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  1. Well I feel like if they didn't kill anyone off it would kind of feel like they took out a huge chunk of what makes Fire Emblem...Fire Emblem.
  2. As the title says, who would die? I have a few ideas, which are the following: Kliff: Dies during the battle at the Southern Outpost, to introduce to the audience the idea that anyone can die Faye: Dies in the aftermath of the defeat of Desaix, having been wounded in the battle and dying after the fact to make the battle seem less victorious. Tobin: Dies during the final battle against Duma, as more fuel for Alm to attack Duma with more power and anger. What do you think? Any bad ideas on mine or any you would add/change?
  3. So I'm on Duma's Gate on Celica's path (Act IV) and I have not been able to beat it. Any tips? Here's my team btw: Celica: Lvl 8 Princess w/Silver Sword Mae: Lvl 5 Priestess w/Blessed Ring Boey: Lvl 8 Sage w/Rion Shield Genny: Lvl 8 Saint w/Fugue Shield Saber: Lvl 4 Dread Fighter w/Blessed Sword Valbar: Lvl 1 Baron w/ Blessed Lance Leon: Lvl 3 Bow Knight w/Silver Bow Kamui: Lvl 1 Dread Fighter w/Steel Sword Palla: Lvl 4 Falcon Knight w/Steel Lance Catria: Lvl 4 Falcon Knight w/Silver Lance Atlas: Lvl 3 Gold Knight w/Iron Lance Jesse: Lvl 4 Dread Fighter w/Brave Sword Est: Lvl 2 Falcon Knight w/Leather Shield Deen: Lvl 2 Dread Fighter w/Iron Sword Conrad: Lvl 7 Paladin w/ Javelin
  4. Chapter 7 End Status: Jeff: Alive (Level 10) Lorelei: Alive (Level 10) Madoka: Alive (Level 13) Nora: Alive (Level 10) Corrin: Alive (Level 13) Flynn: Alive (Level 11) Austin: Alive (Level 10)
  5. So basically I want everyone to make an avatar for a specific class line, and send me your castle address and I'll beat your team, pick your avatar, and use them in my run. 1. Jeff (Apothecary) by Me 2 . Lorelei (Troubadour) by @LoneStar 3. Madoka (Great Lord) by @AceDrake 4. Nora (Oni Savage) by TAR on Miiverse 5. Corrin (Knight) by Random Castle 6. Flynn (Outlaw) by Random Castle 7. Austin (Mercenary) by Random Castle
  6. So I'm on the final boss and I'm getting my butt kicked. Any tips?
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