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  1. Name: Dilwyn Cantidor Gender: Male Crest: Macuil Birthday: Blue Sea Moon(July), 25 Age: 16(pre)-21(post) Height: 151cm(academy)-159(war) Likes: Reading, learning new things, nature, swords, magic, and relaxation. Dislikes: Blood, Standing too long, difficult exercise, arguments, and work. Supports: Byleth, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Bernadetta, Dorothea, Felix, Ashe, Sylvain, Mercedes, Annette, Lorenz, Ignatz, Marianne, Hilda, Leonie, Seteth, Flayn, Hanneman, Gilbert, Alois, Catherine, Cyril, Yuri, and Constance. Strengths: Swords, Axe, Reason, Faith. Weaknesses: Brawling, Riding, Flying Bases: HP-18, Str-4, Mag-6, Dex-7, Spd-6, Luck-6, Def-5, Res-3, Cha-5 Maximum: HP-85, Str-80, Mag-80, Dex-75, Spd-60, Def-70, Res-70, Cha-80 Class Path: Commoner-Myrmidon-Mercenary-Hero Recruit:Prologue-Turn 3 Vs. Quotes To Solon(Remire): So, you're the demon behind the chaos? ... Well then, pick what gods demons and pray. To Kronya: Begone from this land, demoness! ... I have nothing to say to the likes of you! To Solon(10): ... I tire of your foul kind. More to come.
  2. Sounds interesting. What do you mean by canon characters? Also which Fates and Three Houses path will be canon in this RP?
  3. Most Nintendo franchises, aside from Pokemon. Melee was my first time handling most of characters.
  4. Welcome to our Forest community. Nice meeting ya.
  5. I would mind another Magic lord or a Troubadour lord, so long as they don't have another Legendary Personal Blade.
  6. Avatar: Daniel or Mal Class: Light Mage or Dark Mage. ------------ Lord: Celica Mercenary: Laslow/Inigo Myrmidon: Edward Thief: Kagero (If ninjas doesn't count, then Legault.) Fighter: Charlotte Brigand/Pirate: Dart Cavalier duo: Cain and Abel Armor Knight: Effie Footlocked Lancer: Aran Archer: Either Rolf or Kiragi Bow Knight: Rath Pegasus Knight: Ceada/Shiida Wyvern Rider: Beruka Anima Mage: Merric Light Mage: Lucius Dark Mage: Pelleas Mounted Mage: Fe4!Arthur Cleric/Priest: Mitama Troubadour: L'Arachel Dancer: Azura Trainee: Ewan Manakete: Kana Beast Unit: Ranulf
  7. I thought of a few: Rescue X and Escape within Y turns, Recruit Z before he/she flees the map, Sieze without engaging foes.
  8. Mine would be either Defend the Point or Escap the Map. I also like some Route Maps, or Defend X person.
  9. Final Fantasy 6, as a remake. FE 6-7 or 4-5. Kirby Air Ride. The might be a few more, but I can't think of any others right now.
  10. Only one male royal and one female royal per person is what I meant to write, but I never noticed the error.
  11. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 people. 2. Corrin, Azura, Felicia /Jakob, Gunter, and Scarlet are free to use. 3. The game will be played on Hard Classic. 4. Child units come with the fathers , expect for Shigure, Dwyer, and Kana. 5. Only one Male Royal and Female Royal can be used, per person. Exceptions: 1. Only the Servant who joins in chapter 2 is free. The other is draftable unit who joins after chapter 15. The first Servant cannot be come a mounted unit until the other joins. 2. Elise can be used to recruit Charlotte or Benny if either is drafted. Rules: 1. Undrafted units can: pair up with other undrafted unit, or trade items. (Can't be within a 3 tile radius of a drafted unit when battling.) 2. Undrafted units cannot do anything else. (Ex. Pairing up with/healing/supporting drafted units, meatshielding, engaging a battle, or using Dragon Veins.) 3. NPCs are free to do whatever . 4. Paralouges 2 through 22 are free up 20 Turns. 5. Challenge battles and Invasion battles are banned. 6. The DLC allowed to be used is Anna on the Run, BUT only if Anna is drafted. (Can only be done once.) 7. Mozu's paralouge must be done before Chapter 9. My Castle Rules: 1. Only the following can be built, upgraded and used: Lilith's Temple, Armories, Staff/Rod Store, and Hot Springs. 2. One Turret may be built to recruit Flora. 3. No triggering any conversations in My Castle. 4. You may not visit other castles. 5. A limit of one Dread Scroll or Ebon Wing can be used after Chapter 17. 6. No BP or VP rewards can be used, except for Ganglari. (can get after Chapter 20.) Penalties: 1. Use of an undrafted unit is a 10 turn penalty, 15 turns if he/she used a Dragon Vien.
  12. My Castle Code: 00499-06448 40597-59886 Chosen affinity: Revelations Avatar Name: Daniel Castle Name: Ft. Daniel Region: NA Food Resource: Rice and Berries Mineral Resource: Lapis and Emeralds Battle Level: Hard Additional Notes: Still is a work in progress for skills.
  13. Name: Ray Gender: Male Base Class: Rune Knight(Can use swords and tomes) Class Sets: Monk, Mercenary, Diviner Level: 7 Weapon Levels: Sword-C(S), Tome-B(S) Base Stats/Growths: HP: 22(70%) Str: 10(65%) Mag: 11(75%) Skl: 9(50%) Spd: 10(45%) Luck: 5 (80%) Def: 9(55%) Res: 12(60%) Personal Skill: By Sword or Tome: +10 damage dealt when Ray is equipped with a Sword or Tome, but receives +4 damage when equipped with anything else Skills: Ignis, Tomefaire, Swordfaire, Discipline, Resolve Routes: All Recruitment: Paralogue 23: The Runeborne (Available after Chapter 12) Inventory: (Birthright): Steel Katana, Dual Katana, Runic Flame, Rat Spirit, Runebrand (Conquest): Levin Sword, Runic Flame, Runebrand, Mjolnir, Steel Sword (Revelation): Dual Katana, Runic Flame, Runebrand, Levin Sword, Moonlight Personal Weapon(s): Runic Flame (Unique Weapon – Weapon Rank: E Tome, Might 10 Hit 90, Crit 0, Avoid 0, Range 1-4, Worth: 0, Ray Only // A Tome bound by Runes of Flame) Runebrand (Unique Weapon – Weapon Rank: E Sword, Might 9 Hit 100, Crit 5, Avoid -5, Range 1-2, Worth: 0, Ray Only // A sword Forged from Runes) Roster Desc: A warrior mage from the Outrealms, who houses the ability to house runes. The quickest to inspire. Born July 25th. Help: An Outream fighter versed in both swordsmanship and magic. More to come.
  14. Farrell the mage and the 'Merric' of my Hack Prince of Light.
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