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  1. Finally got off my lazy arse and gave Mars a halfblink frame and a proper mini, he's done. Made significant progress on Cain. Finally, something different: Clash! from Path of Radiance I've been doing music insertion for a while now and I think it's about time I start sharing some of it. I made this one from scratch, it's free to use for the rom hackers out there. Just make sure that your using the 16 tracks/12 sounds patch. I'll be posting stuff like this in my new thread for non sprite related stuff:
  2. Title says it all, I'll be posting stuff like drawings and music here. This thread is meant to be more of a companion to my spriting thread which can be found here: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/75490-saxors-vault/&tab=comments#comment-5214521 ------Drawings------ (Click for full size, aspect ratio may be off as I'm trying to keep the thumbnails uniform) --------Links-------- Clash from Path of Radiance (Insertable, Free to Use, Requires 16 tracks/12 notes patch) Youtube Video Download .s file March from Radiant Dawn (Insertable, Free to Use, Requires 16 tracks/12 notes patch) Youtube Video Download .s file My Youtube channel is pretty much dedicated to music (for now at least), link for those who may be interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVptZVRNmZOCKhYFVgQY3Pg
  3. I'm almost done with formatting Mar. All that's left is the half-blink frame, still trying to figure that out. I've also started work on Cain. I started working on Abel way before that but I stopped working on him a while ago, I'll get back to it someday. That's all I've got for now.
  4. Marth's basically done. And here's a Roy edit that I made 'cause I was bored one night. I don't know where I was going with it.
  5. Hola everyone, it's been a while. I never finished that Marth's portrait but I made this. I did made a bit of progress on Marth's portrait though. The back of his head has been giving me trouble for a while but I finally managed to get somewhere with it. I don't know if it's good though. Aside from his hair, all that's really left to do is his ear, redo his crown, and a whole lot of clean-up. The idea was to "GBA-ify" The Shadow Dragon cast and remake Shadow Dragon in FE8 however my own laziness and strange inability to work with FEBuilder's eventing ui among other factors have left that idea as it is, just an idea. Plus it's already being done with way cooler features by way rom hackers that are much more skilled. I already made some stuff for it like music tracks and maps but I'm not really motivated to jump into such a project right now so I'll probably just stick to the portraits. Maybe I'll try it in the future, I dunno. I also made some non FE related things, they're actually all Dragon Quest enemies. I started spriting more around the time I got into that franchise.
  6. "Agh...damn...Welp, It was bound to happen someday... it's been a good...run...:
  7. For me, Shadow Dragon's easily takes top spot, followed by both Resolves and FE12's. By the way, FE1's prep theme is the Enemy Phase theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_dEkItn_zI
  8. Progress: I've been working on the head and the body separately. I kinda just threw this combined image together so that's why it looks the way it does.
  9. Othin/Orsin/Osian/Whatever name IS decides to go with
  10. Current WIP: The end goal is to make a SD Marth portrait using New Mystery's Marth as a base.
  11. I really enjoyed this. The concept alone is what got me interested, it's a genuinely neat idea and the hack itself was good fun. I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work!
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