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  1. Balls. Ah well. If im lucky I can finish this play through then its looking like RIP. Also hi :D
  2. Welp there goes that possibility. (Im the friend borrowing his copy) I really hope it isnt the battery kicking it. So far File 1 is working just fine and im on CH 22. Even while playing on that file I would put a copy of my file onto file 2, and after each chapter said data always erases itself.
  3. Why thank you. :D

  4. Masu

    OTP HnH

    Tangerine X Red Fox of Fire 147 Nightmare x Narga 13 Pahn x Karina 0 Integrity x Kiryn 13
  5. Night's a mod? Holy fuk Sweet, I can mouth off to a mod. Bwahahahhaah. I dunno ERL, sorry D:
  6. I love your noel sig :D

  7. Masu

    OTP HnH

    Tangerine X Red Fox of Fire 136 Nightmare x Narga 34 Pahn x Karina 23 Integrity x Kiryn 11
  8. YOU ALSO HATE YOURSELF AND IT TOOK YOU A WHILE TO DO SO!? *high five* by the way, im still awesome.
  9. I hate that faggot. I have to talk to him at work and stuff. it sucks D: < lol Ninji?
  10. why yes. Uh.............. *trying to remember people*
  11. Why sanks. That gif. Its amazing. *saves* well I didnt think anyone would recognize him so soon. Lol.
  12. Not really :P . Back then i'd be like "YEAH IM AWESOME GUYS IM SO COOLLLLLLLLLLL" then again back then I was really retarded. and annoying. XD I hate my younger self lol.
  13. I guess......if he's alright. Lol. Nightmare?
  14. I've ever been on without any warn percentage. All it took was a year's absence. Lol.
  15. I keep forgetting this exists.

  16. Im gonna pray to god there's a user named Vika and you like him/her.
  17. Masu

    OTP HnH

    Tangerine X Red Fox of Fire 117 Nightmare x Narga 37 Proto x Rhythm 36 Pahn x Karina 52 Integrity x Kiryn 16 FFFFFFFFFF you guys keep posting while im posting. D:<
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