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  1. Thanks for the feedback, and I guess I should probably think on the other parts more instead. So, my current idea for the plot at the moment would start with the main character and advisor being sent out with a small set of troops to take care of bandits that have occupied a small town or village. But, instead of just fighting brigands and whatnot, he'd be unknowingly sent against a patrol of troops from a neighboring nation. Also, would it make sense to, like, divide it into different sections? Like, one section would revolve around one conflict or arc of the plot, or would it be better to just have one main plot throughout? And as for the setting, the prologue would take place in the interior of a castle, and the actual first map would probably take place in a town, or maybe a mountain region. Also, as for the main character's personality, I wasn't really planning on having him be really dark or anything, I was planning on having him not really have a sense of right or wrong. Although I get how an emotionless lord wouldn't really work. So I'll definitely rethink him. And as for the advisor, would her being the lord's childhood friend work better than the usual for units of the sort?
  2. Hey, so, uh, this is my first post on this site ever, and I joined mainly because I love Fire Emblem and I'm planning on making my own fan hack of one of the games! More specifically, I'm planning on hacking either FE 7 or 8, although the hacking would be in the near future. For now, I'm just going to list off some of the ideas I have for the start. If they sound interesting, then tell me! If they sound dumb, then tell me so I can change them! All criticism is good criticism, after all. So, for the start, Here's what I have planned for the Lord and they're 'Jagen/Oifey' unit. First off, the Lord is going to start as a staff/dark magic user on a Pegasus. It's a weird combination, but at least it would be fairly memorable as well. Meanwhile, his advisor would be a female Myrmidon at around level 7 or so. As for the personalities, I'm planning on having the main character be nearly incapable of feeling emotions or remorse, and the advisor could sort of act as his conscience. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, and I'd love to hear what people think about my ideas!
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