213090/ Rath has really nice art
  18. RIP the chance of giving Nils a Solo skill so he could have a flute solo I think it's been a while since we had no red focus units for a New Heroes banner? I'll just use tickets for Leila since that seems like a fun weapon and go blue as backup. Best case I get another dancer a player while worst case, Guard Lance would be nice for Silas/Shiro
  19. @Zeo !!!!! Are you gonna have fun with a certain unit!?!? 😮 Okay unsure who to use my tickets on between the dancer or the dagger unit but Leila looks pretty fun to use. No Harken or Oswin means I can save orbs at least
  20. @Zeo Wow, your nephew's account is blessed! At least you can sort of live vicariously though those summons I wish you Lyn on a free summon on the legendary @SockPuppet I will! Valour's are always nice QoL things!
  21. @SockPuppet wow that's a lot of 5 stars, congrats on the haul and nice-natured Soren! @Landmaster Wow, nice new units! Perfect Igrene, too just pull on the Blazing Wind banner for fodder @Zeo @daisy jane So had some eventful pulls to cheer me up from real life stuff. Yesterday a free ticket gave me a +Spd/-Def Brave Celica, which completes my CYL2 collection in my second account Now? Back to base rate and I get a +HP/-Def Brave Ephraim! I as hoping to fix my +HP/-Atk one but I guess I'll use this one instead and book the other one for fodder. Then on to the Greil's Devoted banner. Any of the greens will do, and Ike is also welcome. Main account's free pull was a +Spd/-Def Valentine Mist! Perfect! Love her art (and a fan of it since Landmaster's video clears), and lately I did feel the need for more Green tome cavaliers. Valour is just icing on the cake. Pulled the other reds in case of Ike since I didn't have him in my main but just a Stahl and Sophia. On the second account, I already had a +HP/-Def Valentine's Ike from last year- let's see if I can get a merge? Green had nothing, and so I opened the other three reds ust in case...and on the last red I got another V!Ike! +HP/-Spd V!Ike lol. Again maybe better as fodder than a merge since boon isn't that great but kind of funny how I got him on the first circle again like last year. Also another +HP Special Fighter fodder on the same day. So much for Wolt savings for next week but still kind of glad from the results.
  22. Finally got a free M!Robin from a banner. +HP/-Atk of course but that's fine since I want Blarraven for PA Shigure (I considered Rinea but her support tome is nice)
  23. Congrats on the fodder, even if they had good IVs lol So I have a feeling Wolt will be in the double seasonal, so I should save. Then the BHB banner happened to have Hector and had 3 green stones. It took the 3rd stone, but I got a neutral Hector! Okay...maybe saving starts a little bit later but I risked it on a feeling and it was worth it
  24. So supppper late but I was on holiday when this map came out originally, so time to remedy that with my clears! but first some super late comments! @mampfoid Oooh nice Velouria debut! Azura being at 1 HP scared me though hehe @Alexmender Flash effect? Doesn't matter when you don't take damage! @Nanima Good thing about the Takus being colourless means you can give them any breaker (well not Bowbreaker for flying Takumi though). Looked like a smooth clear, trees don't matter and Cynthia being flying just sealed the deal. As for the princesses, your OG Sakura still impresses me to this day, and that well timed Miracle was perfect! Bow knights tend to be annoying in these maps. The last clear was also really impressive, Reyson with Hit and Run sure impressed me with his offensive presence while Sakura had a close call with low health in the end. @Landmaster Ohhh Cynthia theme. And Hero Academia music! That's so smart! Watermelon dragon sure had no problem tanking hits. A shame Lucina did pitiful damage but the rest of the team made up for it. As for the newer video (with a Cynthia theme remix), Broadleaf Fan sure looks addicting to play with (even if Elise holds it weird). Nice job of using OG Elise to finish it off with a well timed Miracle! @DLNarshen Nice use of Awakening villain music. Loptuous shows how it should be feared instead of Grima. He hardly took much damage! @Ginko A nice offensive clear, moving up the map with little trouble! @SatsumaFSoysoy Brave to have a mostly red team on this map! Seeing Sophia tank with 0 damage sure was satisfying, and Kagero showed off her refine very well (and just barely lived with 1 HP after tanking). Eirika looks fun with Galeforce, too. @Frosty Bladetomes solve everything! Seeing the destruction from Canas sure was satisfying, and great audio pun. @daisy jane Nukers and fliers sure do make this map easier! ---- Well that was a lot of binge-watching. Now for the actual videos! Firstly is the obligatory Justice Cabal clear! Wanted to do this the most at the time but wasn't in a place to record. Team is neutral Cynthia, +Spd/-HP Owain, +Atk +1 Male Morgan and neutral Gerome Music is Too Honest from Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Justice Cabal to the rescue and rid the imposter Cynthia! Unfortunately, Shadow Cynthia is a bit too speedy, so my Cynthia needed extra stats from Slaying Lance to work in this map. Her Link skills also helped support her team. -Gerome slays horses easily, while Morgan provides debuff support. Morgan also liked being damaged for a Brazen Atk boost to deal with some of the mages. Owain offers Reposition support at first but starts to show his heroic tanking skills later on. A Spur Atk boost was needed so Gerome can KO the nasty bow archer near the end. ---- Now enter the hero squad, complete with Arthur's heroic refine! Team is +Spd/-Res Arthur, neutral Cynthia, +Spd/-HP Owain and +Atk +1 Ophelia Music is No Justice from Fire Emblem Fates -Our heroes have arrived! Featuring the patron of Justice Arthur with his refine, Cynthia and Owain for their Justice Cabal shenanigans and Ophelia who is the Dramatic Heroine. -Cynthia needed the extra stats from Slaying Lance to give an extra push. Iote's Shield so the archer goes a certain way. A little bit sad she was just shy of one-shotting units but good thing Ophelia had a Rally! -Owain needed Sol for self-sustain to keep the right side busy, creating a heroic diversion. He then joins in on the action to the left side, but he needed a Spd boost in Atk/Spd Bond to double the red mage. -Arthur's refine is fun when the hidden stats activate. Fury adds more stats, and Res Wave activates the effects even when he's alone. Lancebreaker makes quick work of the imposter Cynthia. Brazen adds more stats on top of that! -Ophelia was mostly rally support until she was ready to take over Owain's job on handling the healer. Funnily enough, without Savage Blow, the red sw
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