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  1. Finally got off my lazy arse and gave Mars a halfblink frame and a proper mini, he's done. Made significant progress on Cain. Finally, something different: Clash! from Path of Radiance I've been doing music insertion for a while now and I think it's about time I start sharing some of it. I made this one from scratch, it's free to use for the rom hackers out there. Just make sure that your using the 16 tracks/12 sounds patch. I'll be posting stuff like this in my new thread for non sprite related stuff:
  2. Title says it all, I'll be posting stuff like drawings and music here. This thread is meant to be more of a companion to my spriting thread which can be found here: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/75490-saxors-vault/&tab=comments#comment-5214521 ------Drawings------ (Click for full size, aspect ratio may be off as I'm trying to keep the thumbnails uniform) --------Links-------- Clash from Path of Radiance (Insertable, Free to Use, Requires 16 tracks/12 notes patch) Youtube Video Download .s file March from Radiant Dawn (Insertable, Free to Use, Requires 16 tracks/12 notes patch) Youtube Video Download .s file My Youtube channel is pretty much dedicated to music (for now at least), link for those who may be interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVptZVRNmZOCKhYFVgQY3Pg
  3. I'm almost done with formatting Mar. All that's left is the half-blink frame, still trying to figure that out. I've also started work on Cain. I started working on Abel way before that but I stopped working on him a while ago, I'll get back to it someday. That's all I've got for now.
  4. Marth's basically done. And here's a Roy edit that I made 'cause I was bored one night. I don't know where I was going with it.
  5. Hola everyone, it's been a while. I never finished that Marth's portrait but I made this. I did made a bit of progress on Marth's portrait though. The back of his head has been giving me trouble for a while but I finally managed to get somewhere with it. I don't know if it's good though. Aside from his hair, all that's really left to do is his ear, redo his crown, and a whole lot of clean-up. The idea was to "GBA-ify" The Shadow Dragon cast and remake Shadow Dragon in FE8 however my own laziness and strange inability to work with FEBuilder's eventing ui among other factors have left that idea as it is, just an idea. Plus it's already being done with way cooler features by way rom hackers that are much more skilled. I already made some stuff for it like music tracks and maps but I'm not really motivated to jump into such a project right now so I'll probably just stick to the portraits. Maybe I'll try it in the future, I dunno. I also made some non FE related things, they're actually all Dragon Quest enemies. I started spriting more around the time I got into that franchise.
  6. "Agh...damn...Welp, It was bound to happen someday... it's been a good...run...:
  7. For me, Shadow Dragon's easily takes top spot, followed by both Resolves and FE12's. By the way, FE1's prep theme is the Enemy Phase theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_dEkItn_zI
  8. Progress: I've been working on the head and the body separately. I kinda just threw this combined image together so that's why it looks the way it does.
  9. Othin/Orsin/Osian/Whatever name IS decides to go with
  10. Current WIP: The end goal is to make a SD Marth portrait using New Mystery's Marth as a base.
  11. I really enjoyed this. The concept alone is what got me interested, it's a genuinely neat idea and the hack itself was good fun. I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work!
  12. Part 0: Introduction The day was October 22nd, 2017. Around 1:30 in the morning to be precise. A bored, tired SaXor sat there on his bed in front of his laptop thinking... "Man it sure is booooring around h-" Wait...this isn't the script. Where the hell..............Ah! Here we go. Ahem... "Hmmmmm, what to do...I could play something. Maybe some Fire Emblem...Got it!" At that moment SaXor remembered an idea that he had before. "I'll do a let's play of a randomizer on SF...yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun. Hmmm...maybe I'll do FE7, it's the most randomizer friendly, but how will I go about it...I know...I could make it a video series and put it on my Youtube channel!" Two hours later, SaXor found himself watching the two parts that he recorded with commentary. "Wow...my commentary is garbage. It sounds like I'm constantly mumbling, I can hear background noise, and my mic quality makes Mekkah's audio sound like it was recorded in a studio." D-D-Deep Cut "Yeah, I'm gonna scrap this and go to sleep" Despite this SaXor wasn't ready to give up. He ultimately decided to scrap the commentary idea altogether but he was still determined to make this happen. And so it began Welcome to the beginning of my first Let's Play: SaXor's Playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Randomized! Was that intro funny? I hope so... Hey there, SaXor here! Before I start, here's how this run's gonna work: These are the rules I'm playing by, I'll be playing on Hector Normal because I don't hate myself. I'm not going for everything, no Lyn mode, 19xx, 23xx, or 32x. I'll try my best to keep save state use to a minimum but I can't guarantee anything, FE7 can get crazy when you start bumping the growths up. I'll probably be doing this on and off, I have school after all so don't expect consistent updates. As for the gameplay itself, I'm not super used to playing while recording, especially since there's no commentary so if there are any random pauses, I'm probably thinking. That's all, bye! I'll try to release the first part ASAP. Feedback on my writing and anything really is appreciated. If you suggest something and I don't acknowledge it for a bit, I apologize as these will be recorded in bulk, most likely 2-3 episodes for each play session.
  13. It's been a little while but I'm back. I made the mini around a week ago, made it from scratch in about a day. As for the eye frames, I did those yesterday. Also, I upped the saturation of this portrait a little, did this a loooong time ago.
  14. I haven't really been able to work on this a ton lately due to school and homework, but I've been messing with it bit by bit. This is what I have so far. It'll probably be a little while before I begin work on the mini and eye frames. Just like the body, I have little experience with custom eye frames so that's gonna be fun... But hey, we all have to start somewhere I guess.
  15. Oh, that's fine. And as for the portrait, the revisions are definitely an improvement, Thanks. While I'm here, I might as well show off a wip. This is the first portrait where I've really done custom stuff. It was an experience all right...
  16. Sorry for the late response, I'm kind of on and off with these things. I took some time to mess with the hair shading and and colors a bit. The changes are subtle but hopefully they'll make a difference. I removed the third lining color in order to have the portrait fit within the 16 color limit, I thought it would be the least consequential color to get rid of. Also, I don't mind if you make revisions at all. If you still want to, go ahead.
  17. I thought about updating my old thread but there'd be no point since I'd be completely overhauling it anyway so I made this one instead. Feedback is appreciated
  18. FE1: I've only played the FE3 Book 1 version but Port Warren, Camus the Sable, and the final chapter. FE2 & Echoes: Desert maps and most of Act 3 (The latter only in Gaiden) FE6: Ch 14, 16x, 20x Sacae and 21 FE7: I find Ch. 9 boring, Ch. 20H because of Legault spawning on turn 1, Ch. 28 FE8: Ch. 7 is boring, Ch. 14 and 15 on Ephraim's side FE9: Ch. 8, 23, and 26 FE13: Flames on the Blue and Naga's Voice Conquest: Ch. 10, Ch.12, Ch. 22, Ch. 23, Ch. 26, and Endgame Revelation: (Only played up to Ch. 12) Ch. 8-12
  19. Personally, I've never had a magic screwed Lugh and with a growth of 40%, while not as high as one would want it to be, is still usable. Plus magic is very strong in FE6 between just about everyone who's not a mage having relatively low res, the enemies mostly consisting of wyverns, and Aircalibur being as strong as Elfire, effective against fliers, and readily available. He's also the fastest of the three mages. Defensively, he's the middle ground mage. Lilina is more consistent offensively, but she's as durable as wet tissue paper and Hugh is definitely tankier, but not by much. He also joins much too late, so late that Lugh if one were to use him, would most likely already be promoted. He's also in the middle res wise with a growth of 30%, only 5% less than Lilina, but 15% more than Hugh. Nosferatu is particularly strong in FE6, but Druids aren't very common enemies in FE6 and only a few people can tank it better. To top it all off, he's good at dodging. Maybe I shouldn't have said that he's the best unit in the game but he's up there...but in the end, it's up to RNG. About Cecilia, I'd have to disagree. FE6 is good at giving you prepromotes that are useful for at least their initial chapter. Klein is decent from the chapter you get him to pretty much the end as a flier killer, Igrene fills the same role, Echidna is decent, Bartre is good, Niime is at the very least a great physic bot, same for Yoder, Marcus is useful in the beginning, Percival is...Percival and Karel is Karel. I'd say she's more useful than Juno and maybe Dayan and Douglas but that's about it. She's not even useful in the chapter you get her in. Sorry for the text wall btw.
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