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  1. I'm assuming this is a joke, but I'll still answer it seriously. No. I'm not particularly excited and I find it weird, especially since I'm an education major and I want to become a teacher. I don't know if they're doing S-ranks and maybe they just shouldn't for this game. (Or if they do, make it a very selective cast of perhaps non-student characters.) Also I see zero reason for there to be children. I think they're giving that a rest.
  2. My only concern is how unfinished the portraits and some of the 3D models look. Like..... the portraits really do look pretty bad for a lot of the characters. They're just so flat and the colors used are... interesting to say the least. Compared to other works the artist for this game has done, I'm pretty surprised how bad the portraits look. The other thing that has me concerned is how Avatar customization is going to work, as we do see Byleth in actual cutscenes, so I don't know how much we will even be able to change him/her. (Which, tbh, I don't like how either Byleth looks so I'd want to be able to change their physical appearance) Aside from that, I'm curious to see how this plays out. It's definitely different from past FE games, but it certainly has my interest!
  3. I think as far as the weird leggings go, it could also just look weird as it seems to be a low-res texture. If they show official drawn artwork, I'd like to see how it looks on that. I don't really care too much either way, I just think the belly-button hole is an odd choice.
  4. I kind of wish the game had a different artstyle. That's the only turn-off for me. Many of the portraits look quite flat and some of them just look... odd. Other than that, I like what I have seen so far. I hope the Avatar Customization is good, now that it's truly confirmed.
  5. I haven't posted here in like, a hot year. ... Anyways I liked the trailer. I'm more optimistic than I was at E3 and am kind of excited to play it now!
  6. I just saw this thread and now I'm emotionally invested.
  7. I think she's referring to when he says something along the lines of "Idiot. If you touch me like that then I won't be able to hold back... or is it that you're hoping for something?" So you know. Implying doing the frick-frack. Unless he says something else that I don't know, I'm assuming that's it.
  8. Depends on the style, I suppose. I think minimalism can look quite nice, but depending on the complexity and design of other styles, I could get down with those as well. I guess it's just whatever makes me go "Oh, that's nice", and for the most part, that tends to be minimalism for me.
  9. Alrighty! Sounds good! Either way, I'd join whatever Discord that's decided on. The hype cannot be contained >3< (I'm so excited. December 7th can't get here soon enough!)
  10. Mmmm kind of? But it seems that it lost a lot of emphasis on the "Smash Bros" part though. So maybe making a new one is for the best.
  11. Oh wait I'm dumb - I just looked at the general SF discord server. Apparently there is a smash one.
  12. Mmmm I don't see anything for Smash on the Discord, no. The only other game series on it is Pokemon
  13. Ooooh definitely yes. I think that'd be a good idea tbh. Yeah, you right. Oh oh and I just need to say that, if Daisy doesn't scream "HI I'M DAISY" as her victory quote, then I'm rioting.
  14. Do you think they might have the TP designs as alts? I mean, you never know, right? (Side-note, new Zelda is hella cute tho. She's adorable) Anywho I am so content with everything Smash right now. It's honestly more than I expected and I'm really glad about that. I do wonder if there are more new characters they haven't revealed though, and if not, then that's fine. Having every single character from all the games is quite enough.
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