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  1. @Benice Thanks, despite it being so late where I live.
  2. Also Isn't Vanessa's Pegasus Named Titania, like the red hair Greil Merc?
  3. Here's an update for Hoplite, a promotion for the Lancer class.
  4. I have an order for the maps after Chapter 6: Valla 1, Dragonfall, Ice Tribe, Macarth, Wolfskin, Dia, Rainbow Sage, Cheve and Nestra. (so far). Might be subject to change
  5. I'm going Male for both Avatars, but not sure which route between Golden Wildfire and Azure Gleam.
  6. Right, though I'm touching up on the gameplay aspects first, then the story edits.
  7. What exactly do you mean by that? @OutcastsofRelix
  8. So, I aim to fix many issues with Fates’s Writing in my own way and the Unit/Gameplay loop for BR and REV with a few unique additions. Here’s what’s Planned for Story: Prologue is Untouched, while chapter 1/2 is mostly similar to vanilla with a few lines being tweaked or altered. Although the Reason why you fight Kaze and Rinkah is that they were caught in the Royal Treasury. Chapter 3 is where Garon sends Corrin to investigate a disappearance of soldiers stationed at the Bottomless Canyon (This is where the mysterious Army makes its debut instead of chapter 5), after the battle on of the few left standing drags Gunter into the Bottomless canyon and a few being to leave towards Hoshido prompting Corrin to follow in Pursuit. When the Avatar winds up losing them due to them just vanishing, they wind up in Mozu’s Village under attack by the Faceless which leaves Corrin and Felicia/Jakob to try to lead the villagers to safety. Eventually Hinoka or Takumi (And their Retainers) show up as Green Units to help rescue the Villagers. When The fighting is done Hinoka/Takumi and Corrin meet each other which Corrin learns about the whole Being taken from Hoshido by Nohr thing as usual. After that, I have vague ideas, likely something involving the Valley Settlement and more Dialogue changes to reflect the new idea and hint at some later stuff. For Gameplay stuff, there will be more Dark Tomes, a new weapon type, more Beast and Dragonstones, some new classes and More Supports, and Reworking how some chapters actually work. (This part is more adept to change.)
  9. Actually, Corrin passes down Nohr prince(ss) to his/her kids.
  10. Fates is actually one of my favorite games in series, if not period. I just love a lot of the characters, like Xander, Leo, Takumi, Oboro, Orochi, Niles, Elise, Sakura and ODIN DARK to name several, and the Gameplay (Which is the thing I care about the most) is what I'd say is top tier, though some map gimmicks just suck. But I love all three routes regardless. And Originally I intended to pass up this entry, but I'm glad I didn't.
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