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  1. @SoulWeaver Red Mage is basically the Mage Knight/Tactician class that is good with Black and White magics along with Swords, though sadly they don't get all the spells in each category. (Or Doublecast.)
  2. I've been working an a FE8 rom Hack currently called Fire Emblem Heroes Gaiden.
  3. I visited the Castle @Gannondworf13 and I didn't see the Samurai Corrin at all.
  4. I'm looking for NA Corrins at level 10 or Below with a unique from outside the Corrin's secondary class, and reclassed into that second class. I kinda wanted to do this challenge for a while now.
  5. Well looks like Eirika stole from her own brother. And It'll be hard to pick between Marianne and Marth.
  6. Hm.... Boons: Sword, Axe, Reason, Authority. Due to my love of swords (though I have no practice with them), Axes is mostly due to my class path, but I can make it work in-lore wise as helping my AU version's father with cutting trees for lumber. Reason is because I'm enthralled by the use of magic, yet I'm also rather smart. Authority is to reference my helpful side. Banes: Faith, Flying, Heavy Armor, and Brawling. I'm not one to believe in gods, while in not fond of hurting others directly (but I'll do so if I must). For Flying, I'm afraid of Heights and Heavy Armor is there because It seems like a pain to deal with. House: Either BL or GD Class Path: Commoner -> Myrmidon -> Mercenary -> Hero
  7. Fallen Edelgard jump scares you irl, send you to the hospital with a heart attack.
  8. Maybe a sigil of some sort of god or really powerful being that -is- the antagonist.
  9. They wind learn about all sorts of instruments and accidently wind up inventing musical troupes. Ashe and Ashe (FFXII)
  10. Grant. You suddenly know how you can use your new found power to help others in need. I wish that games weren't rush out the door.
  11. Malfaria

    FE Name Game

    Wily Warrior(Charlotte's Ending title)
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