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  1. yeah that's fair I don't want google in smash either. clippy from microsoft would be cool though
  2. I'll be nice and give you a cav unit to use Makalov, naturally
  3. thanks james. i dont think its real but if it was you could just make two people with minor blood shag if you were really desperate for someone to be able to read a cool book or hold a cool stick
  4. Hey there. I had an idea for one of those "30 Day" challenges, but this time applying to Fire Emblem OCs. In short, it's a collection of common tropes/archetypes which have appeared multiple times across the Fire Emblem franchise. I don't mean to toot my own horn but this works as an art challenge and as a writing challenge, either way you can use the mediums to design a characters. I'll try to keep this as short as I can. and hey have fun
  5. I don't really see the point anymore. Why do an "experiment" to see if Lowen is good or not, but when the answer isn't a resounding "Yes he's amazing" you give up and reset?
  6. Since we get a second vote, are we allowed to choose to change an enemy? Changing one of the Black Fang bosses into something else would be nice and would make for a more unique final chapter. If we can, then make Lloyd a Sage (and put Excalibur on him instead, if possible)
  7. Nah I'm derailing this topic, did you just say that Dorcas is better than Kent?
  8. Marcus has availability and that's where he excels. Not just because you get him early, but also because he's basically necessary for use. He's near enough the exact same as Marcus in terms of stats, which is nice because it just means you have 2 Marcus, a unit who isn't really outclassed at all until you promote Lance/Alen. He's a solid unit and you can live without using him but saying he sucks is just plain wrong.
  9. Yeah nice that's literally what I just said. 1-2 range isn't an automatic "This unit is great" modifier, cause it applies to any magic, axe or lance user, no matter how good. It's just a point that it provides a lot more utility and combat potential, allowing units to operate on both phases.
  10. It's not an "automatically better". Some units have 1-2 range, like Wallace or Bartre, but that doesn't mean they're automatically better than someone like Guy or unpromoted Raven. However, you can't deny that it's a straight up advantage. I don't see how you can think, in any regard, that being able to counter any unit on enemy phase, and also being able to avoid any combat whatsoever on player phase (unless it's also a 1-2 range unit) is anything but an extreme advantage.
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