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  1. I know obviously Byleth can S support. But do my students/other faculty members ever get the possibility?
  2. Annette and Gilbert's as well as Hanneman and Manuela's support chains. Marianne. Just. Mariannem Dimitri's character arc in Blue Lions Everything really tbh.
  3. Hi all! I posted a little under a week ago requesting a portriat of Fom and Fire Dragon. I've realized, at least with the latter, it'd be a lot of work for free. So, as I said with last post, I'd like a portrait of Fomortiis and the Fire Dragon that are like regular portraits (with talking, blinking, mini, etc.). I'm open to whatever prices y'all want since I've never commissioned GBA portraits!
  4. Hey! Is there any form of map sprite for the Mounted Brigand? And the same with the Templar? I can just use male troubadour and Maelduin but obviously actual map sprites for them would be amazing.
  5. Hi! Would anyone happen to be willing to do up a Fomortiis and Fire Dragon portrait? Like the normal portraits I mean. (With talking, mini, etc.) I hope they aren't too difficult since they're kind of already existing just in a different format. (I really know little to nothing about Portraits)
  6. so we can't play past 2-2? Is there a reason for it besides us needing to wait for the next update?
  7. Oh! I wasn't planning on using them for any sort of actual outright project. And if it ends being released (which I doubt as it plans to be a project just for me and two of my friends.
  8. So I remember stumbling upon a big thing once with (at least) the first gen and I believe second gen as GBA mugs. Unfortunately, I no longer can find it when the time calls for me to need it. I remember it having an A+++ Reptor. And I also need a really good Hannibal. Could anyone give me pointers to a good Hannibal and Reptor? I also could really use Pahn.
  9. Any of them are fine XD just go with whatever is easiest.
  10. *le bow* Hello! I'm The fabulous EmpressFireEmblem. Y'all can call me Gen if y'all like though. Or Empress. I've lurked here for a while and was a part of several other fire emblem groups lke the Fire Emblem Roleplay Network (where I was known as the IceQueenGen) So lil bit about me. Uh my favourite games are Thracia 776 and Genealogy of the Holy War. My three favourite characters are probably Misha, Mahnya and Hannibl. I've played every fe game except for 1,2, 3 an the Tellius games (played a bit of PoR but that's it) I'm kind of obsessed with FEH and dream of a Silesse banner with Rahna,Lewyn, Erinys, Mahnya, Deet'var, Misha, Ced and Fee (maybe divided into two banners) Let's see. What else. Erm. I'm 16 and I'm trans female. Besides FE I'm also obsessed with Nobunaga's Ambition, Samurai Warriors, Shogun; Total War, Warcraft, Pokemon, Undertale and Kingdom Hearts! Nice to meet you all!
  11. From my own experience with the randomizing i'm currently doing with FE12 the program they're using is just online and you type in the names of the characters and it'll pick 13 in a row. Then, they do the class pools then use the manual reclass. I think I'll join in here. 1. Marth - Lord. Obviously. 2. Wendell - Bishop. I mean Wendell is a decent prepromote... Right? 3. Jeorge - Swordmaster ..I think this is decent because Snipers can utilize his good skill and decent speed. 4. Boah - Dracoknight. I find he's usable as a sage and a bishop... but... A physical unit? Damnit. 5. Merric - Sniper. That... strength growth.... ooo boy. At least he supports Wendell and Linde? 6. Bantu - Manakete - It's sad that he's one of the better people on this list. 7. Samson - Sorceror. ....S-Sorceror? Does he even function as a Mage?! 8. Sedgar - Hero - PRAISE THE LORDS THAT I GOT SEDGAR THOUGH. 9. Linde - Dracoknight - I feel violated. 10. Roshea - Dracoknight. He'll be hard to train but he might be decent? Maybe? Hopefully? 11. Barst - Berserker. OKAY THIS IS NICE 12. Wrys - Sage I mean he could end up decent if he gets lucky with magic. 13. Etzel - Warrior. I honestly have no clue if this works even. 14. Dolph - Berserker Hey! This is isn't too bad! Dolph is pretty decent! 15. Ogma - Horseman. He's actually pretty damn good and he supports with Barst so yay! This will not be easy. Definitely am going to be going for Nagi.
  12. At the FEAT part it stops and says it can't decompress the game data bin and the stops working?
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