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  1. So, how do you kill lyon on turn 1?
  2. Currently preparing for the final chapter, any tips?(Ephraim hard)
  3. In scorched sand, there was a nomad captain, but when I restarted the page, he wasnt there.
  4. Put a savestate, Maybe it wont happen, you may have to recruit her though.
  5. This realy looks cool, fe8 master version is my favorite fire emblem hack so Im sure Ill find some enjoyment out of this one. BTW maybe some screenshots?
  6. If its eirika route its not that hard, still havent got there in ephraim route because im stuck on phantom ship..
  7. Oh, well I promoted all of my lords so i guess that is why.
  8. Is that the only one, or is there another one later? Also why am I on wallace chapter?
  9. Is the rescue staff in chapter 20 possible to get?
  10. Etpio5

    Elibean Nights

    When I try to recruit igor it shows me guy talking about food, is this supposed to be some sick joke? Edit: Also what is rath doing there?
  11. How do I beat chapter 11(phantom ship) while making sure larachel and dozla survive?
  12. How do I transfer the mario kart items? It doesnt apear to me in extras.
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